One Inch Punch To Chamber A Pistol

Fieldcraft LLC shared this video of Tyler chambering a Glock by simply punching out fast. Similar to Bruce Lee’s infamous One Inch Punch, Tyler punches outward as he draws his Glock. The inertia of the slide keeps the slide from moving forward as he pushes the frame forward. Then as he slows down, the recoil spring has a chance to catch up and push the slide forward thereby loading and chambering a round. I am reminded of the IDF method of loading a pistol, since they carry chamber empty. They too punch out but they use their support hand to grasp the slide. As they punch out, their support hand holds back the slide and then they release it to load the pistol. They should adopt this loading method to help save them an extra step of having to grab the slide to load the round.


Nicholas C

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  • Twilight sparkle

    It didn’t show if it actually chambered a round or if it just slightly unlocked.

    • 12judges

      poor quality video too…

    • Nicholas C

      True, It would have been better if he racked the chambered round out to prove it was chambered.

  • Ramsey

    I have seen and done this on guns fitted with lighter main Springs (because racegun) but this seems like a great way to short stroke the pistol and get a click instead of a bang.

    • Major Tom

      Or a misfeed…

    • Jeff Edwards

      Oooh, yeah. Definitely mall ninja stuff.

  • My P95 will do this. Neat gimmick. That’s about it.

  • M.M.D.C.

    That’s called a beefcake rack.

    • thedonn007

      Well, both guys have some massiv arms. I think that might have something to do with it.

      • DB

        With “Guns” like he has, he don’t need a firearm!! Lol

      • Edeco

        I’m wondering about that. Vaguely I would think that [i]that[/i] much muscle would be excessive, might in the way. Of course I’m no expert. Tried it with my 34, can’t even get it to unlock.

        So, are we sure it’s being done with a factory spec spring?

    • Nicks87

      Is there a company or some organization that is pumping out gun retards on a constant basis? It seems like everyday there is a new D-bag on youtube doing pointless s**t with firearms.

  • Mcameron

    or….you know… can stop being a pansy and carry with a round in the chamber…..

    • Jack Murphey

      Guy in the video doesn’t look like to much of pansy to me, likewise the IDF, not really known collectively for their panziness.

      • Jason Donovan

        The guy in the video looks like a typical meat head…all muscle and needs help to wipe his own ass. There is a point where strength is important, but you shouldn’t lose mobility because you choose to buff up. I’ve seen a lot of meat heads come to my MMA gym and they all are useless…all beef, no ability.

    • IIRC, “israeli carry” originated with the aforementioned ethnics receiving a hodgepodge of surplus pistols with unreliable safety mechanisms. Now the American zioboos just parrot it.

      • iksnilol

        Basically, would be a strain to teach them all the different safeties and controls. So they did it as basic as possible. Rack gun and pull trigger.

        • Either way, it’s a practice that carries little value outside of its original context. Imagine how few defenders empty chamber carry would have it was called “Albanian carry” eh?

          • iksnilol

            I agree completely. Doesn’t make sense outside of context, unless you have a Fairbarn modified pistol (no trigger guard and no safety).

          • Zenchan

            Well, as an Israeli citizen and as someone who had gone through IDF commando training and their Fairbairn-influenced pistol school way back in the early 1970ties, I can assure you that there are a number of very good reasons for the Unchambered-Carry-mode in that part of the world. Personally I am not to keen on it, but there are legal regulations and situational restrictions for that kind of stuff. For most of Israel’s gunslingers (civilians, security guards and uniformed service members) it has worked out all right and saved a lot of lives in certain unfriendly situations. Enough said at this point.

      • Jamie Clemons

        Shouldn’t always rely on your safety. I just saw a lawsuit for century arms AK’s safety malfunctions.

        • JoelM

          The safety on the Century AK’s works fine as a safety. The lawsuit is about the fact that if you bend some stuff and rotate the safety lever to the takedown position it will make the gun fire if it’s loaded. It’s a long time problem with almost all semi auto AK’s not just Century… they’re just the one to get sued.

