[GAO] NRA Custom Orange County Choppers Trike

At the Great American Outdoor Show, the NRA had this custom Orange County Choppers Trike on display.

The custom Trike will be auctioned off at the NRA-ILA Annual Dinner on May 20th.

IMG_9722 IMG_9723

It comes with a Henry Lever Action Big Boy in .44 magnum and is custom engraved.



I like the exhaust pipes made to look like a firearm and the right fender has the Betsy Ross flag.IMG_9726

The spokes, if you can call them that, are shaped like bald eagles. AMERICA!!!



The foot rests are machined to resemble ammunition



Some ever so subtle NRA branding on the Trike.



I am not sure what this device is or why it is haphazardly attached to the side of the engine.


The left rear fender has the Constitution painted with the words of the Second Amendment super imposed over it.


Nicholas C

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  • Ted

    What a waste of money and time.

  • Your NRA membership dues at work.

    • Don Ward

      The cost of this motorcycle is probably about 1/5 the amount that the NRA spent here in Washington state “fighting” the passage of I-594. And that’s not an exaggeration. In other words, the NRA didn’t do squat here when that initiative passed in 2014.

  • Don Ward

    You know a motorcycle as “classy” as this is just meant for that dude who totes a Taurus Judge while wearing a “If You Can Read This, The B** itch Fell Off” leather jacket.

    • Don Ward

      Come to think of it, this must be custom made for NRA boardmember Ted Nugent.

      Are we allowed to talk about Ted Nugent now?

      • schizuki

        It hasn’t been acceptable to talk about Ted Nugent since 1980.

        • mosinman

          are we supposed to hate Ted Nugent? i fear i didn’t get the memo

          • JK

            View him however you want, IMO he hasn’t presented a good image of gun owners. From being high on amphetamines and intentionally crapping his pants during his draft board interview to embarking on a misogynistic rant during a recent mainstream media interview, he’s not someone I want representing me.

          • mosinman

            is there any proof of him crapping his pants or being high on amphetamines? because i often hear these things being parroted by left leaning individuals on social media. i personally don’t care how we’re represented as because in the end there are two basic types of people when it comes to this topic, those who see us as a racist old group of white men bent on shooting up the government/ schools/random people ect and will do so till the end of time (plus they have the media’s ear). and those who know the truth and see us all as individuals. there is a 3rd group, but they consist of people who don’t give a rat’s ass either way. now i know you’re thinking: “hey we need to get these undecided people on our side!” and i would say that’s rather unlikely that we’d be able to out shout the media narrative en masse. no matter how many times you bring truth and facts to people they either don’t care or don’t listen. We could all be Saints and the anti gunners would still continue the narrative. our rights live in die in the courts, not public opinion (thankfully) i guess my convoluted rant/point is that we’re always going to get the short end of the stick when it comes to our appearance.

          • Bill

            Ted shared all that himself, on numerous occasions. Of course, whether it’s true or not, or just something he said to self-promote at the time, i.e. lied about, only he and the draft board knows. I’d say that the fact that he didn’t serve speaks for itself.

            It’s “parroted” by plenty of non-left leaning people also.

  • mike

    “I am not sure what this device is or why it is haphazardly attached to the side of the engine.”

    Multi bit screwdriver

    • Cymond

      So why is it attached to the side the engine? Seems like an odd place to keep it.

      • schizuki

        You must not be familiar with OCC. They tack-weld geegaws everywhere.

  • Bucho4Prez

    Well, that looks expensive and silly. Between this, and the emails from them about Toby Keith, The NRA appears to think all of their members exist in a cultural timewarp from 2001… Maybe the renewal gift this year will be some “Larry the cable Guy” merchandise… ugh

    • M.M.D.C.

      You’ll be either laughed at or hated and as a bonus you’ll have straight pipes six inches away from your ear.

      • Bill

        LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES. I read that on a bumper sticker.

        • M.M.D.C.


    • Bill

      If they auctioned off an Omega or Breitling watch, or a Ducati or BMW without any “extra” markings, add-ons or doo-dads, I might actually write a check. But none of those are probably ‘Murican enough.

  • schizuki

    Are you sh**ing me? The Teutals are a knuckle-dragging clown show and their bikes are worse. I thought they were off the cultural radar by now. Way to go, NRA.

