Engraved Taurus Judge: Guilty…or not? (Pictures)

The Taurus Judge can easily be described with a single word: awesome. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Taurus or a lover of revolvers, because when it comes to the Judge it’s one of those guns with a serious cool factor. Even those who are not exactly fans of the Taurus Judge have to admit they’d like to sling a few rounds down-range with one, given the opportunity.

According to Taurus, the Judge is their best seller. The first model number of 4410 was changed to 4510, a designation meant to more accurately reflect its chambering. Of course, it’s the chambering that makes this such a fun gun to shoot; who doesn’t love firing .410s from a handgun (and, yes, .45 Colt)? Understandably, sometimes when the Judge comes up in conversation the debate finds its way around to the fact that this is a handgun that fires shotshells. The gun does not fit the parameters which would designate it a short-barreled shotgun under the NFA but it is illegal in California thanks to even stricter gun laws.

The Judge was originally created for self-defense but has seen a fair amount of use among some hunters as well. It’s great for taking out smaller pests such as snakes and raccoons and there are some hunters out there who have used it on squirrels and coyotes. One thing is for sure, it’s fun to shoot. If you’ve never shot one, I highly recommend it.

So, getting to the pictures: this particular Taurus Judge is owned by a friend and fellow hunter in Kentucky. It caught my eye due to its engravings and although it’s not impossible to find images of similarly engraved guns online, information is a bit limited. It’s typically described as a Taurus Judge Russian Roulette Special Edition. The cylinder is engraved with “guilty”, “not guilty”, and “spin again”. Every model I’ve found has been marked as “1 of 100” and so far each owner has acquired theirs secondhand so there’s a serious lack of information regarding the engravings themselves. Although I did shoot off a few emails looking for more in-depth details I thought I’d go ahead and share the pictures here. For one thing it’s a cool revolver and for another, you just never know when a TFB reader will have good information on a gun’s background.

Enough talking, on to the pictures!







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  • Nicholas Chen

    Pretty cool. I like the Raging Judge Magnum.

  • Steve

    According to a Google search that took all of 10 seconds, these were engraved by Baron Technology, Inc.

    • ozzallos .

      So should I give you the Patreon money or TFB?

  • Daniel

    were they not able to take photos with the lights on? had to rely on the flash from their iPhone?

  • Don Ward

    I believe the single word “gimmicky” is a far better appellation for The Judge.

    • iHAL

      I’d just say garbage. Had quite a few issues with them on my range.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Judges Chambers.

  • Kyle

    It is still a Taurus though which says nothing good about it.

  • Major Tom

    “Cast in the name of God ye *spins cylinder* Spin Again”.

    • ozzallos .

      Don’t worry. I’ve got your back, robo.

    • Anomanom

      *pulls out Raging Judge Magnum* Big O, FINAL STAGE!

  • john huscio

    “Not guilty”. What Taurus will plead after the judge blows up in its owner’s hand….

    • Mark

      I own a taurus 500 s &w and 2 .357s with hundereds of rounds down range with both hands still in tact. And btw my608 holds 8 rounds of .357 and is really accurate. And what is s&w now selling? An 8 shot revolver. Like they copied the judge with the governor.

      • Kefefs

        …S&W has been making 8-shot .357 Magnum N-frame revolvers for a long, long time. Since 1997, in fact. Taurus copied the idea with their 608. Also just FYI, the entire Taurus line of revolvers are S&W clones. That’s how they got started.

  • Brocus

    “it’s one of those guns with a serious cool factor”

    aww crap, transported to another dimension again?!

  • Bear The Grizzly

    Why is it everyone goes gaga over the Judge, but seem to forget the Governor exists?

    • Swarf

      I’ll take “money” for $1000, Alex.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Because the only people that think the Judge is truly awesome are the people that can afford it, but not the Governor.

      • SCMike1

        A vanilla S&W Governor runs around $700. A Taurus Judge
        3″Mag Chamber 3″ Barrel 45Colt/410 runs about $450, about a car
        payment or half a car payment’s difference, depending on the wheels you favor. As
        the owner of S&W, Taurus, Beretta, Walther, and other brands of handguns, I’ll
        acknowledge that the Governor is more finely made than the Taurus, but in
        practice it’s not that much better than a Judge (or Public Defender) as an
        everyday tool for use in home defense, when hiking, etc. As for reliability, I’ve
        had to send my S&W pistols back to the factory for repair more often than I’ve
        had to send my Taurus pistols. And, BTW, Taurus customer service was faster in
        sending the repaired item back.

    • Mark

      Because the governor is a copy that s&w made after they saw how popular the judge was.

      • andrey kireev

        you mean it’s what the Judge should have been in the first place ? Because quality wise two don’t even come close.

  • Fruitbat44

    Speaking as an armchair gunslinger, it seems to me that the Judge is the perfect firearm if you really, really, really want to fire .410 shotgun cartridges from a handgun. Outside of that niche . . . -shrug-

    • KestrelBike

      I’ve also heard that the *Taurus* rule still applies, and that if one needs a .410 pistol, to go with the S&W Governor.

