Magpul Makes… Belts?

Holy crap, just when I thought the BCM watch was the pinnacle of unusual product line expansions, Magpul just took the cake with the announcement of their Tejas Gun Belt. At first, I thought this was a (very) delayed April Fool’s joke, but Magpul is dead serious about the product.

The base belt itself is cow hide, but in true Magpul style, the product is complete with polymer reinforcement. The leather is the outer layer and the polymer is the inner layer both epoxied and sewn together. The dual construction ensures the belt cannot stretch, maintains its shape (like their phone cases) and allows adjustment holes to be closer together than otherwise possible with only cow hide.

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Still, the belt will require some maintenance, as the cow hide is not as impervious to wear. Magpul recommends standard care as for most high-quality leather goods.

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The “El Original” Tejas Gun Belt is, as the name implies, manufactured in Texas. Retail on the belt is set at $84.95. It is currently available in three colors, Black, Chocolate, and a lighter brown (closer to tan). The belt can be picked up direct from MagPul and their various retailers. Make sure to note how to size the belt if you are ordering online. Sizing is not the same as off-the-shelf belts. 


Nathan S

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  • Orion Quach

    As an example, Johnson & Johnson make much more than just baby powder so is it that unreasonable for a company to venture into new products yet still be related to their field?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Theres such a thing as “brand dilution”.

      And “brands that make too much crap”.

      • Bill

        As in Taylor and Smith and Wesson? Why do I need SIG shot glasses or Beretta golf towels?

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Kalashnikov’s family tried to start a lifestyle brand in the 90’s with a line of watches and leatherman tools and the like. It didnt work out.

          • Anonymoose

            Don’t forget the vodka!

          • iksnilol

            I just wish they’d make a stock flask. As in a flask (out of metal) shaped like the stock. So you can replace your AK stock with a big flask.

            That or make a flask that is externally identical to the AK cleaning kit that is stored in the stock.

  • ostiariusalpha

    I’m sure they’re very nice belts, but I tend to buy “El Cheapo” leather belts and those last me quite a long time even though I completely neglect any maintenance or care on them. I don’t go for thin, pliable belts, as they won’t cut it for work use.

    • Bill

      I figured out that on the average I could buy two pairs of name-brand means for the price of one belt. This means that eventually I’ll be wandering around with no pants, just a belt, and a holstered gun of course.

      • Anomanom


        • Bill

          The Naked Gunfighter Rides Again, but I gotta remember not to go prone in the cholla cactus.

    • JLR84

      I could never get a cheap store-bought belt to last more than a year, and that was *before* I started carrying a gun. Ended up spending $85 on a quality leather gun belt in 2009, and it’s still going strong. I’ve easily saved money.

    • Grindstone50k

      Yep, I’ve got a leather belt from JC penny going on 8 years old.

      • Harold

        Congratulations. I have a Matt Del Fatti belt going on 18 years. I’m not bragging but I am proud.

        • Grindstone50k

          Congratulations yourself.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Can I get my name embossed on the back??

    Make it “El Duderino”.

    • Bill

      You may have to settle for a truckers’ wallet with a chain and the chrome mudflap girl carved into it.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Already got one.

  • Guest

    How about they bring that drum mag to market. Is that ever going to happen? And if they are taking notes, they should make a bipod.

  • Bill

    It sounds like it has potential. I detest riggers belt or any belt with a buckle that requires a degree in engineering to operate and doest really do anything anyway except get in the way. My problem is I sweat like a fat girl in a chocolate factory and have ruined really nice leather belts, which the insert that this brand and others use may stop that, plus is doesn’t look like some of the synthetic leather belts; i.e. like crap.

    Now for basketweave and if they are going to name it the Tejas belt, it has to be available in floral carved.

    • M1911

      Huh? I wear Wilderness Instructor belts and I don’t understand why you think it “requires a degree in engineering to operate”. Loop it through the buckle, pull it tight, close it on the velcro. No harder than a traditional belt.

