B&T SPR300 Appears in Canada

B&T SPR300

An interesting little rifle made an appearance at the CSAAA show in February. Canadian company Wolverine Supplies brought in a sample of the Swiss-made B&T SPR 300. This little bolt gun is chambered in .300BLK, features an 9.8″ barrel and an integrated suppressor. Its got a price tag to match, and will cost your department or unit $8000 to add to the armoury, and that’s before you put an optic on there. Unfortunately the suppressor means that this rifle is only available to Canadian military and law-enforcement buyers.


Being chambered in .300BLK, the SPR is designed for short range, high precision engagements inside of 150 meters. B&T promises that the SPR is “quieter than an airgun” with the right loads through that 9.8″ barrel. Interestingly, the rifle feeds from a short 10 round magazine common with the SG-550 series of assault rifles.

The stock features a very smooth folding action that locks open and closed, and is adjustable for length and comb height. The bipod is made of polymer to keep weight at a minimum, has spring loaded legs, allows for swivel and pan, and folds forward under the suppressor. The factory rail includes enough length for mounting night vision, and space for lights or lasers on the 3’oclock and 9’oclock rails.


From the factory, you get a CAA pistol grip with its variable modules, but any AR-15 grip will fit.

Although B&T describes this rifle as “integrally suppressed” you can actually remove the suppressor as part of the take-down process. Perhaps “designed to be suppressed” or “factory suppressed” would be a better descriptor. With the suppressor removed, and the stock folded, the entire system collapses down to briefcase size.


I was pretty pleased to get the opportunity to handle the SPR, and hope the opportunity comes up to put some rounds through it soon.

Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • santi

    It’s really cool but how what makes it practical for police work when there are other alternatives that can easily compete with this platform?

    • Kivaari

      Yep, If you have an AR lower, you can make a more useful gun for half the cost, including optic. It sure wouldn’t take a $3000 scope to fulfil its mission out to usable distances. Why be quiet? If it’s time to shoot in civilian LE, making noise is not a big deal.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Damn, that looks cool.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Not really seeing the pull for this in an LE scenario, especially at that price. Cool gun, just not for cops. To me this seems like an evolution of the British De Lisle carbine

    • El Duderino

      Lol should have read your comment first. Great minds?

    • Kivaari

      Valkyrie (I never can remember how to spell it) Arms is making, or was, a beautiful copy of the DeLisle carbine. Actually better than the originals. Instead of a weak aluminum jacket and baffles, they used titanium baffles with a steel outer tube. Instead of rivets holding the sling swivel in place she uses welding. I visited her shop a few years ago and I am very impressed with her guns. She also makes a modern version that uses original M1911 magazines and has a M1913 rail. Her barrels meet the blue prints, unlike the original guns. Originals used Thompson SMG barrels that due to the taper the threads holding it to the new action were not fully used. She uses new blanks. All in all it is better made and better looking than the originals, with only a few features that just make it a more solid weapon.
      The same lady made the M3A1 look like .45 Carbines. Not carried as close to the originals as a cost saving methods. It doesn’t have features found on real M3A1. Minor issues like no guard around the magazine release, a fake oiler in the grip (it’s just a bolt head) and I think the ejection hole is not like either the M3 or A1 version. It’s been about 10 years since I visited her facility, and I’m old. Worth checking out if you like the British DeLisle. That gun is top notch.

      • TheSmellofNapalm

        If I didn’t live in CA I’d do it in a heartbeat

        • Kivaari

          She makes a NON-NFA version. A lot less money if I remember right.

      • Valkyrie hasn’t made guns in a minute–or at least wasn’t when i was in the market for a DeLisle. The only one who was is Special Interest Arms. Like Valkyrie, the owner has improved on the design. (Using his own mag block to accept unmodified 1911 mags, pinning the suppressor stack to the barrel to make it a one stamp gun, among other things.) Unfortunately, Valkyrie doesn’t have the best reviews in terms of her ability to run a business, and i have to say the fellow running the show at SIA is in the same boat. EVENTUALLY, i got a very gorgeous and unique gun… But communication, interpersonal skills, etc. were very poor throughout the process.

