POF Puritan in 7.62x39mm Review

    In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the POF Puritan in 7.62x39mm. The Puritan is a piston-fired AR15 carbine with a bevy of features geared towards reliability and accuracy, but is it worth the street price of $900-$1000 for the upper?

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    The full transcript …

    – Hey guys.

    James again for TFBTV.

    First, let me apologize.

    I’m in the middle of the Louisiana swamp in summer, it’s hotter than Hell, I’m sweating my ass off, so just bear with me through this review.

    Second, before I get to the POF Puritan in seven six two 39, let me thank Ventura Munitions, our new sponsor.

    They got a bunch of ammo to me for this review today, and I’m looking forward to running that seven six two 39.

    though this Puritan to see if it can squeeze out the one MOA that POF guarantees with this gun.

    You heard me right.

    POF says that this 4150 chromoly steel barrel will squeeze out one MOA with seven six two 39.

    16 and 1/2 inch barrel, 4150 chromoly MIL-B steel.

    So, pretty high-end barrel.

    Now, talking about the basics of this gun.

    It is a seven point six two 39, like the AK Caliber, seven six two 39 AR-15 that is piston-operated.

    You can see by the gas block here.

    It’s pretty funny to me that they call this the POF Puritan, because having a seven point six two by 39 piston-operated AR-15 and calling it a puritain is kinda like having a stripper named Sister Elizabeth.

    But, really, the name doesn’t matter.

    What matters is the performance.

    Now, at least on paper, this is a pretty strong gun.

    You get your Magpul furniture with it, like I said, they guarantee one MOA from the factory.

    It’s a 16 and 1/2 inch barrel, it’s heat-treated, and it’s short-stroke gas piston operated with a rotating bolt.

    You can set the gas, there’s three settings.

    There’s “Suppressed”, “Unsupressed”, and “Off”, functionally making the gun a bolt action.

    What’s really cool about this gun is something that they call the CROSsystem, the Corrosion Resistant Operating System.

    And that’s where its several components all the way from the gas block to the back of the bolt carrier group have several sorts of treatments on ’em.

    For example, the bolt is chrome-plated.

    The bolt carrier is nickel-plated.

    You’ve got some NP3 parts in there, some nitrated parts in there, to make the entire operating system corrosion-resistant.

    That’s a really neat feature, especially if you’re gonna be sweating your ass off in a Louisiana swamp, like I am.

    Another cool thing with this gun is something that they’ve called the E2 Extraction System, and for those of you that are familiar with the HK guns like the MP-5 or the P7 that use fluted chambers to assist in extraction, that’s basically what they’ve done here.

    POF has put four flutes in the chamber that help unseat the cartridge and aid in extraction.

    Now, another really neat thing, even though we’re talking about the Puritan here, POF will do this for any AR-15 rifle that you send to ’em, for a charge, I’m sure.

    The gun is 100% U-S-made, it’s six point seven pounds, and it’s thirty two inches overall length with the stock collapsed.

    It uses 28 round AR seven six two 39 magazines that have that little bend to ’em.

    (gun clicks) And, finally, it’s got a single stage five and 1/2 pound trigger from the factory.

    But, that’s all the stats.

    Let’s see how this thing performs on the range.

    (gun fires) One thing I can say about this POF is, uh, the recoil impulse is definitely a little bit heavier than, I guess significantly heavier, than your standard D-I five five six.

    I don’t know how much of that is a by-product of it being piston-operated, or how much of it is a by-product of it being a seven six two by 39.

    Probably more of the latter than the former.

    But, there’s a little bit more recoil.

    That said, you’re also getting the harder-hitting seven six two 39 round.

    They say that the trigger is five and 1/2 pounds on this gun from the factory, and I’ll say it’s a very nice single-stage trigger.

    I’m not quite sure it’s five and 1/2 pounds, and I don’t have my tools to measure it.

    But, it’s really not that far off, and I’m certain after some break-in, you would hit that five point five number.

    It’s been really accurate.

    I’ve already put a couple hundred rounds through it today, and I’m impressed so far, and again, really what I’m seeing here is you are getting, for the money, you are really getting a lot of additional features in this POF that kinda set it apart from other AR-15 options.

    (gun fires) Now there’s one thing that you notice.

    This mag, the length of this 28 round magazine is a little on the long side for shooting prone.

    That’s actually a bit of a pain.

    (gun fires) Like I said earlier, that recoil impulse is definitely harder than your standard five five six.

    I actually just caught one…

    caught one in the lens from the scope.

    So, it definitely hit a little bit harder.

    But I’m going to go set a target out and let’s see if we can squeeze and MOA out of it.

    ( gun clicks) (gun fires) Right, there’s five.

    Check it out.

    – [Voiceover] Using standard Fiocchi brass case seven six two 39, we shot this group from a bench rest at about 60 yards.

    Not bad.

    (gun fires) – Now, as far as the POF goes, what do I like about it? First of all, what I personally like is the dedication to reliability.

    You got the corrosion-resistant operating system, you have the fluted chambers, I mean, that’s really cool stuff, and I’m really into the über reliability of it.

    I like the trigger, and I like the price point.

    I think you’re getting a lot for a piston-fired AR-15.

    You’re looking at a pretty decent street price.

    (gun fires) What didn’t I like? The recoil.

    I really does kick like a mule.

    It kicks harder than your AK, it kicks harder than that 300 Blackout Mini-14 that I recently shot.

    It’s got a little thump to it.

    But, it’s still a good gun, and you’re also shooting a more powerful caliber, and you got the piston upper.

    So, there’s that trade-off.

    We also had a little bit of trouble with the reliability on the “Suppressor” setting with the suppressor.

    That said, we didn’t get to shoot a lot of rounds though it suppressed, and that could have been user error.

    But, just something that I wanted to bring up.

    That said, I think the POF Puritan is a great deal.

    If you got a ton of seven six two 39 that you need to shoot, or if you just wanted a seven six two 39 AR, I think you’re going to get a great value out of the Puritan.

    Thank you POF for sending me the gun.

    Thank you TFBTV viewers.

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    See you next time, guys.

    Thank you very much.

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