Car Pistol Mount

Madhouse Design has a billet pistol mount that holds your pistol with a rod. It looks like something a dealer would have to display pistols at a trade show. You can mount this under your dash or under a desk. It retails for only $49 on their website.

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There are rods of different thicknesses for different calibers.



Ok, so let’s critically analyze this pistol mount. It requires the pistol to rest its weight on a rod inserted into the barrel. Nothing terribly wrong with that. I do have issue that there is nothing retaining this pistol other than gravity and possibly friction depending on the diameter of the rod. The other major issue is that the trigger is not protected. If you were to have this in your car and you were in an accident with a possible roll over, the gun could come loose and the trigger would not be covered. Posing a risk that is not needed.

You could solve this little dilemma with a simple kydex trigger guard cover or something like the Raven Concealment Vanguard tethered to the mount. That way the trigger is protected and the gun would be tethered. Yet you could still pull the gun with enough force to over come the kydex cover and draw the weapon.

Nicholas C

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  • Bill

    Much classier than the .99 cent plastic covered tool hangers I use from the hardware store.

    • 191145

      Classy is…. not needing a tool holder in the first place !

  • EricTheRed79

    I just use a crappy paddle holster through the seat belt, and it does the trick just fine.

    • mrsatyre

      That’s brilliant! Stealing that idea and claiming it as my own!

      • 191145

        Just another gimmick ! Use your brain !

      • EricTheRed79

        You may, I encourage daily carry!

  • Don Ward

    And using this is a misdemeanor in certain states such as Washington (where I reside) where leaving a loaded and unsecured weapon in your vehicle vehicle is prohibited. Always be aware of your local firearms laws.

    RCW 9.41.050

    Carrying firearms.

    (1)(a) Except in the person’s place of abode or fixed place of business, a person shall not carry a pistol concealed on his or her person without a license to carry a concealed pistol.

    (b) Every licensee shall have his or her concealed pistol license in his or her immediate possession at all times that he or she is required by this section to have a concealed pistol license and shall display the same upon demand to any police officer or to any other person when and if required by law to do so. Any violation of this subsection (1)(b) shall be a class 1 civil infraction under chapter 7.80 RCW and shall be punished accordingly pursuant to chapter 7.80 RCW and the infraction rules for courts of limited jurisdiction.

    (2)(a) A person shall not carry or place a loaded pistol in any vehicle unless the person has a license to carry a concealed pistol and: (i) The pistol is on the licensee’s person, (ii) the licensee is within the vehicle at all times that the pistol is there, or (iii) the licensee is away from the vehicle and the pistol is locked within the vehicle and concealed from view from outside the vehicle.

    (b) A violation of this subsection is a misdemeanor.

    (3)(a) A person at least eighteen years of age who is in possession of an unloaded pistol shall not leave the unloaded pistol in a vehicle unless the unloaded pistol is locked within the vehicle and concealed from view from outside the vehicle.

    (b) A violation of this subsection is a misdemeanor.

    (4) Nothing in this section permits the possession of firearms illegal to possess under state or federal law.

    • Drew Coleman

      I think this is meant more for storing the gun there while you’re driving. I’ve thought about rigging something like that up in my truck when I’m driving long distance, for comfort.

      • 191145

        How about to the convenience store 1/2 block away ?

        • Zippy2003

          If you have a CPL all is good. And may as well carry on your person. If no CPL, then your pistol needs to remain unloaded while in a vehicle. For more info about leaving a pistol in your vehicle, refer to my above post.

          Furthermore, Washington State is a shall issue state and no requirements for training. So get a CPL, nothing is stopping you. It costs $50.75 and when you ask for it they cannot deny you or impose any restrictions or training on you. You’re only denied if you can’t legally get one, if you can’t own/buy a gun you can’t get a CPL.

          Open carry is legal in Washington State and you do not need a CPL, license, training, background check nor anything else to openly carry.

