Strabane Police discovered an Armalite AR-180 and ammunition during a security alert. The PSNI (Police Service Northern Ireland) Superintendent Mark McEwan blames the “New IRA” for the weapon and that they intended to kill people with it. He goes on to condemn the firearm and that its only purpose is to kill people. They are concerned about such weapons being in the hands of the public and will stay vigilant.



  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    Mark McEwan is not a fan of people having equal weaponry access, obviously.

    • Tom

      Just a thought but I rather suspect that most police officers would prefer that the criminals they dealt with were not armed.

      • Hensley Beuron Garlington

        What part of his statement indicated to you he only meant criminals? His statements blanketed the public. “They are concerned about such weapons being in the hands of the public.”
        Most law enforcement officers would prefer criminals disarmed, but not the public.

        • The Forty ‘Twa

          If you’d bothered to read the comments the Super actually made rather than what was parroted here, you’d see he was referring to the dissidents rather than passing any sort of comment on broader public ownership of firearms.

          Surprise surprise, TFB misrepresents yet another story relating to the UK. It saddens me sometimes to see these blatant misrepresentations and they are never corrected.

          • Hensley Beuron Garlington

            Oh, Lord…
            Sure, they are so out to get UK…

          • The Forty ‘Twa

            There was absolutely no commentary from the Super about broader public firearms in the UK in the article but somehow TFB manages to see it and people like you who didn’t even bother reading the comments the officer actually made take it as gospel.

            It is clear from the article that they are referring to these weapons being in the hands of terrorists who think nothing of murdering civilians, soldiers, cops, prison officers etc. As somebody who has been on the two way range with these kind of people I’m inclined to agree with the Super here.

    • Randomer

      Ironically the firearms legislation in NI is the least strict in the whole of the United Kingdom (if with some weirdness).

      Still possible to own handguns, including for the purposes of self defence being the biggest difference.

      Weirdness includes air weapons of any power being on a ticket and that magazines are considered a controlled part (unlike in the rest of the UK where it has to be pressure bearing or part of the trigger mechanism). Although both were sensible rules given the troubles, when loyalist machinists were running up Sten SMG copies but having problems making reliable magazines.

      • Ryan Sloan

        We need a license to own a Air Rifle here.

      • Tom

        As I understand it its getting harder and harder for people to justify ownership for self defence. Those that already have pistols for are able to keep them but its not likely any new licenses will be issued?

        • sneekygreenman .

          yup, It’s highly, highly unlikely that PSNI officer will issue a licence unless its for another officer.

          • ForkTailedDevil

            A license issued solely on the needs of self defence would only be done for people under direct threat so police, prison officers, military reserves, some politicians and journalists. Getting a license for competition or other reasons isnt that hard as long as you have someone suitable to vouch for you eg, join and get to know the people at your local gun club.. Thereis an amazing range of weaponary legally in public hands in NI and about 1 in 20 people have a firearms licence (no really, over 100,000 licences for a population of just under 2 million)

          • Tom

            I would not be suprised a lot of it is very rural and much like rural England the good old fashioned double barrel 12 gauge will be everywhere.

  • Well, you’d better brace yourself. Every time we do a post on the AR-18/180, the comments turn into a reenactment of Sherman’s march to the sea.

    • Tom

      Well I was going to say we dodged a bullet on this one but the lunatics have certainly come out in force in the last couple of days. Ah well it was nice whilst it lasted.

  • Larry Gray

    How,much do they want for it. Just asking..better they ship it it me than leave it there.

  • Mark

    How “decommissioned” is that bad boy?!?

  • sneekygreenman .

    Number of things to note here for context: Northern Ireland has been in the grips of an insurgency from the early sixties until only a decade ago, there are still numerous attacks on police and government (and indeed civilians) on a near weekly basis during the worst parts of the year. This is also 2016, 100 years since the 1916 rising and the IRA probably intend to capitalise on this by increasing their attacks. Strabane is right on the border (and I mean literally right on the border) so is a stressful posting. I’m a history student (specialising in small arms and military history) atm, living in both the north and the republic and legally own firearms, if you have any questions on all this, gimme a shout and I’ll do my best to answer in regards to whats probably gonna happen to this gun, how it got there, and what its like for gun owners over here 🙂

    • How do you legally go about purchasing a weapon there.
      Does Northern Ireland population by majority want to join Ireland proper & break off the U.K. ?

      • sneekygreenman .

