The Return of .22LR

It’s been a few years since the Great Ammo Shortage began, but it hasn’t been so long we’ve forgotten the difficulty of locating .22LR. Some states were worse than others, for example, back in Washington State .22LR was quite literally nonexistent. There wasn’t a single gun store on the western side of the state with a stock of the diminutive round and that remained true not for months but years. At the same time, gun stores in Kentucky were selling cases on a semi-regular basis. They couldn’t keep it in stock long, but at least it appeared now and then.

The apparent shortage may be coming to an end – or is it? 22plinkster gives his opinion regarding whether or not .22LR will be making a regular appearance on the shelves of your local gun store.

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  • Renegade

    .22lr is regularly in stock in Texas at $30/brick for bulk ammo. It seems to be mostly in stock in California, but still at inflated prices.

    • DrewN

      I’m in the OC andI was picking up a Smith from jail yesterday and the store was still charging $60 for a brick of Remington Goldens. My local Big 5 will occasionally have Federals for $30ish though, which is at least going in the right direction.

    • Paul White

      Not in Amarillo it isn’t ๐Ÿ™

  • M.M.D.C.

    Here in Charleston County, SC us rednecks kept the shelves picked clean. Very pricey in the gun shops, if they had it. You had to get lucky at walmart and get there at the exact moment the stuff came off the truck before the scalpers grabbed it all to resell. It was ugly.

    At it’s worst I was forced to buy nasty Remington bulk 22. It had been “repackaged” in tiny 20 round baggies and marked up 100%. It felt like buying grass..

    I never noticed any uptick in availability until Gander Mountain opened up shop here about six months ago. They keep the stuff on the shelves and don’t charge any more than walmart. It could be a coincidence, but I still check the shelves at WM whenever I’m in there and they’re still empty.

    • mosinman

      it was like that in Columbia too… people almost fought for it

      • M.M.D.C.

        Better now?

        • mosinman

          not sure, i moved north a few months ago

      • Andrew

        Still haven’t seen one single round of .22lr at any Walmart here in upstate SC. The last sporting goods guy I talked to said as soon as it comes off the truck, 4 or 5 employees start texting friends, and it’s gone before they can even put it out.

        • mosinman

          yeah that’s been my experience selling it

        • Jim_Macklin

          If your local Walmart has employees turning out such notices, report them to Walmart HQ. It is a violation of corporate policy . Those employees will be fired.
          Even if you don’t know their name, report the store and HQ will post warnings.

          • jcitizen

            Yep! They sure didn’t pull that here – our local Walmart just flat didn’t get any shipments for months at the start of the shortage.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Hey, I’m in Charleston, too…. and yes, what he said.

    • Geoffry K

      I’m near NMB and no Walmart here has .22 ammo. A Gander Mountain opened near Forest Park, but I haven’t been there yet. I don’t even bother to check for it at BPS. PSA has it, but overcharges for a brick. They had a 500 brick of Remington Thunderblot for $38, about twice what it should cost. Academy in Florence sometimes has .22 at normal price, but too far to drive.

      • quraina

        Gander Mountain has been the best source of affordable 22LR in my area. Anything under ten cents a round I buy. People keep thinking/hoping $19 bricks are coming back someday. Nope.

      • bluesea

        Talked to someone from Remington and he said that Remington has upped
        their price by $10 for the 500 round box to $35.

    • jcitizen

      Gander Mountain probably has the pull to threaten the distributors and/or manufactures to service the demand like they should have a long time ago. It is sad to see the top retailers pushing out the ma an pa stores – that may have been the plan all along!

  • A.WChuck

    In my area of Florida, there is .22 on the shelves (behind the counter actually) with prices at .08$ per round or higher. Sometimes much higher. Stores like Academy are still enforcing limits to keep the scalpers at bay.

  • AKโ„ข

    In my town in Alaska (im just south of Anchorage,and a major fishing location) its gone before 5pm,the day it gets delivered. Hooray for scalpers and old people camping out at walmart. Im sure they need over 30 bulk packs. Im sure they NEED to resell it at $30-40 a box..
    If I hadn’t bought my niece her Ruger 10/22,I would have sold it awhile ago.

    I’m assembling an AR-10 sourced from PSA and I figure I’ll put money towards .308 rounds.
    I already have a AR-15,a Glock 17,a Remington 870 12 Gauge
    Next year Im planning on getting a .458 SOCOM upper for my AR.