  • John

    I’ll admit they’re cool, and someone like Ruger should make a version that might not blow up in my hand.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Get a Smith and Wesson governor

      • andrey kireev

        i did… it doesn’t even compare with Taurus….

  • adverse

    I appreciate the thought, but no.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    “Awesome”? Really? Since when?

    I mean, sure, the Judge SEEMS awesome to pretty much anyone who doesn’t know a damn thing about firearms and how they work. But on a blog like this?

  • SCMike1

    You can make fun of the Taurus revolvers all you want, but they are useful, effective, and fun to shoot. I have a Judge with the 3-inch cylinder that packs a wallop and is surprisingly accurate with .45 Colt. It’s one of the home defense weapons in our house, loaded with a mix of 00 shot / Winchester PDX1 and .45 Colt for diversity.

    When traveling I keep a Public Defender (2.5” cylinder) handy with a mixed load of .45 Colt and PDX shells. Again, the PD is remarkably accurate when firing the .45 Colt and a hoot to fire the Winchester PDX, or even the Federal 00.

    The S&W Governor is a fine-looking, beautifully made revolver, but I’ve not had the opportunity to try one out. But on a price / performance scale, the Judge and PD are quite affordable alternatives that are just as reliable and effective.

  • Joe

    Literally worse than a High Point.
    Want to see the sewers of the firearm industry?
    Kel Tec
    High Point
    Charter Arms
    Olympic Arms
    Sig Sauer

    • iksnilol

      You lost me at Sig, Mossberg, Taurus and Hi-Point.

      Can’t comment on KelTec and SCCY due to them not existing in Norway. But people seem to be happy with theirs and I doubt they’d sell so many if they truly were crap.

      • Joe

        Sig just got dropped like a hot potato by our NSW, they’re QC on rifles suck.
        Mossberg. Horrible QC, they’re firearms are cheaply made, and horrible CS.
        Taurus. Take any Taurus ever made to a 500 round count class. It will fail.
        You will not find one in the holster of a single LEO anywhere in the U.S.
        Horrible QC.
        Hi- Point. It’s a High Point.

        • iksnilol

          Taurus is plenty popular around the world, cheap and durable revolvers from what I’ve seen. Their Beretta clones aren’t bad either. You won’t find a CZ, Tokarev or a HK P30 in any LEO holsters in the US, doesn’t mean they’re bad.

          Hi-Point, cheap, accurate and available (albeit heavy and unfriendly in some regards). Wish we could get them here in Europe. Would be a nice pistol to throw in the glove box.

          Haven’t seen any problems with Mossberg, at least their bolt action rifles and pump shotguns (I really like the safety of the 500).

          Maybe Sig USA sucks, but regular Sig is amazing.

          • Steve

            Taurus again, it comes down to sample size. Are there Taurus pistols that work? Sure. Do all of them? Far from it. The Beretta clones they’ve put out are the only consistently good handguns they’ve ever made as they licensed the tooling from Beretta.

            CZ puts out great guns, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that says otherwise. Tokarevs would never have been used because LEOs don’t use milsurp equipment and the caliber is uncommon here, not because anyone thought they weren’t good.

            Sig USA does indeed suck and will continue as long as Ron Cohen is at the helm and maximizing profit instead of focusing on quality. There’s a reason there’s a premium on pre-2007 produced Sig pistols in the US.

        • andrey kireev

          You can’t make a good point if you don’t know how to use They’re and Their correctly.

          • Joe

            All are pronounced the same, and are simply separated by possession, and context. The English language is confusing, and pedantic.

            Over there.
            Their dog.
            They’re leaving.

          • andrey kireev

            See ? Wasn’t all that hard, was it ?

    • kipy

      Sir I think you may have slipped some crack in your morning coffee

      • Joe

        No, not crack just Folgers and creamer that gave me the mental clarity to recall the past 3 years of working at one of the busiest gun ranges in the nation and seeing Taurus’s fail on near constant basis.

    • Edeco


    • Martin

      While some of the weapons you mention are only good for paperweights, most will do what they were designed to do, go bang when appropriate.
      All but a couple will keep low budget home defenders safe. Let’s not forget the mother that took on 3 armed offenders with a (gasp) hi-point. I personality fired 6000+ rounds thru my Kimberly pdp and completed 3 advanced classes with it.
      Kel-Tec started the 380 revolution. And my extended barrel Sig P938 has 2000+ rounds, half of them suppressed, is on me every time I leave the house.
      Mossberg has seen more time in the sandbox, Nam and numerous places you couldn’t even pronounce.
      Opinions are like buttholes, everybody has one, but this one stinks. Do your research next time.

      • Joe

        Anecdotal evidence of reliability is just that, anecdotal.
        A gently used police trade in Glock can be had for below $400.
        Just because a company like Kel Tec started a “revolution ” (a questionable statement at best) is irrelevant if they’re products are unreliable.
        M-60’s have seen a lot of time in the sandbox, doesn’t mean someone would pick one over a PKM, or a M240. If a manufacturer makes abominations but has one, or two, or ten golden eggs, for me I’m not willing to trust my life, or that of my family’s with it.
        If you knew you would be in a gunfight in 6 months and could pick 10 people to assist you. Would you rather they didn’t have the financial discipline to save and buy a proven, reliable firearm and instead purchased High Points, Taurus’s, and Mossberg’s?

