New Hunting Clothes From ScentLok and Mossy Oak

    It may not be a new gun or holster announcement, but since we’re getting into the thick of some of the most popular hunting seasons of the year, it’s definitely applicable. Hunting is definitely one of my favorite pastimes, and that means a need not only for great guns but good quality gear. If you’re a hunter you’re always on the lookout for the latest in scent-blocking technology, and one of the best brands out there is ScentLok. Now ScentLok has teamed up with Mossy Oak and DICK’S Sporting Goods on a new clothing system, ScentLok Maverick.

    ScentLok Maverick comes in both a pair of pants and a single-layer shell. Since stealth is important on a hunt, especially if you’re spot-and-stalking whitetail, this clothing is designed for silence. It’s warm, too, thanks to a fleece lining, and if it rains you’re good to go because the material is treated so it’s water repellant. For the scent-blocking side of things the cloth is embedded with ScentLok’s Carbon Alloy technology, a system that’s been proven to block as much as 99.8% of your all-too-human scent.

    According to ScentLok’s VP of Marketing Nick Andrews, they were after more than just making firearms-using hunters happy; the company incorporated features meant to make hunting more comfortable for bowhunters, too. “So we added features that experienced bowhunters need in the field. Like four oversized, zippered pockets that keep all your gear close and secure. We sculpted the shoulders and arms to naturally work when drawing a bow and setting your anchor point without restriction. The zippered cuffs eliminate the bulk and keep everything contained and comfortable around the forearm. In the back, we added a safety harness opening so that you can wear your harness closer to your body for increased safety in addition to covering any odors that may have built up on it as well.”

    The pants and jacket come in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, which is great for deer hunting. The new ScentLok maverick system will only be available through DICK’S, in the stores and on their website, and Field and Stream stores.

    MSRP is listed as $169.99. Take a look online at

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