One of EOTech’s International Distributors is Bailing & It Gets Worse

Things can’t exactly be easy-going at EO-Tech right now. The recent release of USSOCOM’s Safety of Use Message on the holographic sights not living up to their claims, specifications, and in fact having the zero shift under various conditions has been damning to the sight’s reputation.

Elite Defense, a minor player in the domestic market (but a major acquisitions center for international defense, police, etc.) has announced they are formally cutting ties with EOTech over the issue and EOTech’s inability to communicate the issues, communicate deliveries, or just communicate in general.

Unfortunately, it seems the situation has been known for longer than the SOUM has indicated, with EOTech actually stopping shipments in April of this year for ” what was described at the time as, a minor production issue”.


Ay Carumba, If its been at least 6 months and no resolution has been implemented, it is far and above a “minor production issue” and sounds like a total platform issue requiring massive re-engineering. Having worked with L-3 in the past (in my previous time in Defense prior to moving to the Firearms industry), I know there are great people over there and the solution will be complete and total, but until then EOTech’s reputation is going to take a whallop.

Soldier Systems was the first to get their hands on the Elite Defense memorandum. They have some great content too, so click the link or any photo to be taken over there. EOTech issues a formal response. 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

    “There, there…”

  • Orion Quach

    SOLSYS also reported today that USSOCOM is currently seeking an alternative optic to EOTechs and reviewing 5 alternative optics.

    • NDS

      Did they say what the 5 optics are?

      • TCBA_Joe

        T2, LCO, MCO, SRS, DeltaPoint Pro

        • NDS

          Thanks, Joe

  • kipy

    I thought I was quite the operator back in the day after I saved up and bought a Eotech 512. I wish I could tell 20 year old me that I would get looked down upon in the coming future.

  • NDS

    Trijicon’s MRO has excellent timing. I sold my EoTech EXPS-3 from my primary rifle immediately after hearing of this SOCOM notice and got an MRO and American Defense mount for around $550 total, SO impressed with the MRO so far. Almost broke even with the sale of the EoTech, but I don’t know how well they are selling now that word is getting around.

    • Sam

      The MRO has not been out anywhere near long enough to even hint at being combat proven. This all seems like a huge knee-jerk reaction.

      • NDS

        100% agreed – I said I’m impressed so far – but less than 1k rounds of 300blk on a sample size of one MRO is in no way combat proven. I kept my AA EoTech as that has served me well for years and years. I thought I was crazy having terrible parallax issues with that EXPS-3 out as far as 75 yards or so. I know no optic is truly “parallax-free” especially up close, but I read that brief and it was a Eureka! moment

        • Sam

          I’m actually probably going to buy an MRO for my SBR once it’s out of tax stamp jail. I gotcha with what you’re saying. I am curious if this is just a quality control issue with just a certain batch of them or not. But… I’ve seen EOTechs put through hell and still hold up just fine, so I’m not abandoning ship anytime soon.

      • NDS

        Cut my reply off, I was going to say as well it seems the MRO has some QC issues with rollout, bad lens flare, excessive magnification, dim/dead dots. Mine is an early one, s/n 116 and is outstanding. Time will tell if it’s an actual player, Trijicon has a big rep to live up to.

  • USMC03Vet

    They’ll be fine because if one thing The Internet has taught me is that the more something costs the better it is.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      The aimpoints I like cost more.

    • Rex Krom

      I dont know about that. I’ve been using the HD7 from lucid for a little over a year now and it’s been great. Around $170 new. I know you are being sarcastic I just like my budget red dot.

      • whskee

        Gotta admit, I got the HD7 and the M7 and didn’t have any expectation for them being great, but have been pleasantly surprised. They’re solid buys in my book.

        • Rex Krom

          For the price I am extremely happy with it. I’m not to hard on my gear though so I’m interested to see a long term review on them from someone who is a little tougher on their stuff.

    • Evan

      EOTechs are good because they’re good, not because of price. I would’ve killed to get my hands on one of the few that my battalion had in Iraq, everyone who had them swore by them, and in my experience it’s the best optic of its type available. AimPoint, on the other hand…I wouldn’t pay $100 for one. They’re absolutely awful in every way. A red dot that feels like a scope, except without the magnification or precise reticle. We had some of those too, except basically everyone who was issued one just stuck with iron sights instead.