          The CPL also eliminates the waiting period on pistols. You’ve already gone through the process of a more thorough background check, finger printed and had a 30-60 day waiting period for your CPL to arrive in your mailbox. So continue to wait 3 days for every pistol you buy or just get a CPL and you won’t need to wait.

          To buy firearms at gun shows in this state, gun shows require you to be a member and pass a background check. So there has been no “gunshow loop hole” in my state. Your CPL counts as a background check. The background check for a CPL is more thorough then NICS and you are finger printed.

          It’s one or maybe two pieces of paper you fill out. Like I said we are a shall issue state, you ask for they have to give it to you.

      • Nicholas C

        Comfort is fine but the issue is when you get into an accident.

        • David Harmon

          How often do you get into accidents?

          • Doug Larsen

            The chance of getting into an accident is far greater than the chance you’ll need a gun in the first place. So if you’re going to carry a gun like this, why would you not worry about the more likely chance this gun is going to become a missile inside the car?

          • David Harmon

            How is it going to become a missile in the car? Any accident with enough force to throw the firearm off the IN THE BARREL ROD is going to be forcible enough to kill you outright anyways, and that is without mentioning that the accident that would force the firearm off the peg will be one that you are getting hit from the rear, which is unlikely to have enough force to throw it off.

            You people are ridiculous with your hysteria. You don’t even take the time to think about what you’re saying.

    • hkryan

      Regarding WA, as long as you have your permit, your car is locked and you can’t see it from outside, you’re good.

    • Zippy2003

      Did you bother to read what you actually just posted? If you are going to quote laws, please take the time to read them. Sheesh…

      What car do you drive that won’t let you lock the doors?? You might want to get that fixed. Car doors locked means the vehicle is secured, just in case you didn’t know that LOCKED means secured. Right now, my jacket which is sitting on the seat of my car is locked within my vehicle. Locked within the vehicle means car doors being locked is sufficient. Placed in a locked container or locked/secured within a locked car is different verbiage. Now if your car doors don’t lock, you’ll need some sort of lockable case/enclosure for your pistol.

      All is good if you have a CPL, the car is locked and no one can see the pistol; the pistol can remain loaded when you leave the pistol in your vehicle. If you don’t have a CPL, then it simply can’t be loaded; but still the car must be locked and pistol out of sight when you leave the pistol in your vehicle. If no lockable doors, then you need an alternative way to lock the pistol within the vehicle otherwise if the doors lock, you are good.

      This is something we should already be doing anyways, car locked and gun out of sight when we aren’t in the vehicle. If you have a CPL the pistol can be loaded, if no CPL the pistol must be unloaded.

      Please read the laws as they are written. If you need clarification, talk to a lawyer! Never get legal advice from a peace officer, they don’t usually know or wildly misinterpret the law.

      Are you from California? If so, can you please leave my state. Tired of folks not knowing our laws or long history of gun rights in my state. You’re probably the reason the NRA abandoned my state when it came time to campaign against 594 because they assumed we were anti gun or just plain ignorant. I hate how Seattle is turning more and more into a mini California everyday. But luckily, no local laws are allowed to preempt state laws in regards to firearms in my state, read the back of your CPL. This state has a very long and friendly history with firearms. All the talk about Texas and Florida is ridiculous, we’ve had those laws and more freedoms in regards to firearms then those two states for at least the past 40+ years and even way back when our state constitution was written.

      Have a good day sir.

      • Don Ward


        • Zippy2003

          How so?

          I’d ask for you to prove your viewpoint but you already provided the laws in your first post which is the opposite of what you think. So you can either continue to not read the law as it was written or provide us with case law backing up your opinion.

          We are waiting.

          I do know you never bothered to read the law you quoted. Nothing in the law says anything about an “unsecured weapon.” Your original opinions didn’t even go over the difference between a CPL holder and non CPL holder. RCW 9.41.050 deals with pistols only. In fact you can have a knife in your vehicle, that is legal, it’s a weapon and is legal. You can have a pistol in your vehicle that is legal, says so in the law you quoted. Refer to RCW 77.15.460 for rifle and shotguns. RCW 77.15.460 allows you to keep rifles and shotguns in your vehicle as long as they are unloaded.