    Personally I just gave up looking for .22LR altogether. Sure its cheap to plink with,but Id rather purchase a few boxes of 9mm or 5.56.
    My friend traded some .22LR for some Nosler Trophy Grade .308 hunting rounds..

    • George

      Try reloading .223, you can down load them to 22LR-22Mag. Then you can shoot either. I’ve both a Savage 16 and Rem 700 in .223. I’ve modified to accept aics style magazines. Now I can shoot both regular 223 and reduced loads. Besides I could buy another weapon.

  • Christopher Armour

    .22lr is still scarce in ND/NW MN, you can find premium .22, at premium prices. But you can’t walk into Walmart and buy a 525rd box of Golden Bullets for $25 unless you’re there when they’re stocking the shelves.

  • John Yossarian

    Wow – Anyone else similarly blown away by the quoted statistic that 54% of firearms manufactured last year were .22 LR?

    • raz-0

      Given that before the 22 shortage we produced well over a billion rounds a year of the stuff even back in the early 90s, and no.. not really.

      • Sulaco

        I recently had a Remington rep tell me that the demand for .22 is over a billion rounds a year but that the current industry ability to produce is only about 60 million rounds. He cited the need to make military ammo etc as the cause.

        • raz-0

          You are getting something wrong about that conversation or the Remington rep is out to lunch.

          1) rimfire manufacturing facilities can’t really be repurposed to make anything else. It’s not like when all the .380 went offline because the machines could also make 9mm pistol ammo. The only thing other ammo might possibly be able to steal from that production line is manpower, raw materials, and storage space for output. Not to mention we are moving off of an active war footing, and buying less ammo (us, as in we the people aka the government).

          2) CCI recently did a video showing their facility expansion. Their plant alone now has the capability of making over 1 billion rounds a year, and at the time was churning out over 4 million rounds a day. So they are blowing away that 60 million number, and were before they expanded.

          3) Less direct documentation implies that the federal is making about 8 million a day, remington and winchester are supposedly also in the 4 million round a day realm. Then you have all the imported ammo.

          4) I think it was on here, but there was an article asking an industry guy what the estimate on .22lr sold each year is combining domestic and import supply and he estimated 4-5 billion, and that was some time ago, before I saw the CCI announcement on expansion. By the numbers I found looking for info for 3 above, I’d say the numbers are probably well over 5 billion now.

          The problem is that theres a 100 million gun owners who got told 22 was scarce and went from buying a box of 50-500 as needed to having some on hand. It’s a matter of scale. If 100 million gun owners decided their stock of .22 should include just one more 50 round box per year, That’s 5 billion rounds right there.

          • Ethan

            I subjectively agree. Its kind of like freeways in major cities – they’re only designed to handle about 40% of the population at any one time.

            If everyone evacuates at once, it always turns into gridlock.

          • Robert Kalani Foxworthy

            then the scalpers add fuel to the fire.

          • Sulaco

            I can only report what he said. His numbers maybe off but I think the general premises was correct on why as far as the industry is concerned.

          • jcitizen

            I hope you are right, but I saw a video on how the primers are packed on 22 lr, and I couldn’t believe they still do it by hand! At least at the factory they showed – can’t remember the brand. They need to get with the new century and start building robots that can handle that kind of demand. I realize it is also a factory safety issue, but I used to program robots and I know it can be done very safely; even more safely that human hands are capable of doing.

  • Paul White

    It’s gotten sorta-kinda available here. Small boxes (50 rounds) you can find more often than not. Bulk though? I haven’t seen any in years.

  • J.T.

    Cabela’s usually has CCI but the prices aren’t that great. Walmart gets at least a weekly delivery of either Federal Auto Match or the crappy Remington bulk packs and those last at least a day, sometimes two on the shelves before they sell out. I have yet to see any Winchester .22LR, which is a shame, because the Wildcats are what my Marlin shoots best and I haven’t seen any of those since 2012.

  • sean

    In Montana we are getting more then we have ever ordered in the past mostly because they are making more then they have in the past…the problem being is that a normal order in the past would last a couple of months and now a order last a couple of hours…if lucky a couple of days.

