Long time reader iksnilol asked if I could make this photo of the new Remington 870 with wood furniture the POTD. I always try to accommodate reader request especially when it’s a reader who really contributes to the conversation on our articles. Well sir here you go. This is the closest of the photos the person took of me shooting and enjoying this 870 with 00 buck in this case. I hope you enjoy it iksnilol!


  • KestrelBike

    ah Howdy iksnilol!

  • ostiariusalpha

    Happy Unbirthday, iksni!

  • LOVE IT.

  • I wasn’t aware it was his birthday. Happy Birthday iksnilol!

  • DL

    Shoulder protection. Take it easy on those joints or you’ll end up like me.

    • I may already be there shooting these and the 338 Lapua and that darn .416 Rigby!

      You make a good point though I should wear shoulder protection when shooting hard kicking guns.

      • DL

        Both rotators torn and retorn. I can’t raise the right arm past the shoulder without lift from the left. Both snap, crackle, and pop. Move out of joint in my sleep. Yeah, I fired alot of slugs, buck, and 7.62. (not including the push ups, pull ups, dips, and lifting) In the eighties I’d make my own pads out of mouse pads, exercise mat, gel pax, or whatever was handy. Young and healthy men seek that sensation of force and power ignoring the weakest link. I always try and enlighten those folks. Hand and wrist protection also.

        • Geez you have payed the price. I hope you can still do what you want shooting wise.

          • DL

            Without my cane/walking stick for support I’m SOL. Two handed handgun, Prone, kneeling, sitting (on the ground) are out. I’m your shooting from a window or door kind of guy. I do well with those lightweight shooting mono/bi-pods. Now close in I’m capable with my pocket pistols and snubbies. I did hit all six with my S&W 25, 8 3/8″ magna-ported, 225gr semi-wads at 25 yards. Extended arm, double action. But I was in agony and after the last round my arm just dropped. I bought that revolver just for the show. The original “Dirty Harry” was a 25. They felt the 45 bore was more impressive. Man I laugh thinking about the kids and dorks that run over to see the cannon I can shoot with extended arm. Well, not anymore.

          • Ed Forney

            Deer hunted for many years. Can’t walk far because of my back anymore. I really miss it.

        • Ed Forney

          had three shoulder surgeries. Two times on the left for torn and re torn rotator
          cuffs, then was hit by a garbage truck that dislocated my biceps tendon. Then on
          my right, which was supposed to fix a very small rotator cuff tear, and
          especially to smooth out the bone spurs that had irritated me for years. It
          turned out that the rotator cuff tear was much worse than expected, and my
          biceps tendon was hanging on by a thread. The surgeon spent three hours more
          than anticipated to put everything back together. Thirty days later, my idiot PT
          guy said he thought he saw some scar tissue under one of the five incisions. He
          says “we’ll fix that right now”, and dug his thumbs into my shoulder as hard as
          he could. Needless to say, he completely tore both the rotator cuff and biceps
          tendon completely off. After months of pain, I have complete range of motion in
          both arms. They say that the 35 years of labor in the construction business, had
          most likely “muscled” me up to compensate for all the screw ups. So yeah, use as much protection as possible.

          • DL

            Hang in there Ed. I’ve refused the metal shoulders, knees, hips, lumbar and cervical joints. The last was an excited young jewish surgeon who wanted to put transplanted vertebrae in my neck. Ignore them enough and they will eventually ignore you. I’ve become accustomed to the pain. Don’t worry, the affordable death boards will set you on the ice.

          • Ed Forney

            five knee surgeries with one replacement that is about ready to redo after
            twelve years. And then the three vertebrae they want to fuse, No thanks, I’ll
            just keep taking my pain pills and live with it.Thankfully, I have private

          • DL

            BEEEEEP. Sir, are you carrying any concealed weapons? Please come with us. Go without the meds. Dead people will visit you when you are asleep of partially unconscious. Now yes, there is a certain movement where I can almost lose consciousness from the spike. Almost makes me try and jump up and face the threat. HA HA HA.

          • No way I’d do that—again!

        • Paul White

          I hear that. I can’t do barbell military press or low bar squats anymore. Gaaah.

  • iksnilol

    “Long time reader”


    I need a moment, those are some of the nicest things people have said about me. Also, that forearm looks sweet, the entire furniture looks smoother than the standard furniture. I am not even a shotgun gun, but that shottie is nice. It just looks like a “shotgun” to me, as in I imagine a shotgun and I imagine exactly that.

    Also, I don’t want to be awkward but it isn’t my birthday. You know it is my birthday son when there’s ads for D-Day documentaries and whatnot. Yeah, I was lucky to be born on the same date D-day was. :O

    • KestrelBike

      It reminds me of the good ole’ [dubious] days of US police shotguns being pulled out for riot duty.

    • I’m not surprised but at least I didn’t miss it—LOL! Ah take a minute you’ll be alright:-)

      This is what a shotgun should look like–at least to me and I guess you!

      • iksnilol

        Yeah, that’s shotgun for me.

        Though I can never decide. I mean, I’ve seen some classy stuff. A5s in 16 gauge, Ithacas also in 16 gauge. Like, I really like the 16 gauge but 12 gauge is easier to find and has cooler loads.

    • Grindstone50k

      Happy belated B-Day, Iks!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I needs a good shotgun but theres always something else popping up.

    • Grindstone50k

      Just get a used Mossy 500 for about 2-300 and call it a day.

  • Lance

    Best looking M-870 Ive seen in a LONG time!!!

  • Dan

    Iksnilol you brown noser!!!! Jk.

  • Totally Custom

    Hope they can build them correctly. I just bought a 870 compact yesterday and found that the receiver top was machines 10 degrees out of square after I got it home. Lots of other little flaws. What a pain dealing with Remington’s poor QC.

  • Mike

    Please will Mossberg and Remmington make 18inch riot/HD shotguns with wood stocks

    • The Remington one is in the photo. They also have a 4 shot model. Nobody else is making wood stock short barrels like this–just Remington.

  • Gerald

    I carried a Remington 870 in Vietnam, loaded with 00 buckshot.