SIG Brace: A Look at SHOT and a Look at the Road So Far

The SIG SB-15 Brace has had quite a run so far, what with it being argued over, fought over, and debated about to the point of exhaustion. I know I don’t have to tell you guys about the brace itself because you’ve all followed its creation and production so far, but when I saw it at the SIG booth it seemed like a good time to renew the discussion. It’s a fairly neat accessory, after all, and it is made by one of the biggest firearms manufacturers in the industry. What’s not to love?


According to the ATF, there’s a lot. There’s the early open letter from a few years back(well, one of them). (Go here to read the entire thing.) “The Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division (FATD), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has received inquiries from the public concerning the proper use of devices recently marketed as ‘stabilizing braces.’ These devices are described as ‘a shooter’s aid that is designed to improve the single-handed shooting performance of buffer tube equipped pistols.’ The device claims to enhance accuracy and reduce felt recoil when using an AR-style pistol.” It goes on from there, using ten words when one will do and giving the opinion of the agency at that time. The story of this brace goes back to 2012, but it was first officially launched by Alex Bosco in 2013.

Fast forward (because there’s just too much to cover while sitting in the press room at SHOT): let’s not forget this post from the Military Arms Channel’s Tim Harmsen…. (since I’m having some issues with the video, which is now private…you can read a summary on the Bang Switch here)


We cannot leave out the letter from the ATF to SIG:


Actually, one of my favorite write-ups from earlier this year was done by my friend and fellow writer (and editor) Christian Lowe:

So, bottom line: we’ve talked about this ad nauseam, but it’s still interesting. And as for me and my guns, we love the SIG Brace.

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  • USMC03Vet

    I bet there were plenty of fedora wearing men with long coats watching how patrons held the weapons with the SIG Brace at SIG’s booth in order to keep criminals at bay and America free.

  • nova3930

    As much as the stinking brace costs, unless you just have no way of getting NFA weapons, I don’t see the point. Just SBR the sucker and be done.

    • anon

      I would rather my funds go to a firearm company rather than an entity that aims to oppress me.

      • DonDrapersAcidTrip

        talk about a drama queen

      • Nicks87

        You have no idea what oppression means.

    • You can’t easily cross state lines with an SBR.
      Also, it costs, you know, $200 on top of the actual gun stock.

      • nova3930

        Can’t easily cross state lines? Says who? I carry mine to the next state over when I visit family constantly. The ATF paperwork to do it is basically a rubber stamp and they’ll approve periods of up to a year on it. Filling out one form, once a year isn’t what I’d call hard….
        A regular stock + stamp may be a little more than the SIG brace, but you have an actual stock and not some ridiculous thing designed to game the system. If people put half as much effort into getting SBR, SBS and suppressors off the NFA as they do trying to get around it, it would be a non-issue….

        • Nicks87

          I agree, I think the sig brace is a gimmick for gun shop commandos. If you want an SBR, do it right, if you want to pretend to have an SBR buy a sig brace.

          • Jack Griffin

            Ah, the Government Thug Apologist is strong in this one.

          • Maxpwr

            Can’t believe all these guys with SBRs so eager to voluntarily register their guns with the federal government, can you? Guess they’d support a national registration scheme. I like the SB-15 route just fine.

          • nova3930

            No we wouldnt. But we recognize the reality of what the law currently is. The nfa is asinine on the face. Take a hunting pistol with an 8″ barrel and that’s okay but put a stock on it and it’s a deadly sbr.

            My goal is to get sbr, sbs and suppressors off the nfa and treated like any other firearm. Again, if people spent half as much time and $ trying to change the nfa as coming up with bs gimmicks to get around it, we could probably already have it changed.

        • Matt L.

          There’s also the issue of some states not allowing SBRs at all, but allowing Sig-braced “pistols.” And plenty of states disallow loaded long guns in magazines, but do allow loaded pistols/pistol mags.

          If you like the SBR thing, more power to ya, but there are good reasons this alternative exists, and it makes proto-SBRs accessible for people who otherwise couldn’t have them.

          • nova3930

            As I said above, I see the use when you don’t have access to nfa. But again, if people spent half as much time and $ changing the stupid laws as trying to get around theme there likely wouldn’t be an issue.

          • Hensley Beuron Garlington

            Damn right about that. Fight the system. I see the market for it though I’d rather SBR. Already going to be registered buying it through my local dealer and already going to get a suppressor. I think the more people take advantage of what we have, the more it will flip the bird to the ATF and the government when they try to say they are shutting those legal methods down for being unpopular.

