Bungee Holster

I thought this might be a joke. But sadly it is not. Bungee Holster is a hair scrunchie made a little bit longer and is used to strap a pistol to your belt.


Now Bungee Holster does address safety with regards to using this holster. He recommends that you do not carry chamber loaded since there is no real trigger guard. If you put the gun between your pants and belt, it might cover the trigger but it is not guaranteed protection like a traditional holster. I have issues with carrying chamber empty. However that is a long and sordid debate. Only you can choose for yourself how you prefer to carry your firearm.


For more information you can go to their website. The Bungee Holster retails for $7.95.

Nicholas C

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  • Andrew


    • Budogunner

      You couldn’t pay me enough to use that thing.

  • Jeff Smith

    Both videos are listed as unavailable.

    • Mikial

      Try again. I got them both to work on here and on You Tube.

  • TVOrZ6dw

    I’m thinking with all the holster choices out there these days, this is not needed. Please repost this on April 1st.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Sounds like a string holster, where a loop of string or cord is passed around a belt and the slide/barrel stuck through the two looped ends.
    I’ve also seen it called a ‘Mexican Holster’

  • Cal S.

    Even at $8 they’re still making bank. It will probably end up on Slickguns soon for just the shipping as another ‘survival’ tool.

    • USMC03Vet

      SHTF prepper approved. Big holster hates this once simple trick. Conceal carry like a Navy Seal.

      • Cal S.

        Lol, you got it!

        I don’t know about you, but I think this calls for a Kickstarter.

  • stephen

    This has to be a joke – or the movie Idiocracy is a documentary.

  • Anonymous

    Might be useful for people in certain clandestine occupations overseas, though…

  • MrEllis

    Multi-purpose, Fabio approved.

  • Trey

    OSS string holster updated.

    • Leewardboy

      You got it. These guys are not only reinventing the wheel but taking a cheap, basically free “gun holder” and calling it a holster and selling it at a huge profit. YMMV

  • RICH

    WTF….. ANYTHING FOR A BUCK, I GUESS….. ! ! : (

  • Roger V. Tranfaglia

    Can you say FAIL?…Sure you can…….
    (W? T? F?)
    OH!…Welcome to my neighborhood…………..

  • gunsandrockets

    At least the price isn’t too crazy.

  • gunsandrockets

    Honesty, some handguns should be carried chamber empty, regardless of what kind of holster you are using. Of course that’s just my opinion.

    • Texas-Roll-Over

      That makes no sense…

  • 2wheels

    For God sakes… People need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel with all these ultra low profile non-holster holsters that generally aren’t safe. Is a proper “traditional” holster really that bad? Are they that thick/heavy/uncomfortable?
    At least this guy is admitting that it’s a dumb idea to carry with a round in the chamber with his product.

  • Tassiebush

    I’m just glad there’s finally a band big enough to fit my thingy to keep the blood in.

  • Bill

    Better this than going full Plaxico.

    • Mikial

      Not much.

  • Jesse

    Terrible idea.

  • Kevin Dole

    Video won’t run for me. I’m guessing what, $10-12 for a price point, probably double it for a “reasonable” profit margin. I’d donate that much to a fund to find a cure for stupid. But as someone with long hair, I break hair ties pretty regularly. I’m more likely to just slip my pistol into my pants thug style than try this, or duct taping it to my body, or anything equally stupid.

  • Bill

    The OSS already did something similar with a shoestring 70+years ago, except their way was reasonably safe. This, not so much.

  • hgray14

    …honestly, I have an issue with buying anything firearm related from someone who refers to it as a “bullet” in the chamber.

    • Wolfgang

      Well a round is notably more effective when it has a bullet.

      • hgray14

        One of the components of a round IS a bullet, which is why a round without a bullet is called a “spent round”, an “empty round”, etc. In fact, because “firing chamber” in big guns refers to the area where the charge goes, I’d say that in a lot of firearms at least the front section of the bullet portion of the round is actually in the beginning of the barrel, not in the firing chamber, but of course that depends on the model of firearm.

        I’m in a legal field which involves firearms so I like precision of descriptions. It’s called a “magazine” not a “clip” (not that there aren’t clips in the firearms world, but those are not usually what people are referring to when they use that word) and unless it is a bullet, all by itself, a cartridge should be referred to as a round, a cartridge, ammunition, etc.

        I’m not saying we all get it right all the time, but if you are going to sell a product, you should use the proper terminology. That being said, I am actually curious how well this band works.

  • G Baker

    Using a rubber band would do as much good. P. T. Barnum would love this idea.

    • Mikial

      Great reference!

      “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  • BigR

    He’s right! The bungee holster is not for me!

  • CountryBoy

    Now marketed as the new “Thong Holster” – very sexy when worn appropriately!

  • Wolfgang

    Finally a use for those extra 6 inch pieces of shock cord I have left over from my SCUBA gear, should average about $0.50 a pop for me to make my own.

  • Mikial

    You gotta be kidding me. Nothing about this has any merit. I’m not even going to waste time going into detail. It isn’t worth $.99, let alone $7.50.

  • Mullet

    I can’t wait not to get one.

  • Eduardo PallarĂ©s

    The “Lowest profile, lightest weight HOLSTER on the market”.. This is NOT a HOLSTER. Unfortunately the industry is getting filled with people trying to cash in on its growth with ridiculous and in a lot of cases unsafe products.

  • andyselby

    Dumbest idea I’ve ever seen. If you don’t carry chambered, you might as well have bat strapped to your leg. Learn about the rule of threes, and stop selling this ridiculous thing.