  • Agent_Orange

    It’s still very scarce in eastern Washington here. At any of the Big-R locations (now AKA North 40), they just roll their eyes when you ask about .22 being in stock; I haven’t seen any touch their shelves in over a year and a half. Cabela’s, Sportsmans, Black Sheep, Wal-Mart, all have very limited and sporadic inventory these days. It’s very hard to find hollowpoints. FMJ seems to be all that’s making to the shelves and some odd-ball stuff like .22 shorts, the occasional Mini-Mag, etc. There are also limit restrictions in place at these stores for how much you can buy at one time. Prices don’t seem too exorbitant (average $11 per 100 rounds), but obviously nothing like it was pre-panic.

    • Amanofdragons

      Yep. Eastern Washington sucks for 22s. Bad enough that I picked up two 17s. A hmr and a wsm. Both get shot a lot more than any of my 22s.

  • jeff k

    you can get .22lr everywhere now. just go online almost every retailer has some. its a lot different from last year

    • jcitizen

      Natchez Shooter’s Supply has ’em online for a little over 6 cents a round for 2 box maximum on 325 rd. bricks. Now that the regular wholesalers are FINALLY getting some stock, they are servicing their customers well by limiting daily purchases. I never blamed the low end online wholesalers for this debacle, it was obviously up the supply chain somewhere. I really think the NRA ought to investigate this, if they really have their members interests at heart. It is damaging the shooting sports no end!!

  • Trey

    S.Texas here, Walmart .. very random. Academy pretty much good they started selling upto 500 round per customer last week. Gander Mtn. A tad higher than Acadey and everything else there is too. Cabellas tends to have CCI in stock at fair to high price.

    have not seen a brick in over a year except at gunshows for prices so high I tend to actually tell other people not to buy from them (alamo ammo.. this means you there center fire stuff is fair to high also)

  • Sulaco

    Still in short supply in WA western areas. My store would get shipments but it was small mixed lots and gone instantly. And .22 Mag, forgetaboutit

    • Devil_Doc

      I was at the WAC show in Puyallup this weekend and I was still seeing bricks for $60-80. Nope. Not doing it.. I’ll wait till prices come back down or I won’t shoot .22.

      • Sulaco

        Agree Doc and those bricks were generally lower end ammo anyway. I was there (at WAC) also and finally renewed my membership for 2016. I was surprised at the attendance on Sat and had been debating renewing after the law change…

        • Devil_Doc

          Attendance is definitely down, but we need the WAC. 594 or not..

  • Orion Quach

    Dayton, Ohio here and have been seeing it pop up a TON and at normal pricing! Plinking stuff sitting around .05 to .07 cents.

  • notalima

    Vegas area WM are sold out before the sun comes up from store campers. BassPro will have some random 50rnd boxes left now and then, but bulk boxes are gone within minutes of hitting the shelves. If you find it at a random B&M gun store they are gouging as bad or worse than ‘gun show’ sellers here.

  • Don Ward

    At the places I go to here in Western Washington, they finally have a consistent small supply on the shelves at somewhat decent prices. We were able to pick up a couple boxes at the Outdoor Warehouse in downtown Seattle for my Alaska buddy a week ago. In the Twin Peaks theme town where I live, the hardware store has all the .22 you can buy for a somewhat “reasonable” price. When I saw this a few months ago, I had to stop myself from sweeping the ammo shelf clean, howling like an animal and leaving my scent on the empty .22LR shelf to warn off other would-be .22 ammo buyers.

  • Jim B

    I live 30 miles east of Atlanta. At the local Walmart it’s sold out the day it arrives. I have managed to find it once in stock over the last year. Bought the limit of 3 boxes and left happy. Yes, you can get it on line but most is .10 cents a round, way to rich for me.

    • Adventure Outdoors has it.

      • Jim B

        Thanks, I will check them out.

  • MR

    The only reason I may have forgotten the difficulty of finding 22lr is because I’ve pretty much given up looking for it. I just go directly for the nine or the two-twenty three for plinking fun.

  • Nocternus

    I have stopped buying it after hitting 5K rounds. Just go online and check daily at cabela’s and Gander Mountain and have them ship to the store for free. The only thing limiting me from having 10K, 15K, or even 50K rounds is $$. I always snicker when I see the guys lined up at the ammo counter at Cabelas buying two 50 round boxes of CCI for 10$ while I casually walk back to the shipping counter and pick up my 4 bricks that are waiting for me.

    • nadnerbus

      It’s hoarders like you and scalpers that cause all of this.

      • Nocternus

        5K rounds makes me a hoarder? Every time I go shoot I blow through 500 rounds easy with my M&P 15-22. I am not clearing the shelves. I am not the one lining up at the crack of dawn with 20 of my friends to clean the store shelves and flip them for 3X what I paid. I buy them online when I see them and pick them up from Cabelas about once a month. Stop bashing me for being smarter than you. Take my advice and you too can have all the ammo you need in 22lr.