  • Wolfgar

    I don’t know if you realize it or not but it is going to be auctioned off which hopefully means the NRA ILA makes money off of it. Motorcycles are not my cup of tea either but I prefer their crowed to the the arrogant, self anointed critics I’m reading here.

    • Don Ward

      No Wolfgar. It’s that some of us are fed up with the NRA treating its membership like a cash cow while doing jack squat to fight I-594 who are now using the issue of I-594 to fundraise while at the same time allowing mentally ill draft dodgers like Ted Nugent to sit on its board.

      • Wolfgar

        Having a bone to pick about the spending methods of the NRA is one thing but insulting people who have an interest in custom bikes is another. Some of the roughest looking biker types I have associated with are some of the most honest, freedom loving and reliable people I have known. Some of the talk here sounds just like the anti gun snobs I have listen to on other sites. The lowest form of human being in my book is the arrogant, academia, scum who wish to control others with their self serving, delusional, omnipotent self worth attitudes over others. If a person likes a custom bike or owns a Taurus judge it doesn’t automatically make them a lowlife. Low life’s can be found in all levels and groups of society as can honest decent people.

        • schizuki

          Wolfgar, you must be from a country that doesn’t have freedom of speech as its #1 enumerated right.

          Don’t be a hothouse flower.

          • Wolfgar

            You got one thing correct, I come from the country, I didn’t know expecting people to be respectful was a violation of the first first amendment. Must be a new concept.

          • kyphe

            No where does wolf deny anyone their freedom of speech! Criticism is itself a freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and freedom of protest. I totally disagree with his opinion on academia which is my right ofc to hold and say. “scum who wish to control others with their self serving, delusional, omnipotent self worth attitudes over others.” this is something I would normally ascribe to certain westborough baptist literal religious types.

          • Wolfgar

            So if I decide to respond to you without any truth in my words other than to insult, harm, and discredit you that is freedom of speech? If people such as yourself cannot debate without falsely associating your opponent with socially unacceptable groups or people based without merit or truth is freedom of speech? Negative implied metaphors are used purely from an emotional sense of fear and loss of control when reality based on truth no longer supports ones opinion. Negative implied metaphors are the last tool in ones arsenal when logic and truth no longer work.
            Here is some good advice to live by,
            If in doubt always take the high road.

          • kyphe

            Take your own advice wolf, don’t generalize academics as scum as that invalidates your high road argument. you have just stepped into the basement with that approach. indeed anyone who does as you accuse is no academic.

            by the way I was defending your right to criticize in your comments.

          • Wolfgar

            I absolutely stepped into the basement with my academic scum comment. It is freedom of speech yet is disrespectful at the same time. That was my point from the begging. One can express likes or dislikes without the gutter talk which can only succeed to discredit ones opinion. Thank you for bring it to my attention.

        • JK

          I don’t see any comments stating that bikes should be outlawed. Most of the negative comments would be the same if photos of an engraved and gold plated AK were posted. The bike’s a bit gauche. Some people like that, a lot of people don’t. Expressing disingenuous disdain for negative comments doesn’t improve your social graces, despite what a couple posters here seem to think.

      • The nuge is up for re-election this year. If you’re a voting member, now is the chance to get rid of him. If you’re not a member, then you’re not a member and why are you complaining about a group you don’t support? NRA management works for the Nuge and the members and has not ability to remove a board member. There is a defined board member recall process, but, the easiest method at this point is to punish Ted in the upcoming election.

      • Markbo

        Ted was elected to the board by voting members.

    • JK

      Have you visited a motorcycle forum?

  • Scott Tuttle

    I’m a fan of OC Choppers but…. wow, ugly.

  • mazkact

    Since Y’all hate it so much………….I’ll take it. Truth is it would not stand out all too much here just south of Houston 😉

    • JK

      Submit your bid now

  • I see here that there are a few who do not like the trike, and that is completely okay, but it does not give you the right to call people bad names or criticize the people that made the trike. As I said you have the right not to like it, but please keep your obvious bad manners to yourself.
    Was I to see you I might think that you are stupid looking or exceptionally ugly, but I would not tell you that because it is not the polite thing to do. It seems that today some people don’t care about the feelings of others. if you are one of these then I hope you are prepared for a life of turmoil and disappointment because that is all you will find with such an attitude.

    • Wolfgar

      Very well stated, Being respectful of others seems to be a dying concept these days.

      • JK

        You apparently haven’t seen the OCC show. The comments in this section are downright supportive compared to those scripts.

