Turn Your TP9 SA into TP9 SF with the “Decock Block”

Arson Machine, a small but growing accessory company has released their TP9SA “De-cock Block” which works to completely disengage the de-cocking mechanism found on the top of Canik TP9SA handguns. While the handgun was generally praised for its trigger and value pricing, the de-cocker kept many buyers from picking up the platform due to the belief that they could inadvertently de-cock the handgun during general manipulation.

On a double-action / single-action handgun this “feature” would not be a deal-braker (nay, many would find it a positive feature), it is detrimental to function on the single-action striker-fired TP9SA. Simply put, once de-cocked, the handgun would need the slide racked to bring it back into action again.

Canick recognized this and released the TP9SF (which I just reviewed), but what about all the TP9SA handguns already in the wild?

See the video from GY6 on the full handgun:

To keep the handgun’s unusual de-cocking system from de-cocking the de-cockable handgun, Arson Machine has produced two small inserts that basically keep the de-cocker system from depressing to de-cock the de-cockable handgun.

(Yes, I just had too much fun writing that).

The kit is available directly from Arson Machine at reasonable $15. The two inserts are black-oxide finished 304 stainless meaning they will not rust.


Instructions are posted online, so no gunsmith needed:

Canik TP9SA Decock Block

Nathan S

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  • dave

    because operators, uh, find a way.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Well…. I guess I find it interesting that Canik’s clone of the Walther P99 has been more popular than the Walther. Guess that’s what happens when instead of spending money on engineering you can just come in and offer product at rock bottom prices.

    Ha, can’t believe it took anyone this long to delete such a stupid feature… decocker on a SA gun O.o

    • Billy Jack

      Canik is paying for marketing too. In fairness to Walther I think the P99 has a decent worldwide fan club it’s just not sexy or super cheap.

      • Kelly Jackson

        You have to wonder what Walther paid to be featured in Casino Royale

        • James Bond adopts the Walther P99 in “Tomorrow Never Dies” when he comes across it in the armory of a Saigon house:

          “Ah, the new Walther. I asked Q to get me one of these.”

      • Some Guy

        >Not sexy

        you what? I mean the gen 2+ looks like crap but the Gen 1 P99 is easily one of the best looking pistols ever made

        • iksnilol

          Gen 1 P99 looks like a burn victim

          Considering I have been at the burn ward I believe I can use that comparison.

    • iksnilol

      I dunno. Can’t a decocker on a SAO gun replace the safety?

      • The original Walther P99 is a DA/SA striker fired pistol. In decocked mode it has a 9lb full length trigger pull, and in SA it has about a 4.5lb. The gun could either be carried in SA mode (making it very similar to a Glock) or decocked and carried in DA for the first shot. It was a very clever system that solved any issue with having a safetyless striker fired pistol.

        Having the decock on a SA only pistol like the Canik is just lazy incompetence.

    • Frank

      It seems like producing high quality clones is what the entire Turkish gun industry is all about.

  • Kelly Jackson

    The TP9 seems like a nice gun, I like the DA version with the decocker.

    But the SA version with a decocker mounted on the top of the gun just seems like a hugely bad idea. Imagine a Mike Brown situation where the attacker is grabbing the top of the gun and decocks it

    • Hilltop

      When you have handled the handgun, you will see how very highly unlikely it’s unintentional decocking would be. A good choice at any price but we live in wonderful times for quality choices. So, as always, pick something that you shoot well and that you feel comfortable with.

  • Machinegunnertim

    What is with all the paranoia about this button? I own one of these pistols and the button needs to be deliberately pressed straight down from both sides to a pretty good depth in order to de-cock the gun.
    I’ve tried to push it on different objects and such and have had a real hard time getting it to press down. The chance of this button being activated by accident or pressed by a criminal trying to grab it are less that your chance of being struck by lightning.

    • Tom Currie

      Perhaps the people who think that they might be stupid enough to “accidentally” decock this pistol have a better understanding of their own intelligence than those of us who assume anyone with an IQ above room temperature would know not to do this.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I wish I could get you in a force on force scenario with someone much bigger than you, beating you senseless. Then you can tell everyone how it’s a matter of Intellegence to hit or not hit a large button on the gun.

        • Tom Currie

          Apparently you have been in several such scenarios where you have been rendered “senseless” — my comment stands about people who think that they would accidentally decock this gun — and I am sure that someone else can explain my probably opinion of anyone who actually managed to actually DO it accidentally.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            I have. Actually. Been hit so hard I’ve seen stars, frazzled so badly I forgot I had an unloaded gun in my hand right after a shooting scenario.

            Just as anti-gun people think the gun is a magic talisman of evil… A LOT of fun people think the gun is a magical talisman of protection.

            That just by owning a gun you think that means you’ll have it drawn, ready, and it’ll stop bad guy from fighting you? Every fight is a neatly organized gun fight?

            Reality is a civilian gun owner will probably be on the ground bleeding before the gun is drawn.

          • mosinman

            “Been hit so hard I’ve seen stars, frazzled so badly I forgot I had an unloaded gun in my hand right after a shooting scenario.” is that when you killed Bin Laden?

          • Rick5555

            People who argue the plausibility of the firearm probably not being decocked…it’s apparent that critical thinking isn’t their forte. Many people who ccw, have this false pretense in how things would occur. If they needed to draw their firearm. Usually a fight will entail which will lead to drawing ones gun. In which a perpetrator could grab the firearm and hit the decocker.. All I know is, I would not gamble with my life or my families life, in which a variable or plausibility is present…when it doesn’t have to be present. Hence, find a reliable firearm that doesn’t have a decocker on it. Said plausibility is no longer a gamble.

