Browning Suppressor Ready .22 1911’s

Browning has announced the release of the suppressor ready versions of their unique “85%” sized 1911 .22LR handguns. The handguns are available in two sizes, “full” and “compact”; which I put in quotes as they not not quite the same size as their parent platform. The full size comes equipped with a 4.25″ barrel and the compact in at a 3.625″. Both barrels are threaded 1/2×28″, common to the .22 caliber.

The Black Label series is the high-end version of the past 1911-22. It adds some fun features like the dove-tailed sights, ambidextrous safety, and composite G10 grips. From there, an extended slide stop and beaver-tail passive safety round out the offering.


Weight is kept at an incredible 14 ounces due to an advanced polymer frame. However, the rails and most components are mounted in an internal metal chassis within the frame. For accessory mounting, the rail includes a three-position picatinny rail on the dust cover.

The handguns are now available for purchase, having been in the distribution chain for a few weeks. Suggested retail is $639.99. Price includes a thread protector for the barrel.

Stay tuned. We have one of the .380 ACP Black Label handguns in for testing with the review coming shortly. *Preview* – the size of the handgun is just awesome. It makes a 1911 “practical” for EDC in my mind.

Nathan S

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  • Oh boy! Whats Next! One in .25 ACP?

    • Xtorin O’hern

      doing a whole series in all the ACP calibers could be cool though…..

      • I guess, but considering it would probably be large for it’s size ( most .25 and 32 ACP being pocket pistols) would it really kill them to make it a double stack? Just saying, use your size to your advantage.

        Also, this is a personal thing, but I’d prefer a more simple M1911 styling.

        • Anonymoose

          JMB designed the .25 to supplant the .22LR, though. If they converted their .22 to .25, you’d have a pretty comfortable and accurate little CENTERFIRE!!!1 popgun, even if it’s not very practical for defensive uses.

          • mosinman

            i would trust .25 over .22 for defensive use though

          • Navy Davy

            Get the same thing in .380.

  • Suppressed
  • sean

    I guess we have different definitions on “Suppressor Ready”…unless a suppressor on a 22 doesn’t need the use of sights

    • iksnilol

      You can aim through the suppressor.


      • Budogunner

        This. Most guns are like this. I actually don’t like taller sights much as they snag if you want to swap to a standard barrel and use the platform for everyday carry.

        • John Dorr

          Those sights appear better than the ones on the original version of this pistol. They are even dovetailed on the slide. The whole pistol in fact looks more custom and high end.

  • gunsandrockets

    Will browning sell the barrels separately? Could make a nice option for those customers who already own a standard 1911-22.

  • OldGringo

    They have been in the Cabelas catalog for a while…dont want a polymer 1911, ever…plastic is for Glocks….

  • Xeno Da Morph

    $600 polymer framed .22lr …. But it has a threaded barrel!

    • USMC03Vet

      How I feel about the .22LR caliber.

      • mosinman

        it was cool when you could buy 500+ rounds for around 20 bucks…. now not so much

    • Budogunner

      Exactly. My Ruger 22/45 folks this niche fine, and for much less.

  • Miguel Raton

    Not available behind the Granola Curtain here in the PRK, unfortunately: threaded-barrel pistols are “assault weapons” precisely because they can readily accept an already illegal here suppressor which nobody has.

  • Goody

    As an Australian that wants to be prepared for “The Problem With Socialism”, I think I just found the perfect pistol for rimfire match competitions. 😉 Just scrapes past the 120mm barrel requirement.

  • Navy Davy

    Illegal in Kuhleephoneya to own a threaded barrel. And lots of other stuff.
    Basically everything but what the Gov approves after long testing, meaning everything new to the market.