        • nadnerbus

          Yeah, I kind of regretted that after I typed it, sorry. 50k would be hoarding, but 5 K is a bit more understandable.

          Personally, all I want is a couple bricks at a time (until I shoot it off and need to replace it, that is), at a reasonable price. The reason that still isn’t happening is because everyone is stocking up more than they used to. Much of that is due to politics and fear of future scarcity, which is understandable, but it’s gone on way too long.

          If gas were a more non-perishable commodity, and everyone decided to hoard five hundred gallons just in case of a supply shock, it would cause havoc with prices and supply. Except in theory, after a while the price would drop as people relaxed and started to tap into their reserves. So far there has been none of that for two or three years with .22 and it is getting very frustrating. Especially as my own finances get tighter and tighter and I can’t afford to indulge in center fire like I used to.

          Anyway, apologies, that was a poorly thought out reply on my part.

          • kipy

            This is the internet my friend, you’re not supposed to ever apologize/admit you were wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

          • nadnerbus

            Totally. And no debate is complete until someone has compared the other to Hitler.

          • Nocternus

            I think the issue isnt people hoarding it the fact that when people were afraid of new gun control legislation they all went out and bought firearms. A great many of those firearms were 22lr. The demand for 22lr ammo soared leading to a national shortage.

          • jcitizen

            How can there be hoarding when there is NO AMMO to hoard? For at least a year there was no ammo at the brick and mortar stores, no ammo at Walmart and none received there at all, and no ammo online, NONE! You can’t hoard what is just not there to buy – this had to be a distribution game to jack up the market, just like they tried to do in the silver market in the late 1900s.

          • jcitizen

            Hey! I don’t blame anyone for getting hot on this subject – I think you are both right!

      • I use to buy my .22lr for $0.03+- a round and use to stock well over 15,000. It was not uncommon for me to go through 200-300 rounds a trip to the range.

        When all the crazy people started buying it for $.12-.18 a round I sold almost all of it along with most of my .22lr pistols. Ammo and guns are just a commodity, same as gold and silver with no emotional attachment for me.

        The other reason was I figured when the stuff hits the fan, soon, I am likely leaving and I would not be taking it all with me, so, why leave it behind for a low life scum bag criminal to use against his “hood”. I figured I rather sell it to someone I liked that did not vote Obama vs. leave it for someone else to steal.

        I have no problem with so called “scalpers”, the more power to them. If you don’t like the prices, change the channel.

        • jcitizen

          I actually agree with you – but I still blame the manufacturers and distributors for creating this “shortage”, and it does not help the shooting sports at all. Even though I have a lot of 22 on hand that I accumulated slowly over the past decade – I am disgusted with the poor support the industry has shown in this case. There is one thing for sure – if you are a disaster preparedness fan – you are better off buying air guns, high pressure vessels and pumps, casting equipment, and lead. Because there is going to be NO AMMO of any caliber in a disaster. This idiocy proves that in spades!

          • I agree, I decide to go with more air powered stuff instead and bought my first pump pistol, uses pellets. I have been using the Daisy 5170 (.177) for a while and that thing is awesome except for eating those C02 cart. I feel if I am forced to eat tree rats and other critters, it will make the least amount of noise and one of the kids can easily carry 5,000 BBs or lead pellets. I will probably end up with a higher end pnp rifle, just the cost of the pumps is more then I pay for 500-1000 rounds of pistol and rifle ammo.

            One of the things that made me ditch the .22lr was no CCI mini-mag (except what I have) as those fed and fired the best in my small .22lr pistols. I tried the Eley from SMG and it just was not reliable on rapid fire and a FTF can be a hassle in a Bobcat if it is a life or death situation. The spring is so stiff it is almost impossible to rack it for most people.

            Even my 8 year old girl can hit the bullseye at 21 feet with the pistol pump (pellets) and iron sights.

          • jcitizen

            Oh man! I hear ya! I think you are on the exact right course. Don’t change anything! I do like the newer high caliber rifles though. I can’t remember the brands, but I go by Shot Gun News articles – you could probably do better with simple Google searches. I really appreciate your post!!

