CRKT Wooden Knives

CRKT Wooden Knife

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) recently introduced three new wooden knives that serve as both a project and training tool for your children. The kits are easy to assemble working models of three different edged tools: a traditional pocket-style folding knife, a fixed blade knife and a multi-tool.

The concept behind these kits was to create fun to do projects that a parent could do with their children while also providing an opportunity to introduce the concepts of blade safety. When completed, the wooden tools can then be used to further teach the children about the proper handling and use of these tools.

I recall my first knife given to me by my father – an Old Timer two blade pocket knife. It was sharp and more than once, I taught myself a painful lesson in spite of my father’s admonishments about how to handle and cut with it. I don’t know if a little teaching with a wooden knife would have prevented a few unnecessary cuts, but it is an interesting idea.

The fixed blade knife is the cheapest kit of the bunch with a suggested retail price of $14.99. The other two kits are slightly more expensive at $17.99. These kits are in line with the pricing of the company’s other wooden knife called Nathan’s Knife Kit, which retails at $14.99.

CRKT also recently introduced a line of Ruger branded knives.

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Looks dangerous, better read this safety manual first.

  • Bear The Grizzly

    Are these made in China as well?

  • Budogunner

    “…and training tool for your children.”

    I see what they are doing here, but just wait until one of these gets left in a kids backpack after a trip to the park and ends up in a school.

    “Student brings knife to school that is designed to defeat metal detectors. More news at 11…”

  • USMC03Vet

    I get the feeling this is banned somewhere already. Also calling wood a knife seems woefully misleading.

  • Xeno Da Morph

    These better work on vampires! I hate carrying sharpened stakes appendix carry.

  • cs

    Its the worlds first TSA Complaint Knife.