[Review] ERGO Grips SuperLite Modular Rail System

Ergo Grips recently introduced several new handguards to the market. The ERGO SuperLite Modular Rail System and the ERGO Modular Rail System, join Ergo Grip’s already impressive catalog of products. The Firearm Blog was provided both rails for testing.


Top – ERGO SuperLite Modular Rail System and barrel nut. Bottom – ERGO Modular Rail System and barrel nut.


Key Features of the ERGO SuperLite Rail System as provided by the manufacturer include:

  • 6061 T6 Construction , Type III Class 2 black hard-coat anodized.
  • Available in 12 and 15 inches.
  • CNC Machined lightweight one piece free float design.
  • CNC Machined Steel Barrel Nut.
  • Barrel nut mounts using 1 3/16” wrench.
  • The ERGO SuperLite is available in M-LOK and KeyMod.
  • Full length, scalloped Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny top rail.
  • 1.350” inside diameter.
  • Weight: the 12 inch rail weighs 9.2 ounces. The 15 inch rail weighs 10.6 ounces.
  • The ERGO SuperLite is made for Ar-15/M16 platforms. This rails will not fit the Ar-10 family of weapons.
  • Made entirely in the USA!

The ERGO SuperLite Modular Rail System in comparison to my Troy TRX rail, and the ERGO Modular Rail System in comparison to my Billet Rifle Systems Handguard. All the rails pictured are of the utmost quality.

Key Features of the ERGO Modular Rail System include:

  • 6061 T6 Construction , Type III Class 2 black hard-coat anodized.
  • Available in 12 and 15 inches.
  • CNC Machined lightweight one piece free float design.
  • Aluminum barrel nut allows mounting of up to 1 inch diameter barrels.
  • Barrel nut mounts using standard USGI barrel nut wrenches.
  • The ERGO Modular Rail System is available in M-LOK and KeyMod.
  • Full length, scalloped Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny top rail
  • 1.8” inside diameter, that will accept most suppressors.
  • Integral anti-rotation tabs
  • The ERGO Modular Rail System is made for Ar-15/M16 platforms. This rails will not fit the Ar-10 family of weapons.
  • Made entirely in the USA!

For testing purposes, I decided to install the ERGO SuperLite Modular rail to a Bushmaster QRC that I recently purchased as a lightweight training rifle. The first step of my build was to tear the Bushmaster QRC apart and make sure the rifle was built correctly. After 20 minutes, I had a pile of parts. I knew from the beginning of my build that I would be ditching the “commercial” receiver extension and installing a proper MIL-Spec sized receiver extension.


A few key points about the Bushmaster QRC:

  • The rifle came from the factory with a loose barrel nut. I was able to unscrew the barrel nut by hand. The proper torque for a barrel nut is 30-80 ft/lbs.
  • The barrel extension has M4 feed ramps.
  • The gas block taper pins were hardened appropriately and Bushmaster used the proper steel. The pins did not deform when removed.
  • The gas port is .058 inches. A mil spec sized gas port is around .0625. .058 will run just fine with Mil Spec ammunition.
  • I wish Bushmaster would start using Mil Spec sized receiver extensions.
  • The Bolt Carrier group looked good. The bolt carrier was chromed where appropriate and the gas key was staked properly. The ejector was smooth when pushed in and did not hang up. The extractor had the black insert as well as a Crane o-ring. The gas rings looked good.
  • I am not 100% sure the bolt is made from 158 Carpenter steel. I keep a spare 158 Carpenter bolt from Bravo Company or Colt in the pistol grip of all my Ar-15’s as well as gas rings, extractor, extractor spring and firing pin.

After taking apart the upper receiver and giving the loose parts a thorough cleaning it was time to reassemble the rifle.


The barrel nut of the ERGO SuperLite Rail. To tighten this, you will need a 1 3/16″ wrench or crows foot. I used a shim when installing the barrel nut.

In order for these rails to work, you will need a low profile gas block, or you will need to modify the existing gas block. I prefer to use taper pins to pin my gas block in place. I have never had one move, but I don’t trust the low profile gas blocks that are held by screws.


In order for the ERGO SuperLite Modular Rail System or the ERGO Modular Rail System to fit over a standard gas block, the top rail, sling swivel and bayonet holder must be removed. This particular rifle came from the factory with the front sight cut off.


In this picture you can see the sling attachment point and the bayonet holder cut off. This will suffice for the ERGO Modular Rail System. Further metal must be removed to get the ERGO SuperLite to fit over the gas block. With a simple dremel tool, this will only take about 20 minutes. Wear eye and lung protection. You can Cerakote, Alumahyde or Krylon the bare metal. I have had very good luck with Alumahyde.


On the ERGO SuperLite rail you will have to use a low profile gas block or remove a little bit of metal from the existing gas block. This is an easy process with some end mills or even a simple dremel tool.


The CNC work on these rails is perfect.


I replaced the Commercial (out of spec!) receiver extension with a MIL-Spec sized one. I also installed an ERGO pistol grip. The first Ar15 I ever built had an ERGO grip. I forgot how comfortable they are. I love that I can get my hand closer to center bore.


The ERGO SuperLite is held to the barrel nut by 8 screws.