        Sorry, was making dinner. To answer your first question you must legally present a reason to apply for your licence (for me I obtained my first gun for farm work, dealing with dogs etc, then proceeded to get my 10/22 for competition shooting). The republic has a ton of gun shops, my local farm supply shop sells 12g, 20g and occasionally .22. The gun licence’s are granted by the local Gardai (police) and have to be renewed every 2 years for a small fee (about $100 on todays exchange rate). Most gun owners have them for dealing with pests on farms, followed closely by hunters (rabbit, fox and fowl are the game of choice) and finally target and competition shooters. Some people do own guns for self defence, but that is not a valid reason to own one legally and the law is quite harsh on self defence with a fire arm. The town from the article (strabane) has quite a few gun shops (3 from memory).

        Your second question is a bit more difficult, as it would vary depending on who you ask. By and large however I do not think the majority of Northern Irish people would like to join the south. The protestant majority is largely unionist with odd and very rare exceptions. Economically sterling is stronger than the euro and in some cases (notably petrol and diesel) goods are cheaper in the south. There’s no border control so its very easy to travel north to south and vice versa (I did it daily for uni for 2 years). Hope some of this helps 🙂

        • Nicholas Chen

          Thanks for your responses! Very interesting. When I was visiting Northern Ireland last May, I was on a day excursion form a Cruise ship. Our driver/tour guide told us his uncle was a member of the old IRA. He escaped prison during an organized IRA prison escape. He fled to Southern Ireland and hid. He got caught and the police were nice enough to include his time away as time served.

          • sneekygreenman .

            Interesting. There were a few major prison breaks over the course of the troubles and the police in the border counties had trouble preventing people crossing, though in my home county the border road had a check point manned by British soldiers. The various political machinations have meant that a great number of those imprisoned during the period were given early release when the violence died down and many went into government. A quick google will turn up images of one of the head politicians in the country, Martin McGuniness, holding an AR-18 during the troubles.

            The guns of the period are very interesting, particularly the home made devices of the loyalist/unionist groups. There’s fine examples of these in the Imperial War Museum (London) and the Imperial War Museum (Duxford), as well as at the Irish Military Museum. Worth a quick google for fans of home made guns. The IRA used a mixture of American supplied weapons (AR-18’s and AR-10’s were common), Type 56’s, and even older pre-M1A1 style Thompson’s. Pistols varied but most examples were TT-33’s, Hi-powers and a mixture of revolvers.

          • FarmerB

            Yeah, I used to frequently be in the Boston area during those times, and many “Irish” bars had strongly republican leanings and used to collect money for “the cause” basically the IRA. I suspect some of that money went towards guns like this.

          • sneekygreenman .

            yup, those funds were collected, organised and then used to purchase weapons from civilian sources (gun shops and shows, etc), dismantled and shipped to Northern Ireland, it also went towards buying explosives and training to build IED’s and other devices, most of which were sadly used on civilians in the end.

          • RegT

            You say AR-18’s were possessed, and that funds were used to buy these weapons, but AR-18s weren’t for sale to civilians in our country. This article calls the weapon found an AR-180 (the semi-auto version), which would square with weapons purchased in the U.S. If the IRA had AR-18s, they would have had to have been purchased elsewhere, as there weren’t more than a few in private hands here, if any. AR-18s could _not_ have been American supplied weapons.

          • sneekygreenman .

            Ah interesting, I never differentiated between the AR-18 and the AR-180 in my research. The weapons used by the IRA came two main sources, America and a certain middle-eastern dictator who supplied type 56’s and SKS’s (though to a much lesser extent). Police and county records are pretty useless for differentiating between the 18 and the 180 sadly 🙁

          • There is a 3 round burst mode, efficient shooting moving targets.

          • Tom

            If I recall correctly the IRA also had around seven M60s which were stolen from a National Guard armoury in the US. Of course such weapons being large and heavy were not of a great use to the IRA (who quickly learned that shoot and scoot was preferable to trying to engage the much better armed security forces) but they did cause a lot of fear after the IRA tried to use them to bring down a helicopter.

          • sneekygreenman .

            Yup, the M60’s were found and seized pretty quickly but they did represent some of more high end small arms they had in their history. Most of the ammo was put towards AR-10’s and was split up into multiple stashes instead of being kept with the actual M60’s.

          • Irish Mafia being the 2nd largest mafia to rule USA gov. why not ?