          Unless, you’re implying this mount won’t prevent a pistol from being viewed from the outside? Then yeah, you’d be correct on that one unless you mount the pistol so it isn’t visible from the outside. And yeah, this is a bad mount we can at least hopefully agree on this.

          I do apologize for bringing “politics” into this. I don’t care for this to turn into a political argument. Firearms not politics. And right now, I’d like to stick with legal arguments on what the law actually is. I’d prefer folks to actually know the laws, not your opinion or political viewpoint on why we can’t leave a hidden pistol in an unoccupied locked vehicle.

          Guns aren’t scary, they won’t hurt you. If we leave them in a locked vehicle out of sight it’s perfectly legal to do that in that in Washington state and is not put anyone in harm’s way. But the pistol must be unloaded if you don’t have a CPL and okay to be loaded if you have a CPL, irregardless of you being in or out of the vehicle. And again, if you leave the vehicle unattended, it must be locked and pistol out of sight.

          But go ahead, prove me wrong. We are waiting.

    • Rap Scallion

      So why do you live in the Commie state anyhow??????

      • Don Ward

        I keep hoping the Californians will move back down south.

        • David Harmon

          Oh you mean the “Californians”. I wish they would move back over the ocean too, but that is likely not going to happen.

  • Odie Tucker

    Putting stuff in the barrel of your gun is always a good idea amirite?

    • Wolfsbane

      That’s why the barrel insert looks to be coated/cast in rubber in the picture.

  • Jeremy Star

    And in an accident your pistol becomes a 2-3lb projectile made of metal that could kill you. Awesome!

    We do all know to secure objects in our car as they become potentially deadly in a collision, right?

    • 191145

      Lol !

    • rob in katy

      I ride a dirt bike at 58, I am the 200 lb projectile that could kill you…or me. Some times you just can’t sweat the little sh–.

      • Phillip Cooper

        True, but this isn’t a dirtbike.

    • BattleshipGrey

      They should supply these:

      • Nicholas C

        Ball gags? I think you are in the wrong blog. LOL

        • BattleshipGrey

          It’s a bungie strap, because Firearms Not Sex, that’s how it goes right?

    • Rap Scallion

      So wwhat happens when that Metiorite comes crashing through the roof and completely incinerates you, then what? HUH????

      • Jeremy Star

        Then you kiss your ass goodbye.

    • Town22

      And if you are knock out in that accident (God forbid), anybody can along and shoved it in their pocket. An expose gun is a BAD IDIA!

      • Gunner4guy

        And you think some first responder or passerby wouldn’t take it out of your belt or shoulder holster while they’re checking for any money in your pockets?????

  • I am not seeing any thing that locks the barrel rod from unthreading. The typical vehicle environment has lots of vibration that plays hell on threaded connectors. Given that, I would suspect that you will eventually pull your gun and the rod will still be in the barrel because it unthreaded on you.

    • Cymond

      Loctite is cheap and easy to find. Hopefully most ‘gun enthusiasts’ are familiar with it and keep some around.

      • I like others vary our carry weapons and the rounds they are chambered in. People who do this would not want to loctite the rod in since you can’t change caliber then. Granted I have no desire to purchase this product but to me its a change in the design that needs to be made.

        • Phillip Cooper

          You DO realize loctite makes different grades of the compound, right? I’d use the green stuff in this application. No more trouble to change out than it would be in any other manner if you feel the need to change caliber.

          Sorry, the product is just a poor design from Go. It would work ok for furniture and a dedicated weapon, but that’s about it.

    • Phillip Cooper

      You can’t see thread lock compound. Even if it’s not included, it’s a simple fix. Hell, nail polish would work.

