New Gloves from StrongSuit

The Defender

StrongSuit, Inc. introduced two new pairs of gloves for 2016 at the recent SHOT Show. The first is called “The Defender” and the second is “The Chopper.”

The Defender

StrongSuit designed The Defender to offer good protection while still maintaining a level of comfort that is suitable for all day use. The palm is made of soft but durable cowhide leather, while synthetic materials are used in other areas. Seams are on the outside of the glove so the interior is more comfortable. The first two fingers have a touch screen compatible leather.

The top (or back) of the glove has padded areas to protect the top of the hand and fingers. These padded areas are covered by a thermoplastic and are articulated for improved dexterity. Sizes run from small to XXL.

The Chopper

The Chopper

These gloves are specifically designed for fast roping. StrongSuit used a combination of meta-Aramid fibers and Keratan leathers to offer abrasion resistance and limit heat transfer. Patches of leather and Aramid fibers are used in these gloves to protect the palm and fingers.

The knuckles are protected by hard polymer shells that float above the knuckles for comfort. The shells are covered in leather. The fingers are pre-curved, and the wrists have a hook and loop cinch closure. Sizes of small through XXL are available.

Richard Johnson

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  • smartacus

    they should’ve set up a booth in Daytona Beach for Bike Week. I would’ve visited 🙂

  • Phil Hsueh

    The Chopper gloves look like they’d be perfect for motorcyle riding.

    • Nunn Yabizz

      Most of these “tactical” gloves are just rebranded and/or copied motorcycle gloves.