New 7mm Sierra MatchKing

7mm Sierra bullet

Sierra Bullets announced a new 7mm bullet that is designed for extreme long range accuracy. The new 183 grain MatchKing bullet is said to provide a ballistic coefficient of 0.713 when driven between 1720 fps and 2300 fps. A BC of 0.707 is achieved when the bullet moves at a velocity greater than 2300 fps.

The company states they achieve these BCs through the use of an enlongated ogive and the use of a special meplat reduction operation. Sierra Bullets recommends a barrel twist rate of 1:8″ or faster for optimal stabilization.

The above photo shows a 0.615″ 10-shot group at 200 yards using these bullets.

Sierra Bullets will being shipping these in 100 and 500 bullet packages starting in November. Pricing is $51.80 and $256.34 respectively.

Richard Johnson

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  • DrewN

    Good thing it performs so well at lower velocities, bet there isn’t a whole lot of case volume available after you seat one of these bad boys in a standard chamber.

    • LG

      Look at the twist rate.1:8″ is needed. These new slugs make a compelling case for progressive twist barrels.

      • INFI

        Lothar Walther used to offer gain twist barrels, also Bartlein Barrels, Inc. Something I have always wanted to play with .

    • micmac80

      No one shoots this kind of bullets in standard chambers

  • John Doe

    Looks cool, and I’m assuming an ogive like that is going to bring new meaning to “jump sensitive” lol

    • INFI

      What did a secant ogive ever do to you?? :]

      • Dan

        It touched me where i pee

  • micmac80

    People should stop buying Berger bullets, March Scopes etc as these guys are constantly testing the new pain treesholds in terms of price and as it seems people still buy the rest follow now a SMK at 52$ for 100 7mm bullets.LOL

    • John Doe


    • manBear

      Googled ‘March Scopes’ – Now experiencing chest pains

      • micmac80

        Even if we never buy March ,NF and other follow with big price hikes.

        Berger started with 50+$ /100 bullets on shelves now Sierra is following soon rest will follow and sub 30$ box will be thing of the past.

    • Goody

      Here in Australia 155gr 308 match kings go for around 75c a pop. Locally made HBC 155s, a superior VLD design go for about 35-50c. I’ve tested the SMKs on scales, comparator, and load testing and they just don’t measure up, as much as I want to like them Sierra is a dead end for me.

      I’d buy a March if I had the money, they make some great gear for target/tactical games. Maybe I’d rather have a Sightron S3 and a year’s worth of HBCs…

  • I dream of a day when manufacturers stop publishing calculated G1 BCs…

    • I was wondering if there will ever be a constant B.C for flat base bullets…

      • BCs are dependent on shape, so if you want an accurate BC calculation, you’ll need to use the right BC drag model. G1 is good enough for very stubby flat-based pointed bullets (like LeveRevolution), and round nosed flat based bullets. G7 is ideal for tangent ogive boattailed bullets and also works well for secant ogive boattailed bullets. There are other models for other shapes.

        • INFI

          This whole thing with Hornady and the doppler radar, is gonna drive the market into publishing real world actual BCs I would hope. This would be a benefit to all long range shooters.

          • Fat chance of that, I reckon. Even companies that know better still publish calced G1 BCs because most people don’t know the difference.

    • micmac80

      Dream a day when we go back to sub 30$/100bullets ! Price escalation that started with Berger bullets is now set to continue.