  • This is a stunt normally performed with a lightweight recoil spring, though I suppose if you had one incredibly strong and one incredibly weak arm, it could be a viable method…

    • Darkpr0

      Yeah, I tried this on my CZ and that sucker didn’t even come out of battery. Gee, I wonder if that’s by design.

      • Squirreltakular

        I was just able to get my M&P out of battery by doing this, but only with no mag. With the spring pressure from a fully loaded mag, it didn’t budge.

  • Lance

    Shooting a Glock….. Bruce Lee style!!!!

  • Daniel

    Since this was originally posted in memory of Tyler, it’d be nice if you acknowledged his sacrifice… Til Valhall…

  • gunsandrockets

    Elvis Lives!

    • Simcha M.

      I got it! (thank you, thank you very much)

  • Vizzini

    Springs on all my semis are way too stiff to do this.

  • Roamer

    The extreme force required here makes this less suitable than the IDF’s two hand method…any damage to your arm would mean you couldn’t cycle the weapon. And you want both hands on it to fire anyway.

    • iksnilol

      But if you put a bayonet on it then you can stab somebody in the face whilst loading the pistol.

  • pol

    Looks as if it’s a dangerous show off activity.
    Good way to shoot someone unintentionally.

  • Derp

    So not similar to the one inch punch.

  • Simcha M.

    I’ll keep doing it the way they taught me in the IDF; old habits die hard…

  • Bill

    This is one of those things that make you wonder how many takes it took to finally get one. And with enough practice, you can destroy your elbow.

    Next I’ll demonstrate cycling a worn, beater 870 by slamming it up and down.

  • Major Tom

    Ya know I’ve never seen the slide on an automatic pistol be that loose. And at least remain functional.

    I’m calling shenanigans.

    • JoelM

      I was going to say Taurus till you said “and remain functional”.

  • Axel

    I’m surprised you think this is a viable draw/load procedure.

  • ExMachina1

    Oh Puh-leeeez!!! If you don’t rack your slides with your TEETH, just go home now!

  • derick geisendorfer

    Anyone else reminded of Johnny Bravo?

    • LongBeach

      Hey there, little mama! Ha! Hooah! Yah! Man I’m pretty.

    • NoNo

      Glad you said it. I was thinking the same thing.

  • Don Ward

    It’s always good to practice new ways to Negligent Discharge a Glock.

    • DB


  • MrEllis


    • G

      As some of you have heard, last week Coach Nick received some tough news,” noted a statement on the website for Crossfit Suisun City in California, which was widely shared on Facebook. “His high school and college friend and wrestling partner, Tyler Westbrook, took his own life. 31 years old and an accomplished U.S. Army Veteran, he served his country honorably, doing things most of us will never see, know, or should experience. He is a hometown hero in Coach Nick’s home state in Williamstown, West Virginia and is survived by his wife and one year old son.

  • Boredgimp

    This made was simply be the worst thing I’ve seen on this website so far. I cannot believe that this idiot was newsworthy on your website that I enjoy reading almost every day. So I am insulted by this ignorance of any kind of scientific logic. Just for a moment let’s go ahead and look at the most plausible theory which 99% of the time is the right one. whoever this is who most likely went and changed out his spring to a retardedly moronic 10 pound spring then was able to rack it using what I’m going to go ahead and call “the moron beefcake muscle milk draw”…….

    • Dan

      Woah woah, calm down take a breath and just move on to the next article.

  • Bruce

    I’ve met some people that I prefer carry on an empty chamber. They can’t keep their finger off the trigger at all. Days of work on dry fire presentations. Always finger on the trigger from the second it left the holster he pinched it going back in.

  • stephen

    And this helps me… how?

  • handbanana

    There are better videos on YouTube about this, I’m surprised this is the first you guys have seen of this. I forget who, but people have made videos comparing different springs and various customized and factory guns. This is a well-documented trick on the internet by now and for those who are skeptical, this is very possible and there are better videos easily found that prove that it works.

