Dueck Defense Releases DFR Glock Sights

Dueck Defense, hot on the heels of their expensive RBU (Red Dot Back Up), has released an inexpensive (and arguably more practical) set of iron sights for Glock handguns. The new DFR sights or Dueck Defense Fixed Rear sight is an interesting design that Dueck claims ” (gives) your eye a longer window of light but still narrow enough for precise aiming.”


But, that’s not all. The Dueck Fixed Rear sight is designed with one-handed operation in mind. The rear side includes a reverse hook that allows the operator to easily catch the sight on clothing, hard objects, or similar in case of emergencies to keep the handgun system running. The rear sight also includes a set-screw to help keep the sight in-place during vigorous activities.


The front sight blade for both the fiber optic & tritium infused model is a serrated affair to keep glare away. All sights are in-stock and ready for shipment. All the edges are appropriately rounded to avoid snagging and the rear sight looks to be either black oxide or a Black Nitride finish. The Dueck Defense Fixed Rear sight is available stand-alone for $49.95 & available as a complete set with either fiber optics ($83.95) or ready for low and no-light shooting with a Tritium front sight ($109.95).


Nathan S

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  • INFI

    Wish there was a pic of what the actual sight picture looks like. On the other hand the price point seems to be very reasonable compared to the other products they sell.

    • Sianmink

      Yeah, their website doesn’t give a hint as to the sight picture and so far as I can find a picture of such does not exist online anywhere.

      • INFI

        I have a feeling the rear is gonna look something like this (without all the extras) super exaggerated vertical notch. VTAC and 10-8 replacement, the Haley TRON looking sight and now this Dueck. Seems to be a trend here. Id like to shoot one of them to see the magic (or bullcrap).

  • Spencerhut

    Front sight on the right looks really close to a Trijicon HD

  • Bill

    Finally, a gimmick I like. But I might remove the phrase “no light shooting.” That’s probably not conducive to target ID or actually hitting anything 😉

  • Rick5555

    How can you tell if the sight is Nitride. Nitride goes on clear. Then manufactures Black Oxide over the nitride treatment. Manufactures do this, so consumers can visually see that nitride was applied. It’s a subliminal thing, in which extensive studies were conducted. If people are purchasing something, they want to be able to see the special feature. And due to nitride goes on clear. Manufactures elect to Black Oxide. Manufactures who offer a stainless steel (naked) model, as well as a black slide. Both versions are nitride. Look at FNH FNS model. The slide is Nitride. However, the slide looks dull in black.

  • RICH