What are these? AR lowers for ants?

Kent Durree posted these pictures up in a private Facebook Group. He and his buddy are making mini AR lowers for fun. I am pleading him to make more and sell them. Kent says he might make an upper that can shoot a .22 short. I just want the lower as a paper weight/art piece.


Bellow, a .22 short for scale.

AR mini lowers 2

Kinda cute, isn’t it?

AR mini lowers 3 AR mini lowers 4 AR mini lowers 5


  • Howard

    It needs to be at least 3 times bigger!

  • John S

    Would pay money for…

  • Bigbigpoopi


    • Mister Thomas

      And if would be confiscated by the TSA if you would try to fly with this in your pocket.

      • Bigbigpoopi

        You….. Don’t have a backup set of keys? Weirdo.

  • Bill Poynter

    Sell these! Post contact info of manufacturer so we can beg him to make these as ARt.

  • Joshua

    I want one! It would be a awesome bottle opener!

  • Xeno Da Morph

    Finally a platform for the infamous .9mm cartridge!

    • Zachary marrs


  • allannon


  • Don Ward

    On the next episode of Leprechaun Preppers…

    • mechamaster

      Leprechaun Operator. lol.

  • E

    I desperately need a Borrowers-scale AR-15. I don’t know why.

    • JLW

      The Borrowers!!!! Awesome Reference!

  • Sam

    Would you need an FFL transfer to receive one?

    • Ed Forney

      No. It’s not complete.

  • spencer60

    He’d need an FFL to sell them if he makes one that interfaces with a parts that would make it a real firearm… so the 22 short thing is probably a bad idea.

    • J.J

      Only if he wants to sell. He can legally make them for private use.

      • Cymond

        And of course, he could go the 80% route.

    • JSmath

      You must work for the ATF.

      Even if you have bad eyesight, it’s damned clear those proportions don’t match a real AR-15, so a person can’t just make 1/2 scale parts to make it into a functioning receiver.

      It also doesn’t help the argument that you’d need baby hands to fit a finger into the trigger guard.

  • Not a Teacher

    Will someone create the printer files and upload to thingiverse, please? Thousands of high school kids who can’t print lowers in their STEM classes would love to print an “extra credit” bottle opener and/or key fob.

  • nadnerbus

    “What are these? AR lowers for ants?”

  • This is the company making them and they are in fact bottle openers:-) MSRP $30.


  • jcl

    Didn’t Larry Vickers visited a Russian gunmaker that make functional miniature firearms?

    • Yep

      • DanGoodShot

        Didn’t that Russian miniature gun guy get arrested or something?? I thought I read something to that effect. I could be wrong or different Russian mini gun maker

        • Henrik Bergdahl

          That is the Arsenal guys doing handguns in Italy etc. They also make miniatures. He has not been arrested afaik since he still posts hilarious miniatures on instagram.

  • Will P.

    If someone built a scaled down AR in 22lr I would buy the hell out of it. I wish I still worked in a machine shop!

  • Kelly Jackson

    I want an AR15 ghost gun that can shoot 30 AR15 ghost guns per second

  • Geoffry K

    From the pictures there is no magazine well or fire control cavity, so 100% legal.
    But don’t most bottles today have twist-off caps?

    • Evan

      Not bottles of any beer worth drinking

  • StephenC.

    If they made a similar model in a 308/AR10 receiver, there would be enough room for a 22lr cartridge (or possibly another larger size) to work in the space. It could be the start of a new cottage industry.

  • This is probably the nicest machine work I have ever seen.

    Colt Model 1900 half scale pistol
    (there’s a YT video about it)

    • OBlamo Binlyen

      I’ll have to introduce you to guys that make fully functional mini V-8’s and V-12’s. V-8’s are about 6″ long.

  • Devil_Doc

    This is cool, but if it’s functional, wouldn’t it be an SBR?

    • iksnilol

      Make it as a pistol?

  • OBlamo Binlyen

    The next, knock on the door will be the ATF.