        • Definitely helps me understand more of how Ireland operates & where the Irish are from that standpoint. Thank you for the information. So I derive the conclusion that the South is not Unionized thus minimal wages are lower than in the North ? Is religion also a problem on a day to day life between the two ? Wow, permits only allowed for farming, hunting & competition. Would a person go hysterically afraid seeing someone walking casually with a weapon down the road ? (I know we have those kind of nuts here in USA).

          • RocketScientist

            Just a correction, in this context “unionist” doesn’t refer to labor unions, but to one who supports the union of Northern Ireland and Great Britain (official full name of the UK is “The United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”). So a “unionist” in this context would be a person who wants to maintain the status quo of northern ireland being part of the UK, and not reunited with the separate nation of Ireland (officially the Republic of Ireland, or Poblacht na hÉireann).

          • sneekygreenman .

            Exactly, loyalist/unionist are kinda interchangeable terms.

          • Ah, thanks, yes, misunderstood that cause of the use of the expression here in USA.

          • sneekygreenman .

            As RocketScientist said, Unionist refers to someone who wants the North to remain connected to Britain. Both the north and the south have trade unions, roughly the same minimum wage ($7.80) and the North has free health care, though the south effectively does in some cases. The major difference is that the police force in the North are armed (G17’s, G36’s and MP5’s are regularly seen being carried on patrol). Religion is a difficult one, in the south, no its not, but in certain parts of the north, yes, it is. As for your second question, unless its a hunting area, people would probably call the police. However we are used to seeing guns in public, just in the hands of the police.

          • Well, good to know, you can never be independent & successful if you are under the boot of the U.K.. I have long believed the North should break & join the South. Ireland as a whole would benefit. There don’t seem to be irreconcilable differences.

          • sneekygreenman .

            I heavily disagree, if the north were to join the south there would be bloodshed that we have never seen thankfully. The north is surviving quite well under the ‘boot’ of the UK. I’m a nationalist myself, I would love to see a united Ireland, but it simply is not worth the blood shed involved. The death and brutality which we have been proven capable of in the troubles would be amplified ten-fold. We have freedom, we have our rights and we live relatively peacefully now. But alas, we have strayed into politics, not firearms 😉

          • True, true, so you are saying the Irish as a whole would not have a strong enough economy to stand on their feet ? I found “economy” to be nothing but a scam in forms of – loan sharking, money laundering, extortion, racketeering, gambling, ponzi scheme & pigeon scams. Funny how they were Federal Crimes in USA in the 1940s now they are common practice with no liability.
            As for firearms, we need to prepare for what is coming, we will need the Ash-12.7, Barrett M99B, Micor Defense MD 50 & other personal armor piercing .50cal (12.7mm) bullpup rifles with silencer barrels. Not only would it demoralize our enemies wearing armor, but they also destroy the new APCs, MRAPS & light armored military vehicles. Not sure what British model is convertible in that caliber.

          • sneekygreenman .

            No, no, It /could/ stand economically, it just isn’t worth the bloodshed.

          • Freedom is paid for in blood, those of tyrants & those of patriots. As USA is about to re-learn this lesson real soon or die trying.

          • MichaelZWilliamson

            Ireland actually has a higher GDP per capita than the UK, by about $3000 per annum.

          • Statistics of corporations say nothing to me, tell me how much the average worker salary gets after taxes & health insurance. If it is higher than England, why not break off ?

          • MichaelZWilliamson

            Salary is irrelevant unless compared against expenses.

            Corporations are the economy.

            Ireland is not part of the UK. Northern Ireland is.

            After 600 years, Northern Ireland and Eire (Ireland) are distinct socio-political entities, partly due to religion, partly due to economy, partly due to culture.

          • Religion is too ridiculous I will not touch that one, what are the cultural differences that you see are major & will not blend ?

          • MichaelZWilliamson

            Well, Catholicism vs Protestantism. And if you tell them it’s “ridiculous,” they’ll fight you over it…even though the Church of England is technically Orthodox, not Protestant.

            Ask the Irish gentleman above for a more detailed breakdown. I expect he can elaborate better.

          • EstebanCafe

            Perhaps a common enemy greater than England would suffice to unite the North and South ? Lucky for you, Ms. Merkel and the UK libs have invited LOTs of Islamists into the EU and the UK–perhaps both Irelands will find they have a LOT more in common than they knew ?

          • sneekygreenman .