  • Lee Attiny

    This doesn’t seem to offer any advantages over a $10 magnetic mount under the dash and you get added benefit of shoving a rod up the barrel of your gun? Better off mounting a left handed holster under the dash. This competition holster from Safariland is perfect although a bit on the pricey end.

    • You can get competition holsters like this on aliexpress for $20.

      • I just looked, pa!

        Holy ship! Lalahsghost is right! (But off by about $20)

        • Cheapest one I found was a $21 one meant for 1911.

      • hking

        Chinese plastic airsoft knockoffs you mean. Not something I stake my safety and well-being on.

        • Nicholas C

          I have met plenty of competition shooters who have used Airsoft speed holsters. Airsoft guns used in IPSC competitions cost a lot and weigh the same. So if it can hold those, it can hold your gun. Sometimes perception is what costs more.

  • Dwaine Dibbly

    Car? Bad. Under desk or side of the night stand? Maybe not bad.

    • 191145

      Until your in your car and it’s under your desk ! Dumb ass !

      • Jwedel1231

        Wait, what are you trying to say? That if you keep a gun in your desk you cannot bring it to your car later?

        • Wolfsbane

          Obviously that sooner or later you’ll forget it at your desk.

          • Nicholas C

            That is not a problem of this setup. However gun control starts with the owner. It is not the mount’s fault someone forgets their gun.

          • Wolfsbane

            Of course it is. Anything that encourages you to put a critical piece of equipment somewhere you can easily forget it instead of keeping it attached to your person, it’s at fault.

          • Jwedel1231

            So, how is that a critique of this product? What is your solution? Are you advocating never taking a gun to your desk? Are you advocating I buy a gun for each place I may be throughout the day? (The last one is my personal favorite)

          • Wolfsbane

            Anything that encourages you to put a critical piece of equipment somewhere you can easily forget it instead of keeping it attached to your person it’s at fault. The solution is obviously to always keep it attached to your person whenever humanly possible. Duh!

          • DaleC

            If you forget where your gun is, you probably shouldn’t carry.

      • ekimp252

        That’s why you have more than 2 guns dumb ass.

    • Edeco

      Though about it for my end table, or well the thing I use as what the bourgeois call an end table, but meh, don’t need that much house coverage.

  • Space Captain

    That would be a No-Go for me. Don’t like the thought of my piece showin that much!

  • 191145

    On the console or hip is my simple “car carry” mode ! Why spend money for a better mouse trap ! Never leave home without it, and if you need it, use it !

  • Al

    This is a really poor idea for all the reasons listed by others. It is no joke that it would become it’s own missile in a collision and who knows where it would end up. On the street perhaps for any child or criminal to pick up. No trigger coverage. Sticking a metal rod up the barrel? Seriously? The best place for a handgun in a vehicle is on you. Especially while filling up or loading groceries or whatever.

    • Gunner4guy

      You ever tried to draw while wearing a seatbelt or a heavy coat on? I have, it’s not fun nor easy. And this isn’t for all the time, just while mobile, when you get out take your piece and put it in your shoulder holster/belt holster or however you pack. Article doesn’t say as to the diameter of the rod but possibly a condom or o-ring over the rod would add enough friction to retain the weapon enough or…as another said, a bungee cord used for retaining a canopy on a frame would provide retention. As for trigger coverage – keep your finger off of it and you won’t need to worry.

      • Al

        A good shoulder rig, like a Stoner Holster Stormer, ends all those problems. Exposed trigger is bullshit. You can’t always control what happens in a moving vehicle. You should know that.

      • stephen

        “this gadget isn’t for all the time, just while mobile”

        So this device includes an alarm that goes off just before you get into an accident and your vehicle flips multiple times so your gun doesn’t become a 3 pound missile?

        Cool, I missed that part of the article.

        • Gunner4guy

          Obviously you didn’t read the extra, extra fine print….. If you get into that bad of TA then you’ll have a lot more to worry about than that….like those freaking high explosive Japanese airbags that blow your face to pieces….

