Indumil CORDOBA ESTANDAR Pistol Now Being Sold To Civilians

© Lionel

The Indumil CORDOBA ESTANDAR is the 2nd generation of the Indumil CORDOBA 9mm pistol which was originally developed for the Colombian military. The pistol is described as being 80% polymer and 20% steel. It has interchangeable backstraps which our good friend Lionel, who saw the pistol at the ExpoDefensa 2015 Show earlier this month and took these photos, said its nice in the hand. He noted that the ambi magazine release is unusual in that you push it forward, rather than depress it to release the magazine. Other features include ambidextrous safety and a decocking lever.


The first generation of the pistol was adopted by the Colombian Army and National Police but a year ago. Youtube videos were published demonstrating flaws in the pistol. The company had to collect all the guns sold and redesign the internals. This resulted in the Second Generation version which has fixed the problems. In September this year they resumed production and are planning on commercial sales.

I think it is safe to say consumers are going to be skeptical, especially with Youtube videos showing the previous generation malfunctioning (I tried to locate these Youtube videos but my Spanish is far too poor). If I was their marketing I would have designed a slightly different frame and called it a new pistol, not a new version of a broken pistol.

Steve Johnson

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  • DAN V.

    Taurus meets Hipoint. Not interested. And I’m 1/2 Colombian.

    • Petto

      To me it looks like a Ruger mixed with Jericho
      a weird looking pistol i must say

    • cs

      Hey, thats an insult to Hipoint; at least they fire when you need them to.

  • ¡El Jericho en Español!

  • john huscio

    Looks like a crappy mash up of the Jericho, grand power and cz 100

    • Michael Wilson

      mmmm really? i dont think so at all, more like a px4 storm prototype

      • Twilight sparkle

        Nah, the cougar looks like a px4 prototype, this thing looks like a cz p07 and a px4 had a child and adopted it out when they saw what it looks like

    • Kivaari

      That’s what jumped into my head at first glance. The world has enough Cz 75 clones and warps already. I knew I never wanted an original Cz 75 the first time I saw one over 30 years ago. I couldn’t understand all the desire everyone had for it, other than it wasn’t available in the USA.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Combat proven, very accurate, very reliable and durable weapon available in multiple calibers and without licensing fees to produce…

        Yeah, totally agree… what’s to love?

        • Kivaari

          Except the bulk of CZ75 clones were not all that well made. The first REAL CZ75 imported via Canada with a $1250 import duty, was a crude pistol. I did not like a couple features. The DA pull was long and rough. The trigger reach was too long for many users. The single action let off required the hammer to move farther back in a very rough manner. Squeezing the trigger moved the hammer a bit too far for good shooting. Same with the French service pistol of the era. The Tanfoglio clones used poorly heat treated parts. They had the same issues as the real thing, and had soft parts. Early wear might be acceptable in Europe where they don’t train like we did.
          There certainly has been over 30 years to improve the guns. I still don’t like the club-like feel.
          Where have they been used in combat? A few Czech troops in Iraq probably didn’t use handguns in combat much. If the new guns are made better than those early guns, good for them. Had they been built properly in the first place they wouldn’t have such a reputation in my shooting circle.
          It still makes little sense to adopt so many different guns. Buy Glocks and you get lots of parts commonality and ease the training required. OR buy all CZs and get the same thing. I would pick Glock after using them for a few decades, I trust them.

  • M

    Reminds me of the CZ-G2000

  • Paul Epstein

    Street price is going to decide its fate. If they can sell it at S&W Sigma or maybe even secondhand Glock prices, I can see there being a market. If it’s over 600 I can’t see them selling more than a handful, even rubes can look at price tags, and there’s no video game/movie tie in to exploit.

  • John

    Slide mounted safety…

  • Lance

    Colombian military P99 knock off… YAWN.

    • Some Guy

      >hammer fired
      >slide mounted safety
      >p99 knockoff

      you wut mate?

      • Dan

        U Wot Mate? Fite me irl! I swear on me mum I ain’t scared.

  • Kivaari

    One more domestic handgun that is bought out of pride for country, only to end up with junk. Junk in any language or price is still junk.

  • carango772

    the famous youtube video that killed the first gen cordova was uploaded by “Javier traba pistolas” or “javier the pistol jammer” showed the pistol failing to cycle with various types of ammo, the failures where direferent for every case and the pistol only ran “fine” (and for fine i mean with realistic hopes of firing) with indumil 9mm ammo.

    In may 2015 he uploaded a video showing the new “cordova v2.0” wich actually works like a pistol is supposed to do with different loads but the first video was deleted.

    Being a colombian i would never buy one of those pistols for various reasons, first it is more expensive than other imported pistols wish have decedes in use and where designed by men that actually cared about the well being of the final user (note that first batch cordova pistols were solt to policeman and professional soliders wich have to use the intensively here in colombia and as far as i know the recall of the pistols is not complete yeat and there are many soliders carrying that piece of junk in the jungle rigth know, pretty much putting all hopes on their assault rifles)

    in the other hand, INDUMIL Quality control is poor at best, i held a galil ace that was held in one piece by a set of nylon belts, the revolvers they make are mediocre at best and their ammo is quite unconsistent.

    and the last reason i wouldnever buy that POS is that it is not a innovative desing, it is just a franken gun in a world filled with working and tested wonder nines, that pistol was made out of sheer corporative pride to rise the status of INDUMIL and nothing else, i kinda hope to see a 134 years old Ian Mcollum making a video about this gun in the future.

    by the way the second video can be found with this name

    (Video 2) Indumil Cordova Gen.2 -Calibre 9x19mm

    • mgomez

      i can agree. one more sad addition is that there are far superior manufacturing firms in Colombia with superior equipment and personnel than indumil, but they do too much of it in-house…so even if it was an innovative design, i would be wary of its durability and reliability.

      • carango772

        maybe there are some good shops capable of making high end firearms,but i am pretty sure that there is not other big company capable of massive production of weapons and ammunition, and with the stupid regulations held by the colombian law indumil is free to hold a monopoly that generates millions for certain mebers of the defense circles, they save 50 bucks in every galil ace only to buy some general`s spoiled son another lamborgini, the last galil ace users i spoke with where members of the military GAULA and unit specialized in anti kidnapping and anti ransom and they were less than happy with their rifles, many of them wanted their original isrealy made galils or the M4 they had before someone decided to “upgrade” their main weapon

    • Javier the Pistol Jammer… LOL sounds even nicer in english!! By the way, if you need first generation’s video, I can pass it over. It was removed due to a “favour” asked by a friend from Indumil 😉

  • Phillip Cooper

    The bigger issue they will have to address is the “OMG PLASTIC GUN!!” meme that will come about from the 80/20 plastic/steel note.

  • carango772

    the SIG PRO the police uses is a pretty good service pistol, stick with it

  • Javier Traba Pistolas

    The first generation was crappy, second generation was -literally- a “rebuilt” of the first pistols, and third generation is the improvement of second generation but this time building pistols from scratch. That is the reason Indumil explains, and answers your question of you “would have designed a slightly different frame and called it a new pistol”. The cost for each of this “pieces” is about U$2.000 (yes two thousand dollars) for local colombians, figure out what happens with original buyers if Indumil creates a new pistol…

    • Ric the Magnificent

      I enjoyed the 2.0 video very much. While many purists may mock the idea, I am beyond intrigued that the country of my parents’ nationality would attempt to design their own pistol. This is a bold move in a time when Colombia is going thru an economic and cultural renaissance. What other products does Colombia plan on self manufacturing, I wonder…