      • Mike

        I posted this elsewhere, but I just wanted to address this opinion of yours that “aimpoints are absolutely awful in every way”… First of all… if no one in your unit used them, then how do you know they are awful? You can’t tell much when it’s sitting in the bottom of a bag.

        Additionally, your experience doesn’t reflect most people’s. Mine, for one. Any of the times I deployed. I’m in Afghanistan right now, and I am surrounded by Aimpoints. Mostly M4s but I sat next to some officer on a helo that had an issued Micro. That being said, most of the ODAs I work with use Eotechs and Elcans… it sounds like that may change.

        But even when I was in Iraq, everyone in my unit loved their Aimpoints. I had an ACOG, which was great, too. In infantry basic, we all used aimpoints from day one. We only shot 5 rounds through the irons to make sure they were close enough. It sounds like you may have been in Iraq toward the beginning in a unit that wasn’t sure what to make of this “new-fangled” technology, so opted for what they were comfortable with…. that doesn’t mean Aimpoints suck.

        Edit: ah… i see you were a Marine… that explains a lot about your unit’s preference for irons and shunning of technology. lol

        • Evan

          The AimPoints didn’t go straight into the packs, they went on the rifles first. They didn’t last very long. People hated them. This was in 2005.

          Marines aren’t anti-technology, we just never get cool toys. I still had PVS-7Bs in 05-06. I desperately wanted 14s, but only the officers got those. And I loved PEQ-2s and PAS-13s and ACOGs and all the other cool optical technology we had. Just not AimPoints.

          And I’ve never tried an Elcan, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I’d like to try one.

      • 11B

        Yeah all of our Aimpoints were great. The only time they broke was after years and years of deployments and abuse
        from being in an infantry unit. Anyone who has a pissing contest
        between Aimpoint/Trijicon/EoTech is either a fanboy or just
        ignorant. They all work fine.

  • me ohmy

    one word…and has always been for me…..AIMPOINT.
    I ain’t staring down no damn laser beam.

  • InfiniteGrim

    So, if the chinese can put different “crosshairs” into an aimpoint… I think aimpoint needs to start thinking about an Eotech-like reticle in their reddots. If that happened…. bye bye Eotech.

    • Evan

      …Except for the fact that AimPoint would still have a far too narrow field of view and still feel like a poorly made piece of junk that’s popular solely because its battery lasts forever. Replacing that absurd blob with a decent reticle would be a step in the right direction, but AimPoints are still hands down the worst optics I’ve ever used.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        So much wrong in one post.

        Here is the short version… If you think the small aimpoints have “too narrow a field of view” you’re using it wrong.

        Anyone who says that isn’t using a red dot properly and/or has it mounted too far forward. Another thing to consider… Everyone isn’t wrong except you. Aimpoints are legit.

        • Evan

          Right, except I’m not the only one who thinks AimPoints are useless. When I was in Iraq, everyone in my Marine Corps rifle company (that is to say, people who have to bet their lives on their weapons and gear) who was issued an AimPoint decided that they were worthless and went with their iron sights. Your enthusiasm for them nonwithstanding, that’s a pretty strong negative review.

          An AimPoint looks like you’re looking through a scope, except minus the magnification or reticle. Shooting with both eyes open presents an awful, distracting sight picture. The reticle sucks. They feel flimsy and poorly made (at least to me).

          Everyone who I have ever heard singing the praises of the AimPoint are exclusively people who have never been in combat. Every combat veteran I know, myself included, thinks they’re junk.

          • Sticky-eye Rivers

            Not to tell you its raining, but… well, Larry Vickers says he’s loved aimpoints since Grenada, so that is someone who doesn’t fit your descripion

          • 11B

            Ok so my rifle company was “wrong” and never saw combat because we used Aimpoints? Get off your high horse dude, you sound like a POG. As an actual combat vet, infantry vet, I have used both and both are fine. Oh and if this is to be a pissing contest, go ask Delta what they use, or anyone in an SMU. I bet they use whatever the hell works.