Finished rifle ready to go. Very accurate. Very lightweight. Fellow writer Tom R recently did a review on the Bushmaster QRC.


A note on my testing rifles.

During mid 2015, I retired Old Faithful, my “SmithBCMColt” Ar-15 to the safe and built a new testing rifle. The heart of Old Faithful was a Smith and Wesson Sport. I purchased the Sport due to the barrel that Smith and Wesson was using at the time. (Details can be found in this article). The upper receiver on Old Faithful is from Bravo Company Manufacturing. The lower receiver and receiver extension are from Smith and Wesson. The Bolt Carrier Group, buffer, lower parts kit and bolt are from Colt. The grip is from BCM, the stock is from B5 and the handguard is a Troy TRX.The gas block was the original A2 style that I cut down and sprayed with Alumahyde. This gun has around 4000 rounds through it and is still sub MOA. With the exception of some match grade Hornady ammunition, this gun has been fed primarily Federal XM193. This rifle has had only 2 malfunctions that were due to a bad magazine.


From top to bottom: Old Faithful, my “Billet Rifle Systems” gun and my new Bushmaster QRC with the ERGO SuperLite rail.

The rifle that has replaced Old Faithful is a “frankengun” that I have dubbed my “Billet Rifle Systems” gun. While I was working on the “An Ar-15 From Scratch With Billet Rifle Systems 80% Lower Receiver” series of articles, I came to appreciate the precision and craftsmanship that Billet Rifle Systems uses when machining their products. ALL of the Ar-15’s I have owned have had your typical forged lower and upper receivers. For this build, I wanted a “boutique” rifle that had upper and lower receivers that started life as a block of aluminum billet vs a forged platter. Purchasing a matched lower and upper receiver, as well as a handguard from Billet Rifle Systems, I got to work. The receiver extension, buffer, grip and bolt carrier group are from Bravo Company Manufacturing. The lower parts kit was from the Smith and Wesson Sport and the barrel is from FAXON Arms. When I tested the ARAK-21, what struck me was the extreme accuracy that gun was capable of. FAXON sent me an Ar-15 barrel to test. I will be testing the barrel that FAXON sent me till the latter part of 2016. The barrel I received was a heavy profile, 416R, 1/8 twist, fluted mid-length 16 inch barrel. Like the ARAK-21 barrel, this barrel is match grade accurate and shoots everything well. Since I bought a matched, precision machined upper and lower receiver from Billet Rifle Systems, there is absolutely no play between the upper and lower receivers. I enjoy shooting this rifle and look forward to pushing out to extreme ranges. (I still get a ton of emails in regards to the “An Ar-15 From Scratch With Billet Rifle Systems 80% Lower Receiver” series. I WILL finish that series in the Spring/Summer of 2016!)

The latest addition to my safe, was the Bushmaster QRC featured in this article. Recently, a lot of my friends have expressed an interest in shooting. These are people who have never handled a firearm. My main motivation for purchasing the Bushmaster QRC was to have a straight forward, lightweight training rifle for small framed shooters as well as a rifle that would not tire out a new shooter. My super nice, super hot girlfriend might even possibly take this rifle over. I absolutely love the ERGO SuperLite rail and will be sending ERGO a check in the mail.


After installing the the ERGO SuperLite rail and shooting 60 rounds through the Bushmaster QRC, I came to the following conclusion.

  • I like KeyMod rails.
  • I like M-LOK rails.
  • I have found that with slim rails I don’t have to add any accessories to make the rail fit my Sasquatch sized hands.
  • I wish ERGO would include some shims to help install the barrel nut.
  • It would be a nice addition if ERGO included a 1 3/16” crows foot attachment for a ½” torque wrench with the ERGO SuperLite model. As soon as you order the ERGO SuperLite, order a 1 3/16″ crows foot attachment. I could not find a 1 3/16″ crows foot in Albuquerque, though I did find a 1 3/16″ wrench at Lowes. If you have installed a lot of barrel nuts and you can “feel” the proper torque, you will probably be okay with a non-torque wrench.
  • The CNC machine work and anodizing are top notch.
  • The Ergo SuperLite…is very lightweight!
  • I am glad that ERGO is offering their rails in both M-LOK and KeyMod. Why discriminate? (#MLOKANDKEYMODCANLIVESIDEBYSIDE)

If you are going to the SHOT show and you want to handle these rails, Ergo grips will be at booth 20001 and booth 1632. If you are in the Albuquerque area, BMC Tactical currently has these rails in stock. They also have several really nice display guns that have these rails on them. FAXON Firearms will be at booth 7110. Billet Rifle Systems will be at booth 7308. Bushmaster Firearms will be at booth 14229.

As always, tips, jokes and criticism are welcome in the comments below! For all my readers headed to Las Vegas for the SHOT Show, safe travels!

Thomas Gomez

Thomas Gomez currently resides in the mountains of central New Mexico. He has an M.B.A, an Ar-15/M16/M4 armorer certification from Specialized Armament Warehouse as well as a Glock armorer certification. Aside from writing for The Firearm Blog he works as a Clinical Analyst for a large Hospital. He spends his free time farming, ranching, hiking, fly-fishing and hunting in the beautiful forests and prairies of New Mexico. He can be reached at LOADTHATBIPOD@gmail.com


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