LEGO 1:1 glory

So a strapping young lad that goes by the username of MyDifferentUserName on Youtube, has over the years come out with over a hundred different LEGO 1:1 scale reproductions that have controls that function, but don’t actually propel a LEGO projectile or similar object like some other LEGO 1:1 scale productions. LEGO creations are nothing new on the Youtube or internet scene, but I don’t think anyone has made them to just the sheer quantity of this guy. Another interesting tidbit is the guy lives in the U.S. and has videos of going out and shooting “real steel” to borrow a phrase from the airsoft world. A certain amount of firearms replication occurs in places where it is harder or impossible to get ahold of actual firearms and thus people settle for their own creations, such as the .22 rifles in deactivated machine guns that we featured earlier, or the wooden replicas made by a teacher in the U.K. Regardless, this guy has everything from Lee Enfields, SCARs, Mini-guns, revolvers, the LSAT, break open shotguns, and much more, over 100 different firearms. Most of his inspiration seems to come from video games such as Counter-Strike, and Battlefield. But a few are historically inspired such as the Lee Enfield No.1. I can absolutely empathize with him on this point, because I myself built cardboard replicas of video game firearms when I was in elementary school, starting with models from video games, and later branching off into historical small arms. What I like about his videos that differentiate them from other LEGO firearm videos is that he goes in depth with each one, touching on history, operation, form and function.


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  • andrey kireev

    All of the Ghost Guns, Shoulder things that go up and High capacity Assault Magazine Clips !!! Just think of children !!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I dont remember the underwater gun on COD Ghosts. Is that on campaign mode or something?

    I want to see how he custom makes the pieces he needs.

    • Sianmink

      Yeah, there was a full on Thunderball underwater sequence in the SP campaign.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Still havent gotten around to playing the actual game. I usually just play “gun game”.

  • hydepark

    Legos are not cheap. Bet those things cost hundreds but he probably builds and strips and reuses for other projects.

    • SP mclaughlin

      He’s stated that the bricks are usually painted and no gun lasts forever, he cannibalizes pieces for new projects.

  • Marco

    I made 1:1 scale Lego guns way back in 2006 there was a whole community on Flickr and MOCpages

  • USMC03Vet

    RIP to all of the feet that were hurt while making these.

    • wry762

      OMG, yes! It is truly a come-to-Jesus experience to step on a Lego piece, especially with bare feet. Every 5th box of Legos should come with sandals. 🙂