            I’m not discussing politics, feel free to ask any firearm related questions but I’m going to try and avoid the politics as its simply too difficult to convey easily 🙂

          • Nothing of the half refugees half militants wave of “immigrants” is planned by governments. The Bilderberg Group that gathered in Austria, April 2015, already decided this is the best way to further their NWO goals for Global Slavery. Towards that goal, the “immigrants” will directly or indirectly cause the following: poverty, disease, famine, lower IQs, lower lifespans, lower education, lower quality of life, racial division, religious division, gender division. Acclimatization to above conditions & progressions of the slavery plans down the line (boiling frogs).
            A willing slave is better than a forced one, but they’ll have either one.

          • Just a simple question, Thompson’s during “The Troubles” were called “Irish Swords”, no?

          • sneekygreenman .

            That term was used, but more so during the Irish War of independence and the civil war.

          • Ah, thanks.

          • sneekygreenman .

            No problem, the first time I came across the term was transcribing a diary from a member of the flying columns during the war of independence. Thank you for your question 🙂

          • I’m kinda surprised a movie Titled “Irish Swords” hasn’t been made yet. Sounds badass. Maybe I should get on that….

          • How has one Irish man been brainwashed to hate another Irish man so deeply, I guess I am missing that social culture part ?

          • sneekygreenman .

            Northern Irish people by and large do not identify as irish. They are british or northern irish.

          • Wolfsbane

            Not all the people in North Ireland are Irish. The majority are English illegally transplanted to Ulster by Cromwell after the English illegally forced the Irish living there out of their homes through violence and threats of violence.

          • No doubt about that, in the light of it all, nationalism is fascism just as much as capitalism.

          • Wolfsbane

            No moron, unionists are ethnic English illegally transplanted into Ulster after Cromwell forcibly deported the Irish who lived there out of their own country under threat of violence and death. They’re unionist because they want occupied Ireland to remain in the British Union.

            The Irish were used as cheap nearly slave labor in their own country by the English just like the Nazis did in Poland and other places they controlled during WW2.

            The Irish are republican because they want the English scum that have occupied their country for over 800 years out of their country and want Ulster to join the Irish Republic where it belongs.

          • Garry Taylor

            Unionists are not ethnic English, they are ethnic Scotish….and they were transplanted by the scotish monacy that governed Britain. get your facts right

      • Secundius

        @ Cyberats.

        Ireland, has an “Eligibility” Standard. You DON’T Pass It, You CAN’T get a Gun. Makes anything in the US, “Look Like A Walk In the Park”. Almost as BAD as Russia’s Gun Law’s…

        • Sorry to hear that, there must be an underground network for firearms then…
          It’s not really a walk in the park, but I get the meaning. They register buyers at every purchase, when the feds. turn the squeeze, gun shop owners will give up the list, but a flag goes to the FBI, because every purchase is a background check, through LEO nation wide. So if they got an incoming check from a legitimate FFL dealer, they know YOU are buying a firearm. You go through mandated training & must pass a competency check to carry a handgun on you. However, there are many institutions exempted from the law, such as federal buildings, courts, sporting events, commercial business that derives 51% or more income from alcohol, airports, schools & universities. There is a controversy on universities going on right now, because USA allowed Corporations to register Not as Public Business but as Private Entities with all Rights entitled to an individual.

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      How’s the weed in Ireland?

    • Wolfgang

      Northern Ireland under insurgency? I think you mean Ireland has been under insurgency by the English for centuries or did you never cover that in history classes?

      • buzzman1

        You need to read history. Ireland was conquered by the Brits (who then proceeded to commit genocide against the Irish) in open battle. Thats not an insurgency.

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        Before the Brits it was the Vikings. Before that it was internecine native warfare.

        As someone who was born in the UK, raised in Canada, and then the US, I can assure you your American history classes didn’t even come close to covering the complexities.

  • John

    In today’s world of M4 carbines and FN SCARs, this is more a propaganda weapon to rally support. Still pretty cool.

    • GunKnowItAll

      Ah. Precisely. This lacks the ability to shoot people compared to those.

    • anon

      Yeah, because those don’t all put a 5.56×45 downrange fed from a 30 round detachable box mag.

      Arguably the AR18 is more advanced than the M4 and only slightly behind the SCAR.

      However, seeing as how you probably get most of your firearm knowledge from Call of Duty, you probably were not aware that not only SCARS and M4s can get the “stopping power” and “extended clip” perks.