  • derfelcadarn

    Complete waste of effort, when the situation arrives at draw gun it must go off every time this leaves far too much to happenstance, shoot a revolver solve the issue. If you cannot control the problem with five or six you should have been carrying a rifle.

  • Cal S.

    My favorite will always be the Makarov slide holster. Just push the pistol down through the holster and it cycles it for you…

  • RickH

    My 91 year old Grandma does it this way……..nothing new here.

  • Ken

    This is a joke, right? You can’t seriously believe that this is a viable option for anything other than interwebz tomfoolery.

  • Mark Bender

    although i dont see the practical use here…a “trick” or skill done under a control safe environment to me seems along the same lines at trick shooting and knife throwing…doesnt automatically mean some one is an idiot…neither does his looks or fitness level

  • Vhyrus

    Is he like the masturbation world champion?

    • Mike Lashewitz

      Broke my wrist that way trying to gain a stroke . . .

  • uisconfruzed

    And he’s got a mean punch!

  • Lets see him fire that gun after doing it. I’m not completely sure that they did not substitute a lighter spring for the recoil spring just for this video. That and a magazine with a fully loaded mag applies a lot of pressure on the bottom of the slide giving some significant drag, my guess it was the only round int he magazine as well.

  • mrsatyre

    Neato torpedo and all, but he could have actually fired a round at the bad guy in the time it took him to chamber the round and then repoint it downrange.

  • MarkVShaney

    It’s like when the Nintendo Wii came out and everyone was throwing the controllers through their flat screens.. I think I just heard the sound of a million Glocks careening into computer monitors worldwide.

  • Great_Baldung

    One inch punch? In which world?

  • Patrick Selfridge

    Less you have Gorilla glued the pistol to your hand or are ignorant enough to think your weapon retention is 100%, I would say this is something not to do. Just ‘throwin’ it out there.

  • Spartan

    Yeah that’s a great video to blow across the web. How many people are going to whistle a round into their basement wall after seeing this? Make sure your passive safety is functioning properly and don’t try this with free floating firing pins or you’re going to have an exhilarating experience.

  • Wayne Ilfrey

    Sure, that method could never go wrong. SMH
    OK, if you’re in the IMF and train like they do and then train some more, then sure, carry empty, especially since, I assume, they are ordered to do so.
    For the rest of the 99.9999%, empty chamber is an empty gun.

  • JoelM

    Murphy loves this method.

  • Jeff Edwards

    This is idiotic for a couple of reasons. It’s not foolproof (if you got some grit in the gun it could hang up the slide enough to not work, for example) and it slows down the draw stroke. Besides, who really carries a semiauto without it being in Condition 1 anyway? Gotta admit it looks fun to do though…

  • tenmillimeter

    That kid has been eating his Wheaties and doing his push-ups…

  • Mike Lashewitz

    The comments are better than the message…

  • Jason Donovan

    This is such a stupid Idea I can’t even understand why anyone is talking about it. 1. Having been in combat and having had to pull a pistol when my primary weapon was out, the last thing I want to deal with is “punching” to load my damn pistol when I need it. 2. I have had situations where I am facing North and I need my pistol East but this method would screw me as a punch to the side may not have enough force to load the chamber…unless I turn my body and that’s time I may not have. 3. if someone is close enough to grab your primary, you don’t have the room to punch load a round which means your pistol is useless (I’ve seen it happen). 4. having spent a vast majority of my life training in martial arts I am well aware of how much is sucks to punch and overextend your arm in the process. I have 2 black belts and I do it from time to time. So, you want people to purposefully take the chance of punching their gun out and injuring their arms by over extending? SMART!!!!

  • Archie Montgomery

    Looks almost as fast as carrying a round in the chamber. Probably takes a while to perfect that technique; more so than say, carrying a round in the chamber.

    It is impressive. So is doing a hand stand on one finger. So is sticking one’s head in a tiger’s mouth. To each their own.

  • CountryBoy

    Gives new meaning to the words “strong side”.

  • Duffy Atkinson