  • Edeco

    Eh, I just have a slot in the center console where a CD player would have gone if she were an “RS”, perfect size… Kidding, but I’ve seen it done.

    Seriously no thanks; doffing a gun and or leaving it in the cockpit is not a thing for me. Too much potential hassle. Too fancy for my end table, or well, the think I use as an end table. The price is understandable.

  • Cymond

    On the subject of cars and holsters, I recently found a car seat cover on amazon that has some MOLLE sections on the front and side edges. It would be easy to add a holster, and it would be relatively inconspicuous between the seat and the door.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Link please? I’ve been looking for that sort of arrangement for my Jeep, figured I’d have to make it myself.

      • Cymond

        This is the one I found, but there are other colors, other seat shapes, and other brands on Amazon. Excuse me for breaking the link, but I don’t want it to get eaten by the filters. dot om/gp/aw/d/B001CF3ND8?

  • jerry young

    say what you will, everyone has their own opinion and mine is I have a problem with sticking anything in the barrel of my guns when they’re loaded except after ensuring they’re unloaded a cleaning rod, I don’t like the holsters that use this and I certainly don’t like this! imagine you have an altercation, you’re fumbling, grasping for your gun and accidentally it goes off with this in the barrel, this is not for me!

    • Nicholas C

      Well trigger discipline starts with you. But I agree I am not a fan of sticking rods in my barrel. other than for cleaning.

      • jerry young

        I not only help teach concealed carry but am also a NRA certified range safety officer and a shooting coach for our classes along with a couple of years experience as prisoner transport guard in the Army and an MP in the Army national guard, and yes you’re right about trigger discipline but if you’ve ever been in a violent situation things don’t always go the way you plan or how you train, if my gun does go off accidentally I don’t want anything in the barrel plus there’s no protection against accidental trigger contact on this thing

        • Gunner4guy

          — As I read this it’s NOT for mounting in a location where there will constant contact – incidental or not and if the safety and/or decocker is applied then any contact incidental or not shouldn’t cause it to ‘go off’. If someone is screwing around with it then you mounted it in the wrong spot & the wrong people have unauth. access to the location.
          This thing is just for use while driving(take it off and put it back in your regular holster when you get out) or under a desk at work. I’ve tried the heavy-duty magnets, mounted them per instructions and it seems like any vibration and the weapon falls off – this at least would work better than that.

  • Phillip Cooper

    *and the trigger would NOT be covered*….

    word omission in the second-last sentence of the second-last paragraph… makes all manner of difference…

    • Nicholas C

      Thanks. I missed that. Fixed.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I just stick mine under the seat.

  • Sianmink

    Not sure which is worse, this or the trigger-switch for a weapon light.

  • stephen

    As pointed out, I don’t like that there is no trigger guard, nothing holds the firearm in place and the worst is having a rod in the barrel. The only thing that belongs in a barrel are bullets.

  • Joseph Smith

    Can’t believe you guys all missed the 1913 rail and endless mounting possibilities.
    Who need a sidearm on their belt or chest rig. Put it on your rail!

  • noob

    hmm the clamp appears to be a weaver rail that bolts to your car or desk. does that mean you can clamp this holster thing to your rifle rails?

  • Nicholas C

    Yep people forget when SHTF, stuff tends to fly around.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Especially the cherry limeade that you haven’t even taken a sip out of…

  • Old Vet

    A simple large rubber band would hold the pistol and could easily be broken when you needed to grab it quickly.

  • zippiest

    I just attach my kydex holster to my seatbelt at the buckle. Works just fine for me.

  • gregge

    49 bucks? I could make one for 49 cents worth of scrap metal. You most definitely would not want to have a round chambered with a rod stuffed up the barrel. Accidentally pulling the trigger while pulling a pistol off this would be much worse than pulling the trigger while removing a pistol from a holster.