Live Fire Jawa Ion Blaster Replica

Proto-Ordnance makes some interesting gun modifications and builds. In this video, they finalized their Jawa blaster. For those of you who are Star Wars challenged, the Jawas are a race of midget sized aliens that scavenge the desert planet of Tatooine for scrap metal and droids. In the scene where they capture R2-D2, a Jawa can be seen using this weapon.



The Jawa Ion Blaster is made from a cut down Lee-Enfield rifle with a large can attached to the front end.

Proto-Ordnance built a fully functioning blaster replica.


Here is an earlier video showing their progress and that the gun functions by shooting it into a bullet trap.


Here is the final video where they dress up as a tall Jawa and fire their creation.


Edit: Ajax22 from Proto-Ordnance reached out to me to clarify. As some of you had pointed out the cut receiver, Ajax22 confirms it.

The enfield was made from two enfield receivers that were torch cut (demilled per batfe spec) then the receiver bits were re welded, thereby making it a virgin receiver which could be assembled as a pistol without triggering SBR status.

the gun has never been a rifle, no stock was ever attached and the barrel was cut down below 16 inches  initially while the receivers  were still cut appart.

So….. no NFA status, just a home built reweld  pistol like the milled ak’s,  uzi’s or others that are more common.

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  • sean

    Way cooler then a Obrez!

  • Evil Brad

    what a waste of a good LE…

    • PK

      It appears to have been demilled, so more than anything it was brought back from being scrap metal.

    • quraina

      Every time somebody sporterizes an LE, it makes my untouched SMLE Mk III* a little rarer and more valuable. Just like the chopper fad made old stock Harley’s more valuable.

      • Evan

        Yeah, mine cost me $350. It’s not like yours, or mine, will ever be worth a great deal. So when some idiot sporterizes a Lee-Enfield, they’re just ruining a gun that nobody’s making more of, with no silver lining at all.

      • Scott Roberts

        My No4 Mk. Is are a 1944 Fazackerly, and a 1942 Long Branch… Both as they should be, one is an armory rebuild, and nice as new- the other looks like it just came from the war… Both shoot real nice…

  • PK

    That’s not a SBR. See the cut up receiver? It was rewelded and is legally a pistol.

    • BillC

      A pistol cannot be a rifle first. Nice try though. Thanks for trying.

      • NA3006

        Ya….except he’s right. If the receiver was in fact completely cut/demilled and then rewelded and manufactured as a pistol, what it once was would no longer be relevant. If the receiver was not demilled it would be a different story.

        • BillC

          Well. I stand corrected.

          • Twilight sparkle

            Nice try though. Thanks for trying.

          • Swarf

            Recursive snottiness. I like it.

        • sean

          But if you are re-welding and “manufacturing” it as a “pistol”…then instead of a SBR stamp you would need a manufacturing license.

          • Twilight sparkle

            You don’t need any kind of license to make your own gun as long as it’s legal for you to possess that gun. You just can’t make them with the intention of selling them.

          • PK

            Nope, home building of firearms is legal in the USA with very few exceptions. For non-NFA items, called title 1 firearms, no tax stamp or registration is needed, and for non-commercial manufacturing no license is needed.

          • NA3006


          • Southpaw89

            Actually its the term manufacture that is the pivotal point here. At least according to the FAA the word manufacture means to produce with intent to sell, the better term to use would be fabricate. This is of course assuming that the BATF uses the same dictionary. I realize that this point is a little nit picky, but when government agencies get involved one word can be the difference between freedom and hard time.

          • PK

            I used the word in the sense of the 1934 NFA, the 1968 GCA, and the current interpretation by the ATF. The FAA must be different.

          • Southpaw89

            Guess its too much to expect consistency between government agencies, you gotta love it.

      • terminalbrd

        I think because this is a “re-weld,” it isn’t treated as having been a rifle first, it is treated as having been newly manufactured… as a pistol.

        • BillC

          Crazy, annoying gun laws.

      • Tothe

        Then the law is stupid.

        • Mr Obvious


  • TVOrZ6dw

    My day is better after watching this. I’m smiling just thinking about having a bolt action pistol in .303 British…

  • Mike

    I want one, can Ruger/Savage make a new one

  • Xanderbach

    Very cool. Add this to Jerry Miculek’s functional DL-44 blaster (modified mauser broomhandle). Now I’m tempted to make a functional storm trooper blaster out of a semi-auto sterling “pistol”. Anyone willing to send me the cash? lol

    • JoshCalle

      Jerry’s actually going to put out a video on the modified sterling smg stormtrooper blaster early next year!

    • PK

      That’s already been done a few times, now. The one I’m waiting for is whatever the MG34 was used to make for the movies, the bolter rifle or something?

      • Out of the Blue

        I think it was the DLT-19 and the RT-97C, both LMG equivalents in Star Wars. The Bolter is a Warhammer thing.

  • Tom Tomas

    Virginia will be isolated when it comes to infringing or stripping the rights of people to defend themselves. So I will embalm the rest of the states put a gag order on All persons with the power to restrict revoke limit or strip citizens rights to self defense. All attorney generals all goverment officials judges from every single state including the president the military governers etc. They will be restricted banned from signing laws or taking away people rights to bear arms carry weapons legally or create a situation in where the citizens are out gunned. Carolina reaper tounge lava fingers muted tongues limb fingers numbed tongues nervous breakdown these power will intervene instantly yheir thoughts and actions will be monitered by the feather of justice from this day on with no end.

    • Edeco


    • Cymond

      ??? WTF dude!

    • KestrelBike


    • Evan

      Because that’s completely relevant to a story about a working Star Wars gun.

  • adverse

    Finally, a rifle in my size.

  • Evan

    I just hope that the Lee-Enfield they ruined to make this useless thing had already been sporterized or something. That would make it less shameful.

    • Dan

      I’m going to go buy two cut the recievers in half and scatter the rest of the pieces all over just to piss people like you off, and I’ll make sure I post or link it in the comments section. His gun, his rules

  • Iksnilol

    Wonder how well it would launch a net with that can on it?

    Or soda cans?

  • SP mclaughlin


  • Scott Roberts

    That “large can” appears to be a Mills Grenade Launcher- The Mills Grenade(aka “Mills Bomb”) is a British hand grenade, and would be slipped into the cup with the spoon in place, the pin would then be pulled, and a blank cartridge chambered… After aiming, it would be fired- at an angle- as a spigot mortar…

  • Scott Roberts

    And just to note, they built using a No. 4 Mk I, yet the Jawa CLEARLY has a No.1 Mk III.

  • Bodie

    Anyone else thinking Fallout pipe pistol?

  • whamprod

    Now that’s a “blast” from the past. I used shoot at Burro Canyon back when it was a brand new range, and they only had the one rifle range with target stands at 100 yards and a gong on the back berm at 175 yards, and a pistol range. They were just beginning construction on a shoot-house or something like that. I moved to Texas in 2006 (with zero regrets), but one of the things I found surprising at first was the paucity of available rifle ranges with target distances beyond 100 yards. That has been rectified with the addition of several ranges not too far from DFW with longer range facilities in the intervening years. But when I lived in Pasadena, there was a 700 yard range 20 minutes from my house (Angeles Shooting Range), and a 1,000 yard range about 40 minutes from my house (Desert Marksmen).

    Thanks for the memories. Cool gun, by the way.

  • Leigh Rich

    Chopped up Enfield… ouch