Hexmag AR15 Grip

Hexmag Grip

Shoot outside of an air-conditioned range – especially here in Florida – and you’ll quickly discover the need for one of two things: gloves or texturing on every gun contact point.  Maybe both!  Sweaty hands and smooth polymer don’t play well together, which explains the popularity of textured magazines like the Hexmag.

Well if you’re a fan of Hexmag textured mags, you’ll love their new AR15 pistol grip.  Textured with their signature hexagonal pattern, the Advanced Tactical Grip provides a positive feel when the going gets slippery.

Better still, they partnered with the folks at X-Tech Tactical and incorporated an adjustable receiver mount.  Thanks to X-Tech’s patented design, you can customize the angle of the grip with three settings: 17, 25 and 33 degrees. This is something that a few other manufacturers are starting to do, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see adjustable grip angles as the “next big thing” at the SHOT Show.

For additional grip, Hexmag advises the texture on the grip is the same size as that on their magazines, meaning that the tape the company sells will fit the pistol grip also.

At just $27.99, the Advanced Tactical Grip from Hexmag is affordable, especially if you want to try out different grip angles. The company also announced the addition of gray to the magazine color choices.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Griz

    At first I thought adjusting grip angle was a fad, but it would be nice to have the option with AR pistols and such.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I bet Glock would get more customers if they could figure out an adjustable grip angle.

    This seems like an interesting concept. I’m pretty happy with my MOE K grip, but I may consider this on future builds.

    • Machinegunnertim

      Glock needs to figure out how to make an ergonomic grip first. Then stop ripping off their customers to pay for all the aggressive marketing and malicious law suits.

      I’ve been interested in that Tango down flip grip, it’s nice to see competition though.

    • Griz

      I think it is Lone Wolf that makes an aftermarket non-glock Glock frame that changes grip angle slightly.

      • BattleshipGrey

        They do. I’ve never personally complained about the factory angle, but it seems that’s some people’s main gripe against Glocks. The above product would be very interesting if integrated into a pistol though.

        • Joshua

          That would be an engineering nightmare, your magazine has to be able to run through the grip, and magazines have a very small window of angles where they will feed correctly and reliably, so you’d either need to change the feed geometry with every different grip angle, or hold the magazine in it’s original position and have a false handle around it that can be adjusted, which would be significantly larger to not interfere with the magazine well.
          That is the reason for the original Glock grip angle, it is the angle at which the magazine feeds optimally.

          • BattleshipGrey

            I thought of those hurdles as well and decided it would not be cost effective to even try. Considering all the different options of guns to buy, it’s not really worth it. But it would be interesting.

        • iksnilol

          Eh, the angle isn’t problematic (Lugers work just fine) but the hump on the back that makes the gun point high.

  • Cymond

    I think it’s ugly, but it seems practical. I have a few 23 degree grips and love them.