        • Kivaari

          I had heard her business interactions were not loved in the NFA community. The guns were wonderfully made. From memory, they did not need 2 stamps. I don’t remember if the outer shell came off. I remember the two rods came out and Ti baffles slid out. Her modern gun used M1911 mags. while the “original” used the ribbed back for the Enfield latch. She said that was the hardest part to make on the gun.

    • Kivaari

      It would make a great police gun, if it cost $1000 w/o optics.

      • TheSmellofNapalm

        Not to be rude, but would you mind elaborating? What does the police need a bolt-action, low-velocity suppressed rifle for when faster and more accurate bolt guns are already on the market for a quarter the price? Why would a hostage support team need suppression?

        • Kivaari

          As I comment lower down this thread, I don’t think police need this. I’d take an AR over a bolt gun. My comments weren’t directed at the LEO market, but towards we lowly civilians. WE can’t buy this as a toy. We can buy other toys like the newly made DeLisle and have all the fun we want. I don’t see a NEED for any other these guns, beyond the joy if shooting and simply having these toys in the safe. If we needed a reason to own these things, we wouldn’t have any of them. I can argue for having an AR, Glock 19, S&W M462 and S&W M19. In reality my pocket gun, the M642 is likely the only gun I NEED. I’ve used it to break up incidents and kill animals struck by cars.

        • Kivaari

          There is one place that most people will never hear about. That is “animal control”. In urban settings it is more polite to kill injured deer, dogs and skunks, without lots of noise. That use, and I’ve needed to do that many times, is best done with a .22 LR rifle. After one of our guys pulled out the MP5, set it to full-auto, and offed a deer in town, I had .22 rifles pulled from evidence and put in every car. That way, you can usually put the muzzle near an ear, without getting kicked, and go pop or pop-pop! I can see a suppressed .300 rifle just for that purpose. I sure wouldn’t go to the supervisors/council/commissioners trying to justify a rifle like this one. I’d just divert some kind of gun from evidence that would cost a few dollars to put into service. A .22 will do a great job. In tight quarters, a GemTec can would be great. In the era when ATF wasn’t so picky a few High Standard HD-Military suppressed pistols were floating around our county where there were dog issues. Dogs chasing farm animals and even wildlife would get shot. The first ones to show up were actually from our game department. There was a post WW2 depot at Dupont (WA), and the men were literally handing out guns like the HDs. Damn, I’d liked to have one. Dupont was an explosives center just a mile or so from Fort Lewis. We would get, even into the 60s, drums of rifle powder (I think they were 50 pound drums). All the 4350 and 4831 you needed – often free.

        • Budogunner

          Quietly killing pet dogs with the extra insult of spending $8k of taxpayer money to do it.

  • Paul White

    looks awesome but 8k? Holy hell. I hope the cops don’t actually use it. An AR with suppressor would be so much cheaper for similar performance wouldn’t it?

    • Kivaari

      Yep. This is a $1000 gun. OK with the can more, but $8k is crazy. An AAC upper at $1000, plus a can @$700 and glass would do the job. Stick that on a lower with an SSA trigger @$200 and wow, quite a rig.

  • El Duderino

    21st century DeLisle carbine right there. Seriously cool.

    • Kivaari

      Try the new built DeLisle from Valkyrie Arms. Better than the originals.

      • Sgt fish

        That lady is still in business? I wouldn’t give her a dime.

        • Kivaari

          I don’t know. I didn’t look at her site before mentioning her guns. The ones I saw were fine quality. I had heard she is very hard to deal with.

  • john huscio

    Was gonna say, didn’t think there was much in the way of .300blk in Canada…

    • Paladin

      It’s definitely around, lots of shops offering .300 BLK barrels and such. Yeah we can’t suppress it, which kinda draws away from it, but on the other hand SBRs are fairly common.

  • derpmaster

    I like it. It’s like a westernized VSS. $8k is a little steep though.

  • Perfect for all that covert police sniping.