Turtle Skin Tactical Gloves: Withstands 28 Gauge Needle

    Turtle Skin are manufacturing a tactical glove they claim is the only glove tested for the ability to withstand 28 gauge needed. 28 Gauge needles, popular among drug addicts, are just 0.3mm in diameter, approximately the width of a human hair. The Turtle Skin Search TUS-002 glove can withstand 1.1 ft-lbs from a 28g needle before it failing. The glove is marketed to law enforcement and corrections staff.

    turtle skin gloves-3

    turtle skin gloves-4


    Sure, a 16th century steel gauntlet can also withstand a needle, but it is neither flexible nor comfortable. Turtle Skin manufacture other glove models that trade protection for lighter weight and greater comfort so customers can select a level of protection that suits their needs.

    Steve Johnson

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