  • Evan

    I live in SE Wisconsin. Still been over 4 calander years since I’ve seen .22lr in person, anywhere. Talked with my Uncle and Grandfather in Southern Indiana and both of them haven’t found any, either. My Uncle has taken up squirrel hunting with a Gamo, after raiding all of Grandpa’s meager stockpile.

    • seb

      I also live in SE WI and have been rolling in .22lr through the whole scarcity…and none of it was bought at gouger prices. Check out Brass Badger…I don’t see the big 500/525/550 packs on there right now (I do see some 300/325’s though) but they do show some .22lr available in a few different flavors.

      • jcitizen

        In my area Brass Badger only reports one store in Dumas as having gone out of stock 4 hours ago – all the rest, no luck for weeks or months. A guy is probably better off trying Ammoseek(dot)com to find an online retailer.

    • jcitizen

      Damn right! With an airgun, at least a guy can make his own bullets! This is where the disaster prepared should have gone in the 1st place anyway. Also air guns have advanced to a stage now, where they compete with firearms very well. I like reading the articles in Shotgun News about the best performers, designs, and brands. I think this will actually be the future of the sport. Any gun manufacturer that makes 22s can go squat in a corner, for all I care!

  • William

    I don’t think there has ever been a clearer example of the benefit of “price gouging” in the history of economics. If Walmart and other similar retailers would have jacked up their prices during the panic we’d have all the 22LR we need.


      But then Darryl and his other brother Darryl would not have come back 92 weeks in a row to keep being retards, and buying more.

      The point is we DO have all the 22LR we need. Nobody needs to stockpile 100,000 rounds in the barn Marge, quick quick before the black helicopters get here.

      The question is how much do you want. If the price is high, you want less.

      The other thing is of course that every time you come back to the store, you buy something else with much higher margins for the retailer. So maximizing the number of visits is actually the retailers goal. Therefore, small baggies for many customers making extra trips is a big win.

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        There were commenters on this and other fora that the “only” “Rational” reason there was no .22 was because the government was BUYING IT ALL TO STEAL OUR PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS.

        Yet somehow, 9mm and 5.56mm were available.

        I haven’t bought any .22 since Newtown, and refuse to until the price returns to normal. I realize it may take a decade.

        But at some point, Bubba will be unemployed, or sick, or dead, and he or his widow will have to sell off 100K rounds.

        • jcitizen

          I don’t believe the Walmart camper theory, because I had a few retired guys watching those shipments like a hawk, and hardly any ammo actually was shipped. You might see one brick on shipping day, and that’s all. Someone farther up the chain of supply is intercepting this. I think it should seriously be investigated. I wish the NRA would push for it, because it is seriously hurting the shooting sport in my area – some folks have given up the sport entirely and don’t care if the buy another gun or round of ammo again.

        • DB

          I agree, it’s out there, that’s why all the trailers in the trailer park are sitting with the front end in the air and you can’t get to the bathroom in the back, because the Walmart Commandos that are going to save the world with their daily .22 runs to clean the shelves have 200K rounds of .22 in the back! They know it’s over, but won’t let go of it because they bought it at $1.00 a round (Morons!) and aren’t hungry enough yet to take the inevitable loss and sell it! They can still afford their 250 Lb plate vests and PBJ, I’m “diggin’ in!” One day they’ll have to turn loose of it, but for now I’m waiting for the $20.00 a box of 500 to reappear. I’ll shoot another toy till then! I have my 4 year old 1/3 empty box of 500 on the shelf, don’t need it to live, and won’t use it for protection! Till then, life goes on!!

  • Chris

    I have not seen .22 in my local walmart since all of this BS started. Found it at gunshows just fine, though, and at decent prices for good brands like CCI.

  • RICH

    The last time I was at Bass Pro Shop In SW Florida they had a limit of two 50rd boxes ! ! It wasn’t even on the shelves. They even kept it behind the counter probably thinking people would steal it ! SAD…….

  • Nocternus

    How am I blaming others for my piss poor planning? I said I have 5k round sitting in an ammo can. Even in todays market I have no issues finding it for sale. I never spend more than 7 cents a round. I did not own a 22lr prior to sandy hook why would I stock pile ammo for ten years in a caliber i did not own?

  • Leigh Rich

    No 22ammo in the upper Midwest USA

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      I see it in IN and MI all the time.

