[SHOT 2016] AK50 prototype

Brandon from The AK Guy was out at SHOT with his design for his AK50, a Kalashnikov inspired .50 BMG rifle. He only came out with it on the second day of SHOT, because he ran into some trouble with the regulations, but not the law. The hotel he was in has rules about keeping firearms, or replica firearms in hotel rooms, so initially confiscated the design, but later returned it to him. Regardless, he was able to showcase it at one of the booths in the show.

The design is still in its infancy, so really what we are looking at is the body of the rifle, made out of aluminum, essentially the receiver, cover, and handguards. But the barrel is a real .50 BMG barrel. There are no internals or working parts inside it, other than the Magpul stock. The cover is a Krinkov style cover, hinged at the base of the gas system. The magazines are going to be Barrett 10 round .50 BMG magazines. The muzzle brake appears to be a prototype as well, and the thing is massive. The bipod is also just a demonstration model, as it certainly won’t hold up to actual firing. I’m very much looking forward to the successful completion of the project, especially if the price point is manageable.

_MG_7780 _MG_7784 _MG_7785 _MG_7786 _MG_7788 _MG_7789 _MG_7791


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  • AlmightySatan

    Ugly. Looks like a gun made of Lego bricks.

    • The Brigadier

      AKs are ugly, but many more have been produced than any other rifle on the planet in the last seventy years and they work well.

      • supergun

        Loose as a goose but will fire every time. Personally like the AR 15, but you can not disregard the AK as one of the Legends.

  • Devil_Doc

    Intrigued, but only if it’s cheaper than the RN-50.

    • KC

      probably won’t be as AK’s actually aren’t all that cheap to make.

      • Devil_Doc


  • Ceiling Cat

    So flimsy cover with the same AK recoil now with .50 BMG? Slavaboos need a reality check.

    • Alexandru Ianu

      The cover locking mechanism is proprietary, and quite the opposite of flimsy.

      This should come in at around the same price as a Serbu.

      • Ceiling Cat

        Proprietary means it defies physics. Ok, brb, buying snake oil.

        • Barkhorn

          No, it means that it’s unique to that company- you could argue that the lid on a smartwater bottle is proprietary.

          If you look at the lid from the underside (shown up top) you can see the metal’s a good few millimeters thick.

          • Ceiling Cat

            And it still opens up and down using latch, right? Which means that it will never be as good as something FIXED alongside the barrel and the action itself.

          • Barkhorn

            Yes, that’s true- but given an adequately thick cover and hinge, I’m sure that any alignment issues become minimally relevant- 1/10th MOA probably, if the steel is as thick as it looks.

  • Sgt fish

    Idk why anyone would buy this over a serbu. But I’m sure he’ll sell a bunch of them

  • Nate H

    Haha hilarious and awesome. Do it dude!!

  • Lance

    For a better and lighter design to get a Barret .50 then.

  • LazyReader

    Kalashni-overkill :3

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    I like the St. George Arms Leader 50 better, but this is still cool.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    The Barrel is too short. I am interested!

    • The Brigadier

      The barrel is entirely too short. The recoil will be massive and the bullet speed will be substantially restricted. There are a number of 50 cal barrel makers out there. I hope if he does get this built, he will offer a choice of barrels. Personally a 28″ would be good. I’ve seen 50 cal anti-aircraft barrels that were 48″ long.

      I also grinned when I saw that spindly little bipod. Fifty caliber rifles should have stout tubular tripods. Again, massive recoil is involved. It may look like an AK but its capable of easily shooting down an aircraft or penetrating lightly armored vehicles.

      • Mike Lashewitz

        I would be happy with a 30 inch barrel. At least I could still carry it… LOL!

        If I could afford it.

  • dltaylor51

    It probably would work OK but do you really need a 50 BMG Rapid Fire? I have an Armilite 50 single shot and at 3.50 to 5.00 a shot a 10rnd burst could cost you over 50 bucks so one at a time is good enough for me.Spend your money on a Nightforce scope and La rue lever lock one pc rings instead.