      • In the real world you don’t get extra stopping power or extra damage perks. Just buy an FN-FAL.

        • FarmerB

          Well, in the time, the UK was using the semi-auto “inch pattern” FAL – the L1A1 “SLR”

          • My point was 7.62x51mm NATO has more power than the 5.56x45mm & more penetration of personal armor (without plate). Only .50cal wrecks or penetrates the top level plate to the point of killing the human target.

          • mosinman

            yet with ball ammo all it does is punch .30 cal holes in stuff with .308 recoil and mag cap.

          • Ball ammo is plinking ammo. FMJ are standard rounds nowadays, get with the 20th century we already entered the 21st.

          • mosinman

            You do know those are the same thing right? Ball ammo and FMJ led core ammo are one and the same. Don’t believe me? Read the side of a surplus ammo can

          • I know you speak the truth, but they don’t behave the same when fired. Want to see the ballistic gel tests ?

          • buzzman1

            FULL METAL JACKET refers to a bullet that has the lead core completely encased in a metal jacket usually copper. Hollowpoint bullets are not FMJ’s nor are tracer. AP’s technically are FMJ but they are never referred to as such.

            BALL AMMO refers a “round of ammunition” (one cartridge) that has no special characteristics such as tracer, AP, Incendiary etc.

          • But “Ball Ammo” also includes exposed lead ball ammo (cheaper & safer for target practice), correct ? I make the distinction FMJ is lead encased in a copper metal jacket which gives it different strengths & characteristics when it hits the target.
            (hollow points are usually JHP although other variations have emerged)

          • buzzman1

            Yeah in the civilian world some people could refer to a soft nosed bullet or even a hard cast solid lead bullet as a ball round.

            Also, ball round is a name that is used on non special purpose pistol ammo even though (not sure of the newer stuff) the bullets are not wrapped in the back.

          • Exactly the distinction I am trying to make.

          • RegT

            “ball ammo”, my friend, is simply military slang for FMJ, full metal jacketed ammo. It isn’t little lead balls as in black powder weapons. Perhaps _you_ need to “get with it”?

          • We’re not in the military now & we are not speaking slang now are we ? If you want to split hairs.

      • El_Guapo_01

        It’s true that the AR-180 was way advanced for its time and has influenced a lot of modern small arms. That being said, it’s a collector’s rifle at this point. Magazines and spare parts are rare and expensive. I wouldn’t want to get shot with it, but it’s not your best choice today.

        • Twilight sparkle

          You can modify stanag magazines to work with the ar18 platform

        • Ryan Burch

          But a minor mod to the mag body lets you use AR-15 mags, and doesn’t effect use in AR-15s

          So if you can use a dremel the mags are easy to get.

          Spare parts are an issue, but prior purchasing of a spare parts kit is still possible.

          Would it be my choice for an extended tour in a war zone? No, but I would have no concerns using one as a patrol rifle, or using one as a home or ranch gun.

          I’ve shot my AR180b (AWB era re-release with a polymer lower, fixed stock, that uses AR-15 mags) in 2-gun matches, and it worked just fine.

          It isn’t the best choice, but it would be an option if you’re willing to put in some effort to overcome the issues.

    • May

      Not really, yeah the AR-18 has been a massive propaganda symbol for the IRA, but in terms of actually practical use it can easily compete with an M4, its arguably better than the most famous insurgent weapon the AK, especially in Ireland since AK parts and ammo are hard to come by there while the AR-18 has a good deal of part commonality with the British government’s L85 and AR-15 rifles.

    • RegT

      The best feature of the AR-18/180 is that it was a very reliable gas _piston_ design. No carbon and unburnt powder blown all over the bolt, chamber, and – even worse – all over the rounds in the magazine (making them more likely to jam going into a dirty chamber) as happens in a standard DI system. My forty-year old Sterling-manufactured AR-180 still works like a charm.

  • Al

    That AR180 is around 40 years old, and “imported” to Ireland very likely from the US in the 1970’s. And it looks like it was buried for quite a while. New IRA? Nope, old school IRA leftover.

    • hikerguy

      And judging from the condition of the gun, I’d say you are spot on. The AR-18s were a favorite of the !RA due to the fact it could be folded and hidden to a certain point. They were referred to as “The Widow Maker”.

      • RegT

        And, again, if they were AR-18s, they weren’t acquired in America. Ar-180s (if that is what the rusty weapon in the photo actually is) could have been purchased here, although they were fairly rare, even back then. NOW, Sterling in England produced the AR-180 for a while. I have one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the IRA managed to acquire a few of those.

