POTD: Awesome Navy-Themed Gun Collection

Joe writes …

Hello again TFB! Today I wanted to share my small Navy themed collection with you.

In my first picture I have my transferable M16 lower with an actual HK416 upper 10.5″ AF (no its not a chopped HK MR556, it’s the real deal) what is on the gun includes…

EOtech 552
Surefire Socom 556 suppressor with their muzzle brake
VLTOR stock
KAC ambi selector
DBAL I2 (for when I shoot at night)
KNS Pins
Magpul BAD level
Tango Down vert grip with quick throw mount

Next to it is my MK11 mod 1, Im not going to talk too much about it, but for the keen viewers out there there is something VERY VERY VERY special about this gun.
Leupold 1-8X CQBSS H27D optic
Harris Bipod short
KAC trigger (which is amazing)
MIAD pistol grip
This gun truly is a dream to shoot and is easily on my top 5.


The next photo has my small but ever growing MK series collection of handguns my MK23, MK24 and MK25.

The HK MK23 you’ve already seen but just to recap

Wilcox LAM unit (light and laser)
KAC .45 suppresor

The HK 45 CT (MK24) is running a Tirant .45s and is a very nice gun to shoot.

The Sig 226 Navy (MK25) that has the crimson trace IR and Visible Laser grip. For anyone on the fence about the laser grip its worth the money IMO.

Till Next Time TFB!

Thats a great collection, thanks for sharing!

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Select fire?

    • Joe

      I wish it was select fire but no, its unique in who previously owned it. Specifically which military group owned and used it. The hint is the flash hider, there is only 1 group in the military who runs that flash hider on that gun.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        COBRA Command??

        So which group?
        And how did you get it?

        • Joe

          Yes cobra command! lol. I got it at a charity auction, Knights Armament had an annual charity event and this was there.

          • TheNotoriousIUD


        • Phillip Cooper

          So, which group?

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            He didnt say so im assuming Girl Scouts of America.

          • Joe

            It goes with the theme guys.

          • Cal S.

            Oh, the Pasadena Yacht Club? 😉

            I’m gonna say SEALs, just to get the gimmies out of the way.

          • Joe

            This guy wins^

          • Cal S.

            Oh, sweetness!

          • CommonSense23

            They don’t run them anymore. And the 416s being ran in the navy don’t run Surefire cans, they run AACs. The MK18MOD1s are running the Surefire cans.

          • Simon

            What 308 rifle are they running? And who is they? I assume the dudes that talk a lot about the hit on bin laden correct?

          • Joe

            I don’t know if they run them anymore (as Im not a navy seal ) but for a time they ran them just like that.

          • CommonSense23

            Your not wrong, didn’t mean to imply that. Just that the MK11s/SR-25s have all but disappeared from the NSW armories these days. Maybe one or two Recce masterchiefs had enough pull to hold on to a couple, but they have been unfortunately replaced in NSW by the MK20s and 417s. And awesome collection by the way. You need a 239 to round out the NSW pistols.

          • Joe

            Count me in for that 239.

          • CommonSense23

            And I forgot to mention. The Glock 19 got added in the last year as a official pistol for NSW. If you are trying to get them all. Not that exciting of a pistol but whatever.

          • Joe

            Ok, I had a few opportunities to pick up a Glock 19 but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, not that anything is wrong with the gun. It just was kinda ‘boring’ if you know what i mean, I opted for the Glock 20C instead.

          • CommonSense23

            Yeah, it’s not that exciting of a gun.

      • imachinegunstuff

        Marine use the same flash hider if memory serves, I’ll have to pulls pics, but it looks identical

  • Steve

    I think you definitely need to finish out the HK45C-T with the issued IR laser. 😉

    • Joe

      You selling? because im always in the mood for buying.

  • Don Ward

    Collection must needs an M1895 Lee Navy!

    • Joe

      That would be cool!

    • Kivaari

      A friend has the 95, in the finest condition I have ever seen on one. He has the proper sling, bayonet and just about any round ever in service, including those three piece stripper clips. No he wont sell it, to you or me. It’s a museum quality piece.

  • Uniform223

    3 H&Ks and a KAC = very pretty penny.

    • Joe

      ^ this

  • Justin

    I spent years deploying with squadrons as support and also found myself collecting the same weapons that were issued. So I am quite fond of this post. In 2008 we had some Walther PPKs as well and they were replaced with the Sig P239s. So you definitely need one of them.

    • Joe

      That is some slick kit you’ve got there. Any particular version of the P239 I should keep my eyes out for?

      • Justin

        They were on sale on Crimson Trace’s website a few months ago. So I think they may be discontinuing them. If you look at the pictures from Mark Owen’s book though he looks to be running a LaserMax IR laser on his 45CT. The issue P239 were just plain, nothing special, no anchor on the slide or anything.

        • Justin

          P239s (SMGLee photo)

  • Sam

    Those guns look like they’ve never been shot :'(

    • Joe

      Thats because I clean the hell out of them after I use them. Believe me all of those guns have been shot quite a bit.