  • BearSlayer338

    It was never in shortage around where I live,not that I care in the first place.
    .22 imo is a boring and not very fun round to shoot,sure you can shoot more for less money but what is the point when other calibers are more fun?
    For handguns I like to shoot 9mm minimum for fun,but I prefer .357 magnum,.44 magnum,.45 LC and .45 acp.For rifles it is .223 minimum(not out of an AR15 though),but I prefer 7.62x39mm,.308/7.62 nato,and 8x57mm.

  • rick

    If it was so short, then why did a seller on GB have thousands of rounds for sale ??

    • jcitizen

      Probably had a main distributor that was letting him rake it off the top.

  • stu gotz

    If you think .22LR is scarce, try finding .22 Magnum. Virtually non-existent. This artificial “ammo shortage” is contrived by the manufacturers, distributors and government to slash supply, raise prices and is a form of back-door gun control. Without gas you can’t drive a car, without ammo you can’t shoot a gun. Why confiscate firearms when all you have to do is limit the amount of ammo and you’ve accomplished your goal?

    • Justin

      Or it could be due to retards buying more than they actually need. Or gun shop people buying it to sell at a ridiculous mark up. But let’s go with the government conspiracy theory. That make much more sense.

      • stu gotz

        @Justin. No doubt there is a lot of profiteering going on. As for so-called “hoarding,” how can you ever have enough ammo? It’s easy to go through a brick of 500 at the range so “stockpiling” a few thousand rounds is justified. Calling people “retards” for “buying more than they actually need” does little to advance your argument. Do you have plenty of food in your house and extra flashlights in case of an emergency? It’s simply good sense.

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          Yeah, but blaming it on a conspiracy that involves the entire industry, the government, and (even though you haven’t said it, I hear it), the UN, is retarded.

        • BigR

          @stu gotz
          You don’t look like no Italian!

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Check out Nocternus’ comment below. Hey, that slack-jawed, mouth-breathing jackwagon is why you can’t find ammo, not the government.

    • jcitizen

      I definitely blame the manufactures, but only to the point they didn’t try hard enough to step up production until too late in the game. I agree it is likely a distributor game to create an artificial shortage – that is my belief – because locally we flat had NO ammo, and online was gone for almost two years as well – you can’t blame local hoarding if there is no ammo to hoard!

  • Justin

    This is the most sensible thing ever written here. People will hate you for it. Because if they didn’t they would have to acknowledge their own stupidity for having contributed to the “shortage”. They are the same people who absolutely need a plate carrier incase SHTF or the government comes to confiscate your weapons. Because in this imaginary evil fantasy world, where tanks, Apache helicopters, MRAPS, Bradley’s, etc., exist, you with your bushmaster M4, plate carrier, 400 PMags, surplus Austrian camo bdu’s, and 60,000 rounds of 22 LR are going to stop them.

    These same people believe that attending training at Tactical Response or watching Instructor Zero videos makes them a formidable opponent. Just look at the commenter above who is a self proffessed expert on the MP 7, despite probable never having seen one in real life. I’m fairly certain I’d trust the judgement of the guys shooting foreign people in the heads with them rather than some random dude on a blog who thinks the SMU’s only use FMJ ammo.

    Again, thanks for posting something here that made sense. Congratulations on being an intelligent and productive member of society. They are in short supply.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      The armor is against gang violence or police crossfire.

      Helicopters require support, and support personnel are not bulletproof.

      Giap defeated the FFL using bicycles to haul supplies through the jungle.

      Clearly, you have never studied asymmetric warfare, military history, or even basic strategy.

      So you’re correct, you’re just looking in a mirror and seeing the counter to yourself.

    • Andrew Foss

      Except for the fact that most (All?) of the small arms (Everything under 15mm) ammunition is assembled by ATK-Orbitol at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant from Winchester-Olin brass, (delivered as raw cups and run through LCAAP’s own deep drawing presses) General Dynamics-St. Marks for powders, five different potential lead and steel projectile component manufacturers and ATK itself for the primers. And Sierra for the non-war M852 projectile (AKA, a MatchKing BTHP)

      And in specific reply: Yeah, because those vehicles never break down, run out of fuel or ammunition, need to have the loggies, crew and/or mechanics fed or supplied with their own personal ammo or safe place to sleep… Just like a defensive shoot: You’re not shooting to kill, you’re shooting to stop (best accomplished by depriving the hostile party’s brain with oxygen, via exsanguination.) Yes, in an insurrection against a totalitarian and tyrannical government, fighting on the ground with the line forces is suicide, but none of the above manufacturers are easily defended against a few thousand (each) people with just pistols. Or even a kitchen knife each. You fight to your strengths, not your opposition’s, you fight on ground of your choosing, in the way you can best fight, and you have a much better chance of winning.

