Mepro Sting: Professional Laser Pointer from Meprolight

Mepro Sting

When hunting the wolves in less than ideal conditions (are there any other kind), the tiniest edge be all the difference in the world.  Meprolight, supplier to the Israeli Defense Forces, now offers US law enforcement and military personnel another edge for their tool box.

Introducing the Mepro Sting.  A dual wavelength laser aiming device, the Mepro Sting operates in either visible or infrared modes, transitioning back and forth with the push of a button.  Manufactured for real world use, it includes common sense features such as a safety catch for the visible laser function.  Anyone who has ever activated a weapon light while concealed in a hide can appreciate the importance of little details.

Built for simplicity, the laser also incorporates a single zeroing process for both visible and infrared functions.  Operators can choose to run with or without a remote control.

Interested parties will need to provide proof of employment as the Mepro Sting is not currently available for civilian purchase. Other optics are also sold by Meprolight like the Tru-Dot RDS that was previously mentioned on this site.

The Mepro Sting is being imported and sold by The Mako Group. The Mako Group represents a number of different companies and products like the Front Line Holsters.

Richard Johnson

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  • JK

    Calling it a laser pointer, I was looking forward to rocking my next quarterly report like a true oper8r

    • Squirreltakular

      I thought the same thing.

  • Anonymoose

    What if you’re not Mil/LEO? :c

  • TCBA_Joe

    Only mil/LE AND is almost $1577?!?!?!

    I don’t think Mako understands what market segment buys their products.

    Features of a proven Steiner CQBL for only a $750 premium. Class I ATPIALs and DBAL-A3s cost hundreds less while having the added benefit of a built in illuminator, common tapeswitches, and a proven track record of a decade of use by US SOF in GWOT.

    For Mile/LE that kind of change will buy a PEQ-15/ATPIAL or DBAL-A2/A3.

    Maybe Mako should start realizing their market isn’t pipe-hitters (or those who want pipe-hitting level equipment) and understand those who buy Mako are only a few rungs above those who put airsoft parts on their guns and think the Israelis are the end-all for tactical equipment and it’s better than proven western gear.

    • You’re full of it. Meprolight sells their stuff to militaries all over the world, and their optics and gear is combat-proven by more than just the IDF. Mako’s customer service sucks (or used to), but the Meprolight and FAB Defense gear is top notch. I am somewhat less impressed with _CAA_, which people seem to confuse with Mako for whatever reason (the Israeli connection?).

      That said, I won’t deny that this product seems to be priced a bit high compared to its competition, especially without an IR illuminator built in. On the other hand, compare the specs – the lasers on this thing are 2mw and 12mw, which is rather a lot more than the competition.

      • TCBA_Joe

        Just because they sell their stuff to some small foreign armies doesn’t make them a powerhouse. Aimpoint, Trijicon, L3, Steiner, Elcan, etc… are all in worldwide use and the first choices for foreign and domestic armed services (LE & Mil).

        I’d be interested in seeing what military groups are buying their stuff, because it’s sure not the major first world ones.

        • Phil Hsueh

          To be honest, just because something is in use by multiple militaries around the world doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Often times, militaries of small nations can be like civilians and will want the latest and greatest item simply because XYZ unit of the US/British/Russian military uses it, even if it’s way overkill, in terms of both price and capability, for what they actually need and/or can afford. An example of this was the F-20 Tigershark, by all measures a very good light fighter that would be a great replacement plane for Air Forces that were still using the F-5; but no one wanted to buy it because it wasn’t in service with the USAF. What these countries really wanted was something much fancier, sexier, and more expensive like the F-16 because that’s what the USAF uses and if it’s good enough for the USAF it’s got to be more than good enough for their tiny little Air Force.

        • Steve

          Elcan is Raytheon, and honestly, L3 and Steiner (LDI) are the only two of what you listed that produces this type of product. Steiner’s stuff is REALLY hit or miss, in my opinion. The Mk.3 battle light, for instance, was an absolute joke at the price. That being said, the quality of Meprolight is pretty comparable to Steiner in my opinion. Both are a big step below large military suppliers such as Raytheon and L3.

  • dbhm

    “Operators can choose to run with or with a remote control.”

    So I have a choice of with or with a remote? Or is that really no choice?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Laser designator?
    Cool, so I can use this to call in a JDAM?

  • Mister Thomas

    “Where ever the laser is, I pull the trigger and I’m on target” … well, the laser is three inches above the barrel. So depending where you aim the laser, you can quite easily miss the target.

  • santi

    Whoa, that gentleman there is Garret Machine. Former IDF – Counter terrorist instructor. Did some training with him in a Go-Ruck pistol class. Great instructor, wish I could have taken a tavor class with him.

  • mrsatyre

    “…the Mepro Sting is not currently available for civilian purchase.” Because, y’know, only cops need these things.