        • Wolfgar

          I guess 2 wrongs make a right?

          • JK

            Want them to feel at home. And criticizing the NRA’s current wayward path might help get them back to a more respectable course.

          • mosinman

            what do you mean by “wayward path”?

          • JK

            Not so much the bike, but many of their social media posts have been shameful. The recent post with a couple pictures of liberal politicians surrounded by loose rounds of ammunition could reasonably be considered a threat towards those politicians. You and I both know that wasn’t what the NRA intended, but we’re not the ones their social media campaign should be geared towards reaching. If I weren’t a firearms enthusiast and saw that post on some group’s account, I would assume that group was a terrorist organization. There’s also their lack of action against I-594, and the Hughes Amendment to consider, it seems they think they need these injustices to ensure the money keeps flowing.

          • mosinman

            well i’d agree with you that the NRA kinda seems off track and not totally focused on correcting unconstitutional laws. i do see how someone anti gun could perceive the photo to be a veiled threat where i wouldn’t have seen it as anything but a picture. i kinda think it’s irrelevant as to how the NRA portrays itself as it’s picked up plenty of anti gun flak no matter what they do. ( unless they started calling for assault weapon bans or something)

    • JK

      I’d agree with you, had the builders not pursued the limelight with their crappy reality TV show, and proceeded to drag all custom bike builder’s reputations through the mud while creating a terrible example of professionalism for future generations to follow. They’re certainly not alone on that bandwagon, but they did nothing to counter that trend.

    • Bill

      Sure it does. I see a lot of these trash bikes marketed to OMGs and paid for with drug money and off the backs of prostitutes.

  • Evan

    Eh, couldn’t care less about motorcycles. I already have a hobby that costs a lot of money and damages my hearing…

  • schizuki

    Criticizing the Teutuls and their creations = violating the boundaries of civilized comportment.

    Riding one of the Teutul’s unmuffled, open-piped creations down a city street at the decibel level of a 747 = the very model of politesse.

  • Sure don’t like them—- In fact most any bigot.

  • A great way to separate the tasteless from their shekels. An American pursuit if there ever was one.

    • Bill

      Makes a 70’s Chevy van with shag carpet, porthole windows, side pipes and a mural of the Ghost Riders in the Sky look classy.

  • mosinman

    hardly the most tasteful post, but i don’t think he is an anti semite based off of one stupid post ( i saw him post it on FB since i liked his page)

  • iksnilol

    Uh, most of us aren’t members.

    And we are usually involved in organizations that actually do something.

    • Evan

      If you’re American, there’s really no excuse for not being a member.

      • iksnilol

        There’s plenty of “excuses”: They’re ineffective to put it in simple terms.

      • Bill

        Sure there is: I’m not giving money to an organization that labels me and those in my profession “jack-booted thugs.” I know how to write, and can reach out to my Senators and Representatives without the NRA’s help.

      • JK

        Their irresponsible social media manager just might get them labeled as a terrorist organization if they don’t reign him/her in pretty quick. Getting my assets frozen doesn’t sound like fun to me. Preaching to the choir is fun and all, but you got to keep it respectable when you’re trying to attract new members.

      • Edeco

        They’re fudds and conflate the pro-gun message with traditional values. I won’t be a party to that, I’ll take an organization that doesn’t compromise on gun issues and can keep its head out of the clouds, not try to tell me how to live.

  • JK

    Bid high, so the NRA can get its member’s money back.

  • MR

    Got a link? The sign says it will be auctioned off on Gunbroker, but I can’t seem to find it there.

  • Xeno Da Morph


  • SirOliverHumperdink

    Needs some fake bullet hole decals, truck nutz, a twelve-pack of air horns and some neon tubes underneath it to be ‘complete’.

  • Rnasser Rnasser

    What a cheesefest…

  • michael franklin

    Looks like something a 5th grader doodled while not paying attention in history class.

  • Rick DeWitt

    Never a fan Of OCC and this is no exception. Too overdone, but then again I like my “theme bikes” to be motorcycle-themed. The irony is most of the parts they buy are cheap Asian imports; a lot of stuff from “Taiwan Tedd” at V-Twin Mfg and RevTech engines/transmission from Korea and China. Whassamatta, can’t spring for a home-grown S&S? Then they cover it all in useless decorative crap, slap a flag on it and call it American. Hell, it’s not even an actual chopper in the true sense.