POF Announces 300 Win Mag Rifle

POF 300 Win Mag

Patriot Ordnance Factory (aka POF-USA) announced a new rifle the company will unveil at the SHOT Show. The P300 is an AR-style rifle chambered for the 300 Win Mag cartridge. The new semi-auto rifles have been shoehorned into the size of an .308 Win platform with the intent to make the gun the relatively light and easy to maneuver.

POF-USA advised the guns will come with one of two barrel lengths; customers can choose either 18″ or 24″. The rifles use a gas piston system that is user adjustable to tune it to the ammo load you are using. Like the company’s other guns, the P300 uses the E² extraction system.

For the 18″ rifle, POF will use a Magpul CTR stock. On the longer barreled rifle, the company intends on using the Magpul MOE. Both models will use a 14.5″ M-LOK compatible handguard.

According to the company, the P300 uses the POF 4th generation lowers that feature completely ambidextrous controls.

In recent months, others on the site have reviewed the Renegade and Puritan rifles. In general, the guns were found to be reliable and accurate shooters. I expect that the new P300 will be at least as good as those guns were. It you are not already familiar with them, the Renegade is a DI gun, while the Puritan is a piston gun chambered in 7.62×39.

Richard Johnson

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  • Harrison Jones

    While I’m always glad to see more guns come on the market this seems kinda repetitive.

    • You think the market is flooded with .300 Winchester Magnum self-loaders?

      • kipy

        Yeah, the Nemo is the only one I can think of.

      • Harrison Jones

        Nemo, Falkor, SI defense and there are 1 or two more escaping my mind. Norma might be the other one.

        Unless it comes in 25% or lower than the competition I think such a narrow market will be flooded. If it comes in under 3k then it will be great!

        • DW

          Want sub3k autoloader? Browning BAR is a good choice. Back then someone had the idea of dropping one into a onepiece, bedded stock to freefloat the barrel, donno if there’s anyone else that still does it.

        • Giolli Joker

          Benelli Argo.

  • Giolli Joker

    I don’t think I get the purpose of a rifle as the 18″ one as configured in the photo here…
    In this caliber I’d rather see it equipped with a Magpul PRS.

  • So rather than work the kinks out of what they already produce, they’re going to release another caliber?

    There’s a POF .308 on Snipers Hide RIGHT NOW for $1,575 and it’s been there for a couple of weeks, still unsold. At that price it’s nearly $1000 under retail and it STILL hasn’t sold.

    What does that tell you?

    It says to me that POF rifles are overpriced from the start when shooters are having the same problems TODAY that they had when POF first began selling rifles in 2006.

    Sure, they will “take care of you” but why should I have to send my rifle in when it should’ve worked properly right out of the box? That is p!ss-poor quality control and it directly effects the end user.

    • nmgene

      I dont need or want anything patterned after the overpriced m166 ar15. Ihave a nice ruger m77 in 300 win mag and a saiga in 223. Dont need to waste my money on this !!!!!!!

  • brian

    Start the paperwork now to refinance your house to put ammo in this thing..

  • smartacus

    for a moment; i almost misread it as

    Plenty Of Fish Announces 300 Win Mag Rifle

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Wait, how do you “shoehorn” it into AR10 action length without shortening the COL? I guess you’re limited to bullets 150 and under?

  • Commobob

    More than 3500 rounds through my P308, not one problem. Shoots 1-12/ to 2″ groups at 200 yards. If the 24″ variant can do that then I’m sold.

    • Good for you, however, there are too many owners having issues with their rifles.