      • Bill

        I wrote riggers belt OR any belt with a buckle…..

        I use a number of Wilderness or other brand rigger’s belts with friction buckles – what I was referring to were those belts that use a certain brand of buckle, which essentially requires disassembly to slide gear on, assuming it isn’t made out of too many layers of nylon to fit through holster loops. Plus, at the price of those buckles they should be awarded at rodeos.

        I’d also like to know what percentage of people wearing riggers belts with tie-ins actually tie in to anything, other than a carabiner to carry a key ring. I’m sure there are plenty of mil types, and maybe some actual workers at heights that do, but even they wear harnesses if the know they are going to be hanging off a line.

  • KestrelBike

    Needs more prancing-horses branded into the leather ala mexican cartel style.

    • Bill

      I want silver conchos, but they make sliding a holster on tough.

    • Bill

      …actually I think that would be a decapitated head instead of a prancing horse.

      • Anonymoose

        I was going to post a picture of some cartel victims’ flayed heads, but I decided Skullface would be more tasteful, and he’s probably leathery enough to make a belt out of.

  • Harrison Jones

    I’m all for this as it means I might be able to buy a decent belt at local gun stores. But I would rather see it for a lower price like sub $55. For that much money I’ll add another $20-$30 to my budget and have a custom belt made.

  • Mike N.

    The price is not unreasonable and the wider availability should be a big plus. I paid $90 each for two very similar made-to-order belts from the Beltman six years ago.

  • AndyHasky

    I really like them, I live in Texas and you’d be surprised how hard it is to buy a simple well made belt without a ton of silver and carving and c$#p all over it. And my current belt is almost too big for me, this will definitely make the list of potential replacements.

  • USMC03Vet

    Looks nearly identical to my 5.11 leather belt.

    • Magpul

      the 5.11 belt is a conventional stiffener sewn in between two leather halves.

      The Tejas gun belt uses top grain bull hide backed by nylon webbing that is encased in chemical resistant polymer. The result is a belt that has the vertical rigidity needed to carry a holstered gun but also has enough “twist” in it to be comfortable to wear all day.

      • Jim B

        Your belt sounds as if it is very similar to the Lenwood Hybrid Belt. I own the hybrid and love it. Pricing is similar with the Lenwood a little less expensive.

  • Lance

    OUCH!!!! A bit expensive for a leather belt.

    • Magpul

      It is Low-Mid price point for belts made specifically to carry a holstered firearm

  • This was a very smart move by Magpul. Their primary demographic tends to a) CCW b) like really tough gear and c) like made in USA goods. CCW requires a sturdy, tough belt, and most would prefer it made in USA –> Magpul is going to sell a ton of these. Likely including one to myself.

  • John

    And if you want a “modern tactical” version, just make it all polymer in grey, green, tan or black.

    Nice, Magpul.

  • Cymond

    See, unlike the BCM watch, this is actually affordable and innovative.

    • iksnilol

      How is a leather belt innovative?

      • Cymond

        The materials and construction methods. It isn’t just a leather belt.
        The price is high, but I’m tempted by a nice-looking leather belt that won’t deform over time.

        • iksnilol

          Uh, what new materials and construction methods? Leather is leather, as long as you get good quality leather it’s good. There’s only so many ways to make a leather belt.

          So yes, it is just a leather belt. Maybe high quality but still.

          • Theo Brinkman

            Maybe read the article? As he pointed out, “It isn’t just a leather belt.”

  • Bloedman

    Nothing will top the Bull Belt from Saddleback Leather.

    • Magpul

      The Saddleback Bull belt is a nice single layer belt (I have one) but it should no way be confused with a “gun” belt meant to carry a holstered gun.

  • CavScout

    Nothing but unflashy swag?

  • Core

    The price is a bit high for being an entry into the market but it looks really high quality. I’m definitely in the market for a CC belt, now that I’ve seen the video I’m sold.