          • Evan

            Generally it’s the POGs who mount AimPoints. “Hey, with this optic I don’t need, I’ll look like a real high-speed-low-drag warrior”.

            I don’t know the first thing about Delta, but we pulled security for SEALs once and they all had EOTechs.

  • Lance

    Keep saying if you want a good combat optic go with Trijicon!!!

    • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

      Aimpoint Pro…

    • Yimmy

      No thanks I’ll stick to Aimpoint, the ones that have been in theatre and in combat proven use for over a decade now.

      • James

        A note of history, the Trijicon ACOG first saw combat in Operation Just Cause back in 1989. So 26 years of service.

        As to Joe’s comments, I don’t doubt your veracity, but you’re the only person who I’ve seen have issues with the optic. I’d be interested in seeing the military’s opinion.

        I also own no optics, so don’t have a horse in the race.

        • Jwedel1231

          You own no optics? Irons only?

      • Evan

        Combat proven use? When I was in Iraq, everyone who was issued an AimPoint stuck it in the bottom of their pack and just went with iron sights. You want combat proven, stick with Trijicon or EOTech. This latest scandal aside, EOTech has a proven track record in combat and is infinitely superior to AimPoint.

        • Mike

          lol. you keep saying that all over these comments, but that simply hasn’t been most people’s experience. Mine, for example. Any of the times I deployed. I’m in Afghanistan right now, and I am surrounded by Aimpoints. Mostly M4s but I sat next to some officer on a helo that had an issued Micro. That being said, most of the ODAs I work with use Eotechs and Elcans… it sounds like that may change.

          But even when I was in Iraq, everyone in my unit loved their Aimpoints. I had an ACOG, which was great, too. In infantry basic, we all used aimpoints from day one. We only shot 5 rounds through the irons to make sure they were close enough. It sounds like you may have been in Iraq toward the beginning in a unit that wasn’t sure what to make of this “new-fangled” technology, so opted for what they were comfortable with…. that doesn’t mean Aimpoints suck.

          • 11B

            Well seeing as he was a Marine, they probably got the hand-me-down optics from the start of OEF lol. In that case, yeah, I would trash em.

            The avg. grunt will see NO difference between AImpoint/Eotech. It’s personal preference.

    • Joe Schmoe

      If you want one that’s pretty fragile compared to a reflex, go ahead. I managed to break three ACOG’s in three years, and I took relative care of them compared to others.

      • KestrelBike

        How did you break them?

        • Joe Schmoe

          Just during my regular army service. One of them for example developed a tiny hole, so it fogged up beyond use; etc.

  • Paladin

    If anyone would like to offload any or all of their EoTechs I will volunteer to dispose of them for you for the nominal fee of $3.50…

    • Evan

      Hey, that was my idea! EOTech makes an awesome optic.

      • Jwedel1231

        Apparently not.

  • Yahoo

    We just need to throw some EO techs on top of some G36s and we can be back to revolutionary era battles!

  • tony

    That poser in the promo photo is laughable

    • Willie 34

      Models have to pose or not get paid. Or something to that effect.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      The drop leg is what does it for me. You can tell who is legit by that alone. No one that trains hard and uses a gun on the move, in vehicles, outside of the range uses a drop leg more than the one time it takes to learn why.

      • Evan

        …except for the Marine Corps. They’re pretty good at gunfights.

      • Krogort

        Lot of SWAT group (including CT) uses them.
        I suppose if you don’t have to hike they are less anoying to wear.

  • ZMD

    A contract termination on Oct. 21 and as of Nov. 3 L-3/EOTech still hasn’t gotten back to them?! Ay caramba indeed…

  • BillC

    All the ARFCOM’rs with their “MK18” clones are probably super booty-hurt right now.

  • HKGuns

    I think this contract cancellation is a bit over played. I seriously doubt this is a huge blow to their business model. It is based in Chelsea, just outside of Ann Arbor, not exactly the export capital of the international business world. I don’t have their balance sheet in front of me but the name just screams extremely small potatoes.

