Turn Your TP9 SA into TP9 SF with the “Decock Block”

    Arson Machine, a small but growing accessory company has released their TP9SA “De-cock Block” which works to completely disengage the de-cocking mechanism found on the top of Canik TP9SA handguns. While the handgun was generally praised for its trigger and value pricing, the de-cocker kept many buyers from picking up the platform due to the belief that they could inadvertently de-cock the handgun during general manipulation.

    On a double-action / single-action handgun this “feature” would not be a deal-braker (nay, many would find it a positive feature), it is detrimental to function on the single-action striker-fired TP9SA. Simply put, once de-cocked, the handgun would need the slide racked to bring it back into action again.

    Canick recognized this and released the TP9SF (which I just reviewed), but what about all the TP9SA handguns already in the wild?

    See the video from GY6 on the full handgun:

    To keep the handgun’s unusual de-cocking system from de-cocking the de-cockable handgun, Arson Machine has produced two small inserts that basically keep the de-cocker system from depressing to de-cock the de-cockable handgun.

    (Yes, I just had too much fun writing that).

    The kit is available directly from Arson Machine at reasonable $15. The two inserts are black-oxide finished 304 stainless meaning they will not rust.


    Instructions are posted online, so no gunsmith needed:

    Canik TP9SA Decock Block

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