            Nothing makes liberals heads explode more than statistics that show that despite more NFA items in circulation than ever before, violent crime, particularly crimes committed with NFA items, are at an all time low.

        • Leigh Rich

          Nova not all States in the USA allow SBR…wake up

          • nova3930

            No lie? It’s almost as if I said the same thing originally. Again try reading some time.

        • Edeco

          Forgive me but I call that a false dichotomy between time and money spent on braces and spent on repealing the NFA. It’s not a zero sum situation, for one thing. A buck spent on a brace probably isn’t denied the GOA or whoever. For another the two aren’t substitutes, one wants a gun accessory one doesn’t go to a lobbyist and vise versa.

          Finally, one could just as easily say “what if people put the time and money of SBR-ing into getting the law repealed?” I do believe that people who go SBR are doing more harm and less good than people who buy and sell the braces, but that’s not my point. You won’t find me in here preaching to people what they should or shouldn’t do for the cause. My point again is that it’s a false dichotomy between braces and repealing.

    • Devil_Doc

      KAK Shockwave is $25 at my local B&M.

      • nova3930

        And you still don’t have a real stock. Yippee

        • Leigh Rich

          Douche bag not everyone can own a SBR in their state. Those that do are registered with Obama as owning one. Great…ignorant.

          • nova3930

            Reading comprehension is your friend. You should try it sometime. I said in the original post that the only use is if you can’t access nfa.

            And lol at registered with Barack. If you think that every time you have a bg check done you don’t end up on an nsa server somewhere, I’ve got a bridge in NYC for sale.

            Now why don’t you go play on the highway while the adults talk.

          • Leigh Rich

            Your Bernie Sanders won’t make president.

          • nova3930

            Next time try “I’m sorry, I was too lazy and/or stupid to actually read what you wrote. I’ll do better next time.” You’ll come across as much less of a mouth breather.

        • RSG

          I set you straight in an above comment. Please cease with your uneducated, inexperienced, ignorant comments.

    • RSG

      Can’t carry an SBR, loaded in the cab of your car. Pistol w/ brace, yes. Can’t carry an sbr concealed, loaded, in a backpack. Pistol, yes. Can’t carry an sbr across state lines without written permission. Pistol, yes. SBR can’t transfer to your friends and family to use in your absence. Pistol, yes. Can’t easily sell an SBR. pistol, yes. And finally, God forbid you use an NFA item in a self defense situation. Regardless of circumstances, it’s more complicated now. So, there really isn’t any good reason to SBR that sucker. Some folks like myself only want the pistol. With my permit to carry, it’s a game changer.

      • nova3930

        I don’t know where live but here in a free state, my ccw covers all those situations.

        The written permission is an easy rubber stamp process. Alternatively with AR platforms legally you can slap a non-sbr upper on your registered lower, at which point it’s no longer an sbr and no permission is required. I keep a 16″ upper on hand in case I have an unexpected trip.

        Use a trust and your sbr can be possessed by anyone on the trust. It takes me exactly 5 minutes to add or remove someone from my trust.

        Whether a rifle is an nfa item or not has absolutely zero to do with self defense. If you are worried about that being used against you you darn sure shouldn’t go get a ccw because that actually shows intent to use a weapon beforehand. Ludicrous.

        Call me ignorant and then spout stupidity like this, maybe you should go look in the mirror

        • mig1nc

          What RSG said applies to lots of states, even some southern free states like mine. Plus ATF NFA wait times are 4-5 months in my state now and expected to double after 41-p/f goes into effect. There are lots of valid reasons this thing exists given that we have to live with the reality of the ATF as we know it. You have valid points, just saying RSG has some valid points too.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    Bottom line, the ATF is bullshit, but aren’t any of us willing to form up and ruthlessly fight the tyranny yet.
    Sig Brace is great. Options are always great. Government telling us what we can and can’t do regarding the keeping and carrying of our weapons, that’s not great.
    I’d rather go the SBR route as well, but some would rather not and this product fills that wish.
    But the bottom line, is the government is, indeed, infringing on the Second Amendment with any restriction whatsoever.

    • Leigh Rich

      SBR route is not legal in all 50 states and expensive. It registers you with the government…LOL whats to love about that?

      • Hensley Beuron Garlington

        Like I said, options. But you’re right, it is none of the governments business, Constitutionally.

  • Mister Thomas

    Has anyone been prosecuted in a court for putting this up to their shoulder yet? I’m sure this has happened a hundred times. …. 10? ….. 1?

  • Leigh Rich

    The Shockwave Blade is lighter and better and $50.