  • Thomas Mandell

    Notice that they are blaming the NIRA, could have belonged to a Unionist terror group.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      I noticed that, too. Good point.

    • Ryan Sloan

      As far as i know the UVF only ever had one AR18 which was stolen from the IRA.
      The is 100% more than likely a Republican weapon, But weather it’s a forgotten relic from the Provisional IRA , OIRA and INLA or the newer factions is not yet known.

    • May

      The IRA and their offshoots are kind of infamous for their obsession with the AR-18, heck they made a marching song about it they loved and issued so many of the things.

  • Lance

    Yeah so much for Irelands stupid gun control laws terrorist ignore them.

    • joe tusgadaro

      Which Ireland genius…

      • Ryan Sloan

        Both have almost equally strict Gun laws, so it doesn’t matter which one.

        • joe tusgadaro

          I know, I am Irish…I’m calling him out on the general ignorance he displays every time he posts.

  • FarmerB

    IRA have songs about the Armalite:

    And it’s down Along the bogroad, that’s where I long to be,/
    Lying in the dark with a Provo company, /
    A comrade on my left and another on my right /
    And a clip of ammunition for my little Armalite.

    • sneekygreenman .

      Yup, lots of those songs on spotify for some bizarre reason

      • Money making ‘for the cause’ ? :s

        • Ryan Sloan

          No, Illegal fuel , tobacco , alcohol bank robberies and donations where far more lucrative.

    • Ryan Burch

      It’s a catchy little tune.

  • TJbrena

    I wonder if it still works.

  • Ryan Sloan

    The groups official name is just the “IRA”, the media gave it nicknames like “Real IRA” and “New IRA” make it easier to differentiate it from the Continuity IRA and Óglaigh na hÉireann.

  • Ryan Sloan

    The last time a AR18 was seen in use was to salute a former INLA volunteer who past away a few years ago.

    • Mike

      Wish I had that L42 mentioned above. Terrorist target here.

  • Ryan Sloan

    Fun fact: The IRA had quite a few FN FAL’s , FN CAL’s , FNC’s , G3’s and AR15’s aswell.
    Hell they even had Browning 50 cal Machine guns.

  • Some Dude

    I was told several years ago by a resident of Strabane about how the IRA only tuned over some weapons for show. Most they kept stashed away. The point is that bad people will always have a gun.

    • Some Dude

      darn typos turned not tuned

    • iksnilol

      Good people too, that’s my experinece. Though not with Ireland.

  • adverse

    It’s not a rabbit gun.

  • Uniform223

    I remember reading somewhere that a nickname for the AR-180 was called the “black widow”.

    • May

      Never heard that one before, I recall em being known as the Widowmaker.

      • Uniform223

        maybe it was that one. not sure but pretty sure the AR-180 had a reputation.

      • Ryan Sloan

        To be honest never heard anybody personally refer to then as “Widowmakers”, People normally just called them “Armalite’s”.

  • Jeebus

    Whoa, calm down there bud.

    • GrandDaddy

      Truth is truth and commies are commies and ne’er the twain shall meet. Call me “that kind of nut” or anything you want, but just TRY to take my guns, my loved ones or my property and you will experience a level of hell even Dante could not imagine.

      • Tom

        That’s all very well and good but last time I checked nether NI or Eire was in Arizona.

        • GrandDaddy

          I was replying to an “American” above. You poor bastards just have to deal with your tyranny and revel in your servitude- if you’re all getting upset over a rusty gun, I’d say you’re long past freedom.

          • Tom

            Sure a lot of the folks in the UK and Eire have an irrational fear of firearms but I am fairly certain that for those of us who comment here that is not the case. Far more worrying is who had the firearm. If shooting taxi drivers, bombing Remembrance Day services, opening fire in pubs, robbing banks, dealing drugs and generally terrorising the population (all things we have seen in NI in recent decades by both sides I might add) is your idea of freedom then I think I will take tyranny as you call it.

            Also you are aware that we have elections and stuff in the UK and Eire. The Queen (who is only the queen of the UK not Eire) is only a figure head she has no actual power just like the President of Ireland (who is an elected official).

          • Wolfsbane

            No different than the things the French, the Czechs, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Poles and the Norwegians did to get the Nazis scum occupying their countries during WW2. Unlike the twelve years the Nazis spend in occupying their neighbors in WW2, the English scum have occupied Ireland for over 800 years.