      And those MRAPs are just fat targets for anyone with the presence of mind to shoot out the tires. and throw Molotovs until it burns to the ground.

      (And as I type this, Michael Z. Williamson posted.)

      Now I will agree with you on a few things: .22LR isn’t the best caliber of ammunition for fighting a regular force with, and the (continuing, even) level of (Full-turnip, if you ask me) stupidity over it is astonishing. But for one thing: That behavior is because there is profit in it for the scalpers, and you fools will keep buying it from them.

      And I’m happy I bought 6,800 rounds in bulk before Newtown occurred. I haven’t had to deal with the shortage other than faint amusement that people can’t find any.

  • OldGringo

    We had the same crises in Oklahoma for 3 years..except you could always buy a limited amount 7 days a week at Bass Pro or Academy. Now at the new Cabelas in Oklahoma City you can buy 500 rounds per day 7 days a week and if you take a family you can fill your shopping cart…they never run out…so for us the shortage was more emotional than real… was Walmart that never had it…go figure……

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    Still don’t see it on any regular basis at big name stores here in WA state and in fact I was at two stores in the middle of the week and they only had limited quantities of 22LR in 50 round packs at 10ยข a round or better and lots of 22 SHORTS at a ridiculous 10ยข a round. At the gun show on Sunday it ran from $32 for $325 to $100 reduced to $79 for 525 packs. Cabbala’s does not offer bulk packs for on-line purchase now for around 2 1/2 years or better.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    You’re correct, but way too wordy.
    A friend who manages a Cabela’s says the same 5 cliche rednecks are there every morning, buying all the .22.

    I look forward to these clowns being unemployed or sick and having to sell it all at a loss.

    • BigR

      Have you checked the prices on Ebay? They’re ridiculous! The last couple of months the Gander Mountain in my town has been having .22LR on the shelf. I bought 4 boxes of 100 just two weeks ago. They’re was no minimum, I could have cleaned the shelf, but I bought what I thought I needed for me and the grand-kids to go shooting at the range. Maybe next month, I’ll buy another 3 to 4 boxes.

      • BigR

        …..By the way, I never buy ammo at Walmart, and never will, unless they’re giving it away!

  • jcitizen

    Although I would normally totally agree with your statement, you made one telling remark. Where was the ammo to buy in the 1st place? There was none. How can a few gather so much, when there just wasn’t any? As far as I’m concerned, until we identify who caused the shortage – and it has to be someone up the supply chain – I am counting 22 ammo as a dead market! I refuse to support it. I’ve been shooting other military surplus ammo far cheaper than what actual 22 cost per round in my area. At least I can by golly reload regular rifle calibers! How do we expect to survive a real disaster if this is what a PUNK panic causes??? I’ll never forgive the industry for this, until someone gets to the bottom of it, and identifies the major hoarders that have been packing it away FAR up the supply chain FOR YEARS!! Just like when a certain person in history tried to corner the silver market – it is practically criminal what they’ve done!

  • walter12

    It was all due to the incredible evil of this Obama Creature.

    • maodeedee

      Barack Insane Obama is the product and a creation of a specific ideology. He is not one lone madman foisting his totalitarian ideological abominations on an unwilling populace.

      Imagine in normal times what the history books would say about a president that made a reckless remark about the banking industry which caused a national panic and a run on the banks. This is exactly what Obama did when he threatened to do everything in his power to shut down the gun industry following Sandy Hook.

      He caused hundreds of thousands of people to go out and buy not only guns, but the ammo to go with them. From his own convoluted ideological point of view this monumental bonehead move ran counter to his own stated goal of “reducing the number of guns on the street”. Yet the press, except for a random comment here and there, did not on the whole report what happened either from the point of view that the President had so irresponsibly caused a panic or that in doing so he stupidly did a huge amount of damage to his own stated agenda.

      If the history books of the future are written by the same Liberals who control information and influence the public perception today then what is being discussed here at great length will, according to future historians, will never even have happened.

      It is up to we, the people, to perceive the truth, preserve the truth and pass it on to our children.

