Remington V3 Now Shipping

It’s official: Remington is now shipping the V3. I covered this last year in a review you guys can see at (yes, Phil’s name is on it but as you can see by the note at the bottom of the review, it was actually written by yours truly).


In case you need a refresher, the V3 is a 12-gauge shotgun that features Remington’s Versaport system. It’s a semi-auto available with a 26″ or 28″ barrel and your choice of various finishes: Walnut, Black Synthetic, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, and Real Tree APG. Both Phil and I enjoyed shooting the V3 and found it to be an accurate shotgun. It’s a nice addition to Remington’s lineup especially considering that this year is their 200th anniversary.

Look online at:


V3 Specs:

Chambered in: 12 gauge
Rounds: 3 (2 ¾” or 3”)
Shell sizes: 2 ¾” and 3”
Sights: Twin bead
Stock and Forend Finish: Walnut, Black Synthetic, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, Real Tree APG
Barrel: 26” or 28” (Real Tree in 26” only; Mossy Oak in 28”only)
Barrel type: Light contour vent rib
Choke: Rem Choke 2
LOP: 14 ¼
Drop (Comb): 1 ½”
Drop (Heel): 2 7/16”
Weight: 7.2 pounds empty
Overall length: 47” to 49”
MSRP: $895 Black Synthetic/$995 Walnut, Mossy Oak, Real Tree

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  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    3 gun verson ???

  • NotoriousAPP

    …and the R51, did you ask them when those are re-shipping?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    So Remington has to finally admit their 1100 and 1187 shoguns have unreliable gas systems compared to competition (Benelli, Beretta, FN, etc).

    They outright CLONE the Benelli m4 and add their Versa gas system. Except it’s not as reliable in even the clones parts like the trigger group. Decide to massively uncut Benelli on the price (good).

    Now, Remington in an effort to cut costs, removes the best aspect of the VersaMax, that it was part-compatible with Benellis, worked like an m4 carried like an m2, had the excellent Benelli feeding system… And drop all of that for an 1187 style system only keeping the gas system all so they can cut costs at the expense of removing features.

    Talk about one step forward and two steps back. Pretty typical for Remington! Maybe at least there will be some sales on VersaMax remaining stock soon.

  • Bal256

    LOP: 14.25 in
    When they showed it last year, they made it a point that the system was more compact and there would be a 13.5 LOP version. Being a manlet there are very few semi auto shotguns that fit me. There goes the only reason I have ever looked forward to a remington product.

  • Rimfire

    I’ll wait until after the recalls, thank you

  • Mack

    Are they going to be carrying both the VersaMax and the V3?