New SIG Sauer Hunting Optics

Hunters have their own specific set of needs when it comes to optics, and SIG Sauer is responding to those needs with their new Electro Optics line. For the hunters out there they’ve added the WHISKEY series to that line.  SIG is calling the new line “revolutionary” and lists the hunting riflescope line as one of their high-performance offerings.

SIG’s WHISKEY line is currently made up of two categories, each of which includes models under its given number: the WHISKEY3 and the WHISKEY5. If you hunt, you understand the importance of features such as fog-proofing, water-resistance, and a good zoom, among other necessities. With these new optics, you get all that and more.


The WHISKEY3 is designed for durability and ruggedness, making it capable of withstanding not only the elements but the often-unavoidable bumps and scrapes on a hunt. Models within the WHISKEY3 category have a 3x optical zoom. Features include low dispersion glass, capped windage and elevation turrets, and multiple reticle options. According to SIG the majority of models include a free “SBT – SIG Ballistic Turret – custom lasered elevation dial calibrated to the shooter’s unique ballistics and environmental conditions.”

The WHISKEY5 is designed not just to be durable but to withstand extreme elements and a variety of conditions. Models within the WHISKEY5 category have a 5x optical zoom. These riflescopes are designed to perform well in low light and deliver fantastic clarity thanks to SIG’s own proprietary HDX optical system. WHISKEY5 riflescopes come with reticles illuminated by Hellfire fiber optics and also come non-illuminated. These scopes are fog-proofed and waterproof rating of IPX-7 (immersion up to one meter with a test duration of 30 minutes). As with the WHISKEY3 models these come with a free SBT as detailed above.

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WHISKEY3 MSRP: $189.99-$299.99









WHISKEY5 MSRP: $699.99-$1299.99

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  • Peewee Sierrafour

    Are pistol sales down?

    • Vitsaus

      The probably lose business with everyone trying to figure out which of the 18 variants on each model they want, end up confused and go home.

      • Peewee Sierrafour

        So true

      • Peewee Sierrafour

        This made my day, so true.

    • Jeff Smith

      Perhaps they are aimed at the Sauer rifle market?

      • Jeff S

        One would assume Sauer rifles will be topped with high end, European sourced optics… given the price of the rifle at least. Just my assumptionl

        • Jeff Smith

          Touché. I didn’t catch those MSRPs.

      • Peewee Sierrafour

        Could be, but the price is pretty OK. Could be too low even for typical Sig rifle owner.

      • Peewee Sierrafour

        Seems cheap for typical Sig rifle owner though.

  • Sgt. Stedenko

    So SIG now has Whiskey and Tango model scopes.
    Where’s the Foxtrot.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    Where are they made? Let me guess- China (80% chance)? Japan (15% chance)? Europe (4.99999%chance)? USA? (0.00001% chance).

    • Orion Quach

      Their Tango is Japan made but not indicative of the entire line of optics.

    • Orion Quach

      And pretty sure they opened a USA optics factory but don’t hold me to that.

      • Jeff S

        I think the operation is run by former Leuopold guys…

  • Chriss Kyle

    Where are they made? They are very cheap I think they made in China