          • JumpIf NotZero


            Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.

      • Miguel Raton

        Murphy is unrelenting in her capriciousness. Fortunately, my IQ is low enough I’m not convinced of my own infallibility, nor that of an incompletely developed firearm design.

    • Hilltop

      Ditto. It would remain a good choice even at a much higher price. I’ve got 9mm handguns coming out of my ears and the only reason I got one of these is because it was so cheap and I wanted to see if it deserves the hype. It very certainly does. I’ve got about 800 rounds out of mine and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. No weapon, regardless of the perfection of it’s design, will magically protect you from every bad thing that can be done to you. They all require an investment of time and training and none of them do more that to improve the odds in your favor.


    Another great idea: A pull-block for the trigger! Triggers might be inadvertently compressed too, you know?

    • noob

      You have just invented the Saf-T-Block

  • Nicholas C

    I think many people do not comprehend the purpose of this button. It is not to decock the weapon (although that is what it does) rather it is to aid in taking the slide off. Rather than pull the trigger, like on a Glock, you depress the button and then pull the slide latch down and the slide comes off.

    • noob

      The Smith and Wesson M&P has the decocker as a bright yellow “sear deactivation lever” deep inside the pistol, so you have to remove the magazine and pull the slide back and then stick your finger or a tool into the ejection port. seems like it has the added benefit to force you to clear the handgun and check the chamber with your finger during field strip.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Nope. Argument might have some merit of the button was small like on the Walther P99 QA, that was meant as a take down assist. But this thing is huge, and in a grapple, I could EASILY see it getting pressed. On the P99 SA it would be no issue, on this big issue.

      The button is far too big to not be intended as a decocker. It’s a terrible idea. And they clearly “fixed” (i.e. Copied Walther’s original design closer) in the v2.

  • jpcmt

    lol @ fixing yet another problem that doesn’t exist. But hey, merica! right? Capitalism right? I guess the two little pieces of a paper clip inside the spring coils aren’t really a solution despite not being able to press the decocker with them installed. BTW, the TP9SA is better and different than the TP9SF. They just had to screw with it instead of just getting rid of the decocker. They got rid of the lines on top of the slide (anti-glare), they changed the shape of the slide so your custom kydex holster used for the SA now rubs the SF wrong (i make holsters and had to make a new one for my SF), the trigger is goofy and when it breaks, it’s angled down to far. However, I will concede that the SF sights are taller and allow for a 6’oclock hold instead of center hold…and the front sight now drifts out making room for replacement sights. Either way, love both my TP9s…and for the record…they have BOTH proven to be more reliable than my once carried glock 19 and my Glock 20 which both have failed in their first 500 rounds and continue to feed reliably now and then…>TP9s, albeit with only about 600-700 rds each have not once failed with anything and have a more consistent ejection pattern than my glocks. Stop saying they’re ‘the best for the money’ when they’re actually better than the chevrolet of handguns – glocks. There, i said it. Have at me glock fanbois.

    • Tom Currie

      I don’t know about “fixing yet another problem that doesn’t exist” but I would bet that installing the decock block would be instantly pounced upon by the bottom feeders of the legal profession as “disabling a safety mechanism” to turn an otherwise perfectly reasonable shooting into a financial bonanza

      • Kelly Jackson

        Can you cite a single case example of that, or is this just more internet LOLyering?

        • Tom Currie

          Find someone who CAN READ and have them read any of Massad Ayoob’s books or magazine articles to you, at least 50% of which contain documented examples of justified shootings in which the shooter was either charged with a crime or faced a liability lawsuit — many of which were based at least in part on the defendant having “disabled a safety device” on their firearm or made modifications to make the firearm “more deadly” — with such dangerous modifications as a professionally performed trigger job, night sights, etc.

          • Kelly Jackson

            So in other words you DON’T have a single example of a legal case to support your argument and you think everyone else should waste their time to prove your nonsense?

          • ramv36

            Provide counter-examples.

  • Anonymoose

    They probably did pay the studios to use the P5 in both Octopussy and Never Say Never Again, and maybe to have Pierce Brosnan start using the P99 in Tomorrow Never Dies, though.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Ugh, I hate the P5 with a passion. Worst gun I’ve ever sold.

  • Kelly Jackson

    The PPK is iconic, but Casino Royale he was carrying the P99, in all of the later Craig films he’s back to using the PPK
    It just seemed like an odd choice

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      Because Casino Royale was good and tried to put Bond in the modern world and all the later ones were idiotic nostalgia rehashes

  • fleetwrench

    The Decock Blocker.

  • jpcmt

    Wow, you really went after Kelly’s throat bro. You’re not the only one who knows what Mas Ayoob teaches or that he’s likely the most fabled pro witness in a court room you’d want on your side. You didn’t exactly sight a case either. How bout concede with something like “yeah, but if you’re defending your justified shoot in a wrongful death suit brought against you in DC/Chicago/New York, it’s probably not best to modify your carry TP9SA’s decocker…even though it can easily be argued that it’s a feature to assist in dissassembly since its ludicrous to have a decocker on a single action gun that’s meant to be a traditional safety.” Also, is the TP9sa someone’s best choice of a carry gun?

    • ramv36

      If he had cited a case, could you actually make sense of a court brief? People go to school for almost a decade to comprehend such items, I’m not sure most in these comments are qualified.