SIG Brace: A Look at SHOT and a Look at the Road So Far

    The SIG SB-15 Brace has had quite a run so far, what with it being argued over, fought over, and debated about to the point of exhaustion. I know I don’t have to tell you guys about the brace itself because you’ve all followed its creation and production so far, but when I saw it at the SIG booth it seemed like a good time to renew the discussion. It’s a fairly neat accessory, after all, and it is made by one of the biggest firearms manufacturers in the industry. What’s not to love?


    According to the ATF, there’s a lot. There’s the early¬†open letter from a few years back(well, one of them). (Go here to read the entire thing.) “The Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division (FATD), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has received inquiries from the public concerning the proper use of devices recently marketed as ‘stabilizing braces.’ These devices are described as ‘a shooter’s aid that is designed to improve the single-handed shooting performance¬†of buffer tube equipped pistols.’ The device claims to enhance accuracy and reduce felt recoil when using an AR-style pistol.” It goes on from there, using ten words when one will do and giving the opinion of the agency at that time. The story of this brace goes back to 2012, but it was first officially launched by Alex Bosco in 2013.

    Fast forward (because there’s just too much to cover while sitting in the press room at SHOT): let’s not forget this post from the Military Arms Channel’s Tim Harmsen…. (since I’m having some issues with the video, which is now private…you can read a summary on the Bang Switch here)


    We cannot leave out the letter from the ATF to SIG:


    Actually, one of my favorite write-ups from earlier this year was done by my friend and fellow writer (and editor) Christian Lowe:

    So, bottom line: we’ve talked about this ad nauseam, but it’s still interesting. And as for me and my guns, we love the SIG Brace.

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