    • PCO

      We are one of their international dealers. Elite Defense is an excellent business run by an extremely competent and hard working husband and wife with a ton of very experienced veterans on staff (including the owner). We have been working through this with them on this issue and it can only be described as extraordinarily frustrating and I am absolutely certain they are more frustrated then even their dealers and distributors have been. This is a huge spank on EO Tech which has had zero shift issues for years but they denied it. We’ll see what if anything they can do. I am looking at US Optics or Leupold to solve my customers particular needs.

      I’d still happily recommend Elite Defense as a very good partner to work with if they have what you need.

  • INFI


  • Kivaari

    Does anybody that actually knows something about the EO Tech “stuff” able to tell me what’s going on? I have an unused one, remaining unused, resulting from multiple trips to surgical suites this year. If I live, did I waste my money on the sight?

    • Cal S.

      For everything else, there’s Armslist…

      I’d tell you here, but it’s pretty involved. The hyperlinks at the top of this article take you right to the goods.

    • Grindstone50k

      Unless you live in the arctic or in the Earth’s core, you’re fine. SOCOM found some shift in the optic’s recticle in extreme temps. Got all the McTacticool Mall Ninjas in a tizzy.

      • CommonSense23

        The issue isn’t every Eotech. It’s a quality controll issue, some of our guys had issues most did not.

      • raz-0

        You have to live someplace really cold for the low end temps to be an issue. If you ever leave your optic in a car in summer, a huge chunk of the US puts you within the temp range for failure.

        As a point of reference, I help run a few summertime 3 gun and carbine matches. I’ve shot with a couple dozen + people over the years with eotechs. We ran into two inexplicable accuracy problems from that sampling. Definitely not as common as the issue with the battery terminals getting compressed/battered until they didn’t make contact, but WAY higher incident rate of WTF than is acceptable with a high dollar precision manufactured device.

        At the time, we suspected the mounts, but in retrospect the heat/cold issue would explain why the mounts looked like they didn’t have issues.

    • BillC

      A +/- 4 MOA shift at -40 Deg F and 122 Deg F. and they are not parallax free, up 6moa parallax difference depending on conditions. Also, that 122 degrees is easily attainable, trunk of a car or your rifle in the sun on a summer’s day.

    • Evan

      I’ll be happy to take it off your hands. EOTech makes an amazing product, despite an apparent recent quality control issue. I never used one in combat myself (they weren’t easy to come by in my battalion), but EOTech is one of the few optics I’d bet my life on.

    • iksnilol

      Don’t keep it in your trunk and don’t use it on windy days during winter.

      When the wind blows the effective cold is 3 times higher from what I learned.

  • Cal S.

    I’m still hugging my Strikefire II…

  • MR

    …waiting for the clearance sales…

  • Dale Dimick

    I had an Armson OEG red dot sight pre trijicon on my M16A1 when the 82nd ABN went to Grenada back in 1983. I had another one on my HK 91.

  • anon

    Really? I love EOTechs when they work. They are, in my opinion, the quickest dot sights, when they work.

    With the original battery problems from way back, two failures from personal experience in the past year, and now this, I wish they would just make it work.

  • DIR911911 .

    guess buying the knock off for about 1/10th the rice I actually got the same quality , although in my knock offs defense I haven’t noticed anything yet , but i don’t shoot much.

  • Kivaari

    Some have claimed EO Tech sights are hard to find. Where are they hard to find? I see them all over the place, from brick and mortar stores to internet market places. From my perspective of a buyer, there is no shortage or work stoppage. If it is -40, I am not going out. If it is 120, I’m not going out. Yes, they could get subjected to the high heat if left in a car trunk. I’ll try to avoid that.

  • Secundius

    It appears that someone at EOTECH was caught with their Finger’s in the “Cookie Jar”, producing and selling without applying serial numbers to the products. Didn’t Taurus have the same problem, or was that someone else…

  • uisconfruzed

    I’ve owned two & never had a problem with them.
    I ,maybe thankfully, just sold my EXPS2 (kept the great 3X magnifier) for an Aimpoint T-2 due to ‘old man eyes’ and the extra light of the ring would cause my target to wash out.