          • NO politics

          • Wolfsbane

            There’s nothing remotely political about historical FACTS. DUH!

          • Allan Bullen

            That’s what happens when you succumb to socialism

  • You sure you are replying to the right person ? I am asking questions to find out information, not making any statements for or against the 2nd Amendment.
    I live in TX and I am glad we got Open Carry finally. I just think Corporations should be brought up on Compliance Charges as PUBLIC organizations & not be allowed to Exempt themselves from State law, that includes Universities.

  • We don’t allow political commentary especially when it comes from a self proclaimed member of the IRA.

    • John Daniels

      You’re kidding right? You know those are the lyrics to a famous song, right? It’s called “Decommission Song” and you can find a few versions of it on Youtube. 10 seconds on Google would’ve pointed you to the historically-relevant song that those lyrics are from.

      I’m completely baffled right now. “Self-proclaimed member of the IRA”. lol

      You gotta be kidding me…

      What I posted wasn’t “political content”. Censoring that was obviously an act born purely out of confusion and ignorance.

    • Wolfsbane

      Censorship. Another Fascist scumbag who needs an appointment with a rope and a lamp post.

  • lowell houser

    You know, I wonder just how many of these went walking from the Sterling plant without serial numbers or anything on them.

  • Nils

    Might want to readjust your hair-trigger there, oldtimer, and try reading what he wrote again.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    “They are concerned it will be used to kill people.” How about this?
    Meanwhile the bogus “royals” and their cannibal lizard Queen have outlawed their peoples right to survival…….

    You people are so damned stupid for allowing it… Keep feeding the wealthy parasites….

  • Rufnuk

    GrandDaddy: Darnnit Charlie, you’re off your meds again. Have Ann find your pills and calm down.

  • Zebra Dun

    Dang Paw Paw!

  • Zebra Dun

    That rifle was most likely purchased, test fired then buried in an arms cache where it sat until now, harmless for all those years.
    It doesn’t say whether this rifle was able to still shoot.

  • You don’t want to understand my point, I accept that the military definition of “ball ammo” includes FMJ. Why not adopt a definition that excludes actual round ball non-jacketed lead ammo ?

    • mosinman

      i thought it would be obvious that actual spherical ammo isn’t used by modern firearms. i guess the military feels the same

      • Correction, the military discards what is not useful to them.
        Whereas in many circles, pure lead balls are used for cheap target practice. I’d rather have distinct & accurate names like FMJ, JHP, etc…

        • mosinman

          is that so? i’m pretty sure there aren’t loads for modern ammo with pure lead round balls. unless you’re talking muzzleloading blackpowder rifles, and then that would be the case.

  • Rocketman

    From the outside looks of it this weapon has little or no care at all. If the interior of the gun is as poor as the outside is I rather doubt that you would be able to get a full mag through it without it jamming up.

  • GrandDaddy

    Well, if I thought I could explain the situation at length and in detail, I would enlighten this forum to the use of communism as a methodology, as opposed to an ideology. I would illustrate that crony venture empire capitalism and communism, as well as socialism and fascism, are all sponsored by the same monied elitists who have brought us every war since 1812. These “isms” are tools of social control deployed by the ultimate Ism of Old: Feudalism brought to you by Ye Olde Illuminati. Eternal vigilance is not, and obviously has not been enough to deter the treason and tyranny now in the endgame.
    We are overrun with foreign militants, foreign troops and homegrown traitors with foreign handlers. I only use the term communism because of the tactics and because the type of people who guffaw at me and tell me to take my meds (as above) can only just barely understand what communism is and how it works.

    But if by some miracle, one is motivated enough to look into communism, the manifesto, the history of Russia and China, one dullard may be able to put two and two together and actually come up with four. And if it saves just ONE MORON from digging the ditch and kneeling for the bullet, then it is worth it.

    Meanwhile, in the immortal words of Mark Koernke, “Guns are for buying they are not for selling.”

  • GrandDaddy

    Define “wanker” and give specific examples of where I sound like one and maybe I can readjust your attitude for you with some actual logic and reasoning.

  • itsmefool

    Dang, I hope the three AR-180Bs in my safe don’t tell the other guns about their inherently evil intentions…

  • Allan Bullen

    This is actually an anti gun site. “Russ Chastain”

  • BDUB

    New IRA? That thing is an antique!