[GAO] NRA Custom Orange County Choppers Trike

    At the Great American Outdoor Show, the NRA had this custom Orange County Choppers Trike on display.

    The custom Trike will be auctioned off at the NRA-ILA Annual Dinner on May 20th.

    IMG_9722 IMG_9723

    It comes with a Henry Lever Action Big Boy in .44 magnum and is custom engraved.



    I like the exhaust pipes made to look like a firearm and the right fender has the Betsy Ross flag.IMG_9726

    The spokes, if you can call them that, are shaped like bald eagles. AMERICA!!!



    The foot rests are machined to resemble ammunition



    Some ever so subtle NRA branding on the Trike.



    I am not sure what this device is or why it is haphazardly attached to the side of the engine.


    The left rear fender has the Constitution painted with the words of the Second Amendment super imposed over it.


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