CRKT Introduces range of Ruger-Branded Knives

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Ruger has announced a partnership with knife maker CRKT to produce a range of Ruger branded knives. The knives some in a variety of styles, including every day carry folders, tactical fixed and folding and hunting knifes with both fixed and folding blades. They range in price from about $60 to $100. The photos above along with the photos below show all the different models available.

The knives are available for purchase at the official Ruger online store and certain models will also be sold at retail.

From the press release …

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) and CRKT® are pleased to introduce Ruger® knives to the commercial sporting market. This complete knife line was designed exclusively for Ruger by CRKT master knife-smiths and is being built by CRKT, an industry leader in knives and tools.

“Ruger is focused on bringing affordable, rugged and reliable products to our consumer base,” said Chris Killoy, Ruger President and COO, “As we looked to expand our licensing program, we knew that we wanted a knife manufacturer that shared these goals. CRKT is a great fit,” he concluded.

Columbia River Knife and Tool is proudly American and has established itself as a leader in developing unique, award-winning, innovative knife designs and mechanisms that push the envelope. Since 1994, this Oregon-based company has made tools that people are proud to carry – affordable, rugged and reliable products that perfectly complement Ruger firearms.

“When Ruger approached CRKT to work together on a knife line, we knew that it would be a perfect fit for the commercial sporting market,” said CRKT Chairman of the Board and Founder, Rod Bremer. “The parallels between how Ruger and CRKT serve the marketplace are uncanny. Pairing with an iconic American brand like Ruger was simply a no-brainer,” he continued.

This exclusive Ruger knife line includes designs for everyday carry, hunting, tactical uses and self-preparedness. The knives are crafted in varying sizes and finishes, with an assortment of blade edges. Developed by five master knife-smiths who combined their knowledge of the art with aesthetic details from Ruger firearms, the line offers unique knives with the important features that every good knife should have. These knives are purpose built to be durable and highly functional in the environments where Ruger customers will expect them to perform.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Franciscomv Franciscomv on Oct 26, 2015

    CRKT might be "proudly American", but most of their knives are Chinese and I don't think there are any "master bladesmiths" even remotely involved with their production. They do team up with excellente designers and custom knife makers (like Onion, Folts, Terzuola and so on) and have made some improvements to their line-up in the past few years, but I still think it's a company that aims mostly at budget knives (no high end steels or handle materials; not bad quality by any means, though).

    I think that a company that actually makes knives in the US would have been a better fit for Ruger. Case mademsome nice knives for them, although I understand if they want somebody who offers more modern designs. Perhaps Kai (Kershaw/ZT) or Buck.

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    • Franciscomv Franciscomv on Oct 26, 2015

      @Grindstone50k So do a lot of companies, but they have a strong US made line of products as well (ZTs are all made in the US).

      I've got nothing against Chinese or Taiwanese knives (when QC is in the hands of a reputable company), I just think that Ruger should have chosen another partner if they wanted to stress the "proudly American" thing.

  • Grindstone50k Grindstone50k on Oct 26, 2015

    I was interested in the Cordite as a neck-knife, but there's zero information on steel. WTH Ruger?