        All things made by man break, some a little quicker than others. Every company makes a lemon, every gun made WILL have teething issues. The informed consumer has to make the best, and safest choice they can. I stand by my “stinky” opinion.

    • Kenneth Chaffins

      I tend to find, that those that have a negative opinion of Taurus are those that have never owned one. So you work at a firearm range. Very nice place to work for people that enjoy shooting. Kudos on that. I own a M444 by Taurus. I’ve got quite a few rounds through the barrel, it’s tack driving accurate past 50 yards, and has not given me any issues.

      • Joe

        I’m glad your’s works for you. I hope it continues to work well for generations to come. I hope that you clean it, maintain it, regularly replace worn components, and shoot it often, to the point you can out shoot the gun as is. My issue with Taurus is not that all are poorly made, low quality, and prone to breakage, just that the purchaser of one who actually intends to shoot it more than 2,000 rounds in a year and carry it religiously has a higher chance of having serious problems with this brand more so than proven, reliable brands.

        • Kenneth Chaffins

          So far so good. Haven’t had to replace anything, and nothing seems to be worn to the point of needing replaced just yet. I check the fit of the cylinder periodically because I’ve heard the rumors about Taurus revolvers shaving the bullets due to poor alignment, and I triple checked everything before I took delivery of the firearm, so far everything’s perfect on it. I’d trust my life with it.

  • Mark

    I love taurus revolvers. I can bang it around and not worry about scratching it.. These guns are TOOLS. Do I covet my dewalt saw more than my ryobi? No because they both work the same one just costs more. I own both s&w and taurus revolvers and I can say I am more pleased with the taurus and I can use them without worry. All the haters need to get off their high horse.

    • CommonSense23

      People don’t need to get off their high horse. Taurus has a lot of well known and documented issues. It’s not even close to being a quality manufacturer.

      • Mark

        Taurus has no recalls on revolvers. How about the recall on the S&W Performance Center Model 460 and Performance Center Model 329 revolvers? Nothing like paying $1000+ for a gun that the barrel blows up especially when shooting a massive cartridge like a 460. Look it up. As for taurus semis, like the pt111, no thanks I will agree there.

  • RC Vic

    Granpa used to have a .410 rail road pistol that we used to shot and the .410 ammo wasn’t that hard to take it really wasn’t any big deal to shot but it was fun to go quail hunting with but we always had to watch out for the Sheriff!

  • Giolli Joker

    I’d like one of these just to accommodate Lehigh Defence .45LC ME rounds.

  • John Daniels

    “The Taurus Judge can easily be described with a single word: awesome.”


  • jerry young

    I have shot both the judge and the S&W governor and both perform about the same, the big difference is cost

  • Kurt Akemann

    Justice delivered by the spin of the cylinder; Harvey Dent would love it.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    Good Lord the opinions in here are a dime a dozen. Taurus and Hi-Points may not be the quality of MORE EXPENSIVE firearms, but Mr. Badguy won’t know the difference when you shoot him with a $5000 dollar custom 1911 or a Chinese Hi-Point knockoff.

    I myself, am currently trying to explain to my father that the usefulness of the Judge is limited to car and home defense as well as yard critters such as snakes and foxes. My dad is convinced, thanks to my uncle, that its like the Jesus Christ of guns.

    At the end of the day, I’d rather have a Judge or even a Hi-Point in the car than a Smith & Wesson. You aren’t in or around your vehicle all the time and its so easy to break in and steal. I’d rather lose a cheap gun than a more expensive gun.

    Now, if we were facing a SHTF scenario, daily carry, or a shooting competition, then yes, give me the more expensive and hopefully, but not always more reliable option. Truth is, value is a factor, and if we looked at value as the only factor, many of these so called “junk” guns, smoke the competition.

    A Lambo is a fine, beautiful vehicle, but a Ford Mustang is a much more sensible and better value in a similar category.

  • jeffrey melton

    A 3 inch barrel, 3 inch cylinder Judge is fun to shoot with 3 inch buckshot rounds . Each 3 inch round has 5 approximately .330 diameter balls that produce over 1200 feet per second velocity. That’s like being hit with 5 – 32 caliber rounds with each trigger pull. The hole they make in 55 gallon barrels is huge and they sound like cannon fire. Fun? Definitely.

  • andrey kireev

    Yeah, okay, Ill just go ahead and enjoy the hell out of both P226 and P938… i’m certain that reason why so many countries use P226s is because SIG is garbage….

    • Steve

      Not at all what I said, learn to read. Other countries don’t get US made Sigs. Do you even logic bro?

      • andrey kireev

        Yeah, both of my Sigs are US made… and so are some we have in the armory, no problems with those. Their older rifles are whole different story… both MCX and MPX do very well though according to people who own those.