CZ Urban Grey Suppressor Ready Series

CZ P-09

CZ announced a new line of handguns for 2016 that are finished in Urban Grey and are considered “suppressor ready.” There are five guns in the new line. According to the company, consumer demand for threaded barrel guns has increased substantially, so the company wanted to double the options available to its customers. Based on the number of new guns introduced recently that are suppressor ready, I suspect that many companies are hearing the same thing from their customers.

Here is a brief overview of what is available.


This variation of the P-09 sports an Urban Grey frame with a black slide and other details. The threaded barrel is 5.2″ long and comes with a thread protector. The 9mm gun ships with a pair of extended 21-round magazines. Additionally, it has tall tritium night sights that should clear the top of most suppressors. The MSRP is $629.


The P-07 is another polymer framed pistol from CZ. This variant features a 4.5″ threaded barrel and ships with two 17 round magazines. Other features, such as the color and sights, mirror the P-09 above. It has a suggested retail price of $537.

75 SP-01

This SP-01 features an Urban Grey finish on the slide and frame while the rubber grip panels and other details are black. It also ships with two extended magazines: 18 rounders for this pistol. This gun is fitted with a 5.2″ threaded barrel and tall night sights. The MSRP is $723.

CZ 75-B

75 B Ω

A variation of the normal 75 B Ω pistols, this one features the same variations of the SP-01 including the 5.2″ barrel and 18 round magazines. The suggested retail price is a little cheaper at $636.

75 P-01

The final member of the new Urban Grey Suppressor Ready line is the 75 P-01. This pistol is a slightly more compact version of the CZ 75 and consequently has a 4.5″ barrel and 16 round extended magazine. Otherwise, the features are the same as the SP-01 above. The MSRP is $653.

Richard Johnson

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  • Spencerhut

    My P-09 and SP-01 are already on order. 🙂

  • Nicks87

    Damn you CZ, I’ve already spent my tax return!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I’m not one for CZs because I grab the frame instead of just the tiny bit of slide on something like a tap and rack. I’m used to a lot of slide, CZ only has a little slide.

      However, the suppressor sights might help with that, running my weak hand index finger into it, like you’d do a one handed belt rack or so.

      Great value tho.

      • Xeno Da Morph

        I find the small slide a big problem also. My buddy has a tricked out Custom Shop SP01, it’s great to shoot but any quick manipulation involving the slide and it just becomes a no go for me. CZ does make great guns though.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Exactly. The guns are great, and priced extremely reasonable, just no-go for me unfortunately. On the range for plinker time, sure… But gloves on, fingers cold, I just really doubt it.

      • iksnilol

        Training… You simply don’t have enough training on CZs and similar pistols.

  • pun&gun

    Now make one optics-ready and we’ll talk.

    • Spencerhut

      There was one setup with a red-dot at Shot Show, looked great.

    • Harrison Jones

      CZ custom shop is selling optic read slides. They are quite affordable in my opinion. When my Uban Grey P07 comes in I think I’m sending it to L&M precision and having it milled for a Delta Point Pro. The total cost with Cajun Gun Works internals will cost less than a similarly setup glock. Cocking serations, flat trigger, lone wolf frame or undercut work etc…

  • iksnilol

    Be still my assassin heart.

  • Alexandru Ianu

    P-09: “extended 21-round magazines” – holy crap!

    • thedonn007

      I had a P-09 and kind of regret selling it, but it just did not fit my hand as well as the SP-01.

  • Space Captain

    This is exactly why I deep down hate these blogs…I would be better off not knowing about these new CZ pistols….but I can’t resist….sum of a b….

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Wow, something I can afford.

  • A.WChuck

    Urban Grey is the new FDE is the new Black.

    I may have to get one the 75B Omegas.

    • Bill

      You left out Coyote, but that’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • Cymond

      I like gray.
      I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, I liked gray a long time ago, but it took over my wardrobe after we got the giant gray rabbit. I’m not a hipster, either. I’ll continue liking it after it’s popular, and even after everyone else moves on. It’s just a good, neutral, non-black color.
      Oh, and I really like OD green, too.

      • I saw a ?3905? Ladysmith with a grey frame and brushed stainless slide. So beautiful.

        This makes me think of it.

        • Xeno Da Morph

          I remember those! There was also this SW9V. But not very exciting compared to the Ladysmith.

      • Edeco

        Yep, grey is the only non-black-or-natural color I’d buy. Also lot of grey clothing, have both charcoal and dolphin grey Chuck Taylors.

        • iksnilol

          I should get someting to match my jacket.

          gray with black (more like dark gray) houndstooth pattern.

          • Edeco

            Come to think, the faux carbon fiber M&P’s remind me of houndstooth. Not convincing as CF.

      • A.WChuck

        Agreed on both colors.

  • Bill

    Now we need to start including the Pantone numbers as part of gun specs. There’s urban gray, wolf gray, MAS gray, storm gray, gunmetal grey, haze grey….and is it gray or grey?

    How will I find my pistol if I drop it on the sidewalk?

  • Vitsaus

    They’ve gone full SIG.

    • iksnilol

      Nah, SIG is worse.

      SIG has like 20 versions of the same gun, only difference is the finish (+ engraving).

      This is a legitimate difference, what with the threaded barrel and tall sights.

  • Xeno Da Morph

  • thedonn007

    Any chance that I can buy a complete suppressor ready slide for my SP-01 and P-01? Or at least the suppressor sights? If not, I might have to buy the P-01 Suppressor ready version.

  • Christopher Armour

    CZ is awesome.

  • David Harmon

    Keep it up CZ, and I will never buy any other brand of handgun again…

  • Weaponized_Hotdog

    Expected release date???

  • Arv

    Urban gray: so your pistol matches your truck.