  • jcitizen

    It’s about time! I had noticed this too, but it is too late for me! I don’t want to be in this situation again. I’ve been buying cases of military calibers for the same prices I’ve always paid – and I already had enough to last me through the panic anyway, so I’ll stick with something I can reload. In fact I think it is wise to start storing powder and other reloading supplies in case an actual disaster strikes, because there is no relying on US industry to support us in our needs. I’m totally disgusted by what happened and there is no going back to 22 for me! i actually never ran out of 22 either as I had cases of it stored for years, but from what I saw happen, I’m just not going to support that side of the industry out of pure disgust!

    It is just ridiculous that I was able to find reasonable priced .50 cal HBMG ammo but no 22!! That is a bunch of #@%!!*& = I think you know what I mean!!

    • Leigh Rich

      I did that a decade ago.

      • jcitizen

        About 20 years for me, in the calibers that mattered at the time. I need to start storing some of them that are newer developments. At least I have a good start in the machines and equipment needed. I’ll think I’ll start with 5.7mm, a darn good replacement for .17 WMR.

  • MR_22

    .22LR shortage ended? It seems so. But now venders are charging the outrageous prices that “scalpers” did during the ammo scare. I saw an ad from a gun company for $50 for a box of 500 rounds.

    It seems venders and/or manufacturers have discovered that shooters are willing to pay the high prices. So don’t. I don’t mind paying up to $25 for a brick but anything over that is robbery.

    My local Cabela’s had a whole shelf stocked with 500-round boxes of Remington .22LR for $33 each. I passed.

  • RB

    I use 22 LR in the muscle memory part of my self defense handgun drills and shooting two to three times weekly in Seattle,WA I would buy a box of Rem bulk about every several weeks. The last time I have seen a box of 550 bulk Rem ammo for less than $60 to $70 was over two years ago. I can find them at gun shows but at $70,box, I have changed that part of my practice to dry fire drills. One gun shop said their waiting list for 22 non match was about one year. A Walmart salesman said the same folks come in very early in the morning and buy all the 22LR that comes in so for me, the 22LR shortage is still very real in Western Washington. I shoot only Rem in my Glock Advantage Arms conversion kit because it is absolutely reliable. Other brands, less so. It has been a major pain in the ass for me.

  • Ken

    Still nothing at Walmarts around Denver. Despite our idiot politicians there is an incredibly large shooting population here.

  • necron99

    in Madison, WI, Gander Mt. has/has federal 22LR HP or $2.99 / box of 50

  • Nocternus

    So just out of curiosity what do you consider to be a large amount of ammo? If you shoot regularly I do not think 5k rounds is all that much I know guys with 20k round in their vault that don’t think 20k is all that much. It is easy to go through 500 rounds of 22lr at the range in just one setting.

  • maodeedee

    I’d rather the hoarders and scalpers all went to Hell instead and donated their ammo to their local rifle ranges.

    • jcitizen

      It has to be farther up the supply chain than that; for a long time there was NO ammo at all shipped to – or received from the usual sources. Even our local Walmart wasn’t getting ANY ammo for at least a year. Now that can’t be scalpers, because, even the online sources said ‘no ammo’ on their purchase guides. There was a rumor for a while that the government was doing it, but I don’t have a tin foil hat, so I didn’t receive the signal from the overlords that this was the case! [/sarcasm] – I’m convinced the problem is farther up the supply chain – but I fall short of blaming the manufacturers for creating a false shortage – I don’t see the evidence for that – but I DO BLAME them for not stepping up and meeting demand like any other capitalistic system and company would do. That is the part that disgusts me no end. It has almost ruined the shooting sports in our area PERMANENTLY! Hunting is already hurting because goose and duck hunters refuse to wound animals with that stupid steel shot the animal lovers force us to use – we already have a drought so bad the deer, pheasant, and quail hunting is dead. It is all very exasperating – sorry for venting – I just can’t help it.

  • tony patric

    when i can go to a store at anytime and buy a brick of any brand i want, then the shortage is over.

  • BigR
    While reading your comment, I was laughing so hard, I peed my pants! What’s really hilarious, is: I BELIEVE IT’S TWUE! IT’S WEALLY, WEALLY TWUE!

  • Randy HK-91

    IF you Buy from a scalper you fuel the shortages — lay off for awhile and watch prices drop and shelves fill !

  • TincanJoey

    I think it is coming back. My local Walmart here in Ky and across the river in Indiana still can’t keep it in stock, but I don’t know why. Went to Academy Sports and they had plenty.
    They still limited the amounts (recently upped to 500rds), but they no loner kept the display case that held it locked. Price was still up, but the same price as W-Mart (and not near as high as it had been).