Big 3 East: Canik TP9SF and TP9SFX Race Gun

Jacob Herman, of Century Arms International, came to the Big 3 for a couple of hours during Century Arms’ national sales meeting. He brought out the new TP9SF and TP9SFX.



The TP9SF is similar to the TP9SA. However they removed the decoking button and cold hammer forged the barrel. They have shot the SF 60k rounds with no major parts wear. The SF has a phosphate finish with Cerakote. The magazines have an APC coating now.


The real surprise was the SFX. Century Arms is trying to move into the shooting sports side of the industry.



Just like S&W M&P and Glock’s MOS pistols, the SFX can accept micro red dots. The sample has a Vortex Razor Venom red dot mounted. Century made the decision to not bother with co-witnessing irons on the SFX. In fact the mounting plate cover has the rear sight built into the plate. So when you remove the plate to mount your optic of choice, the rear sight is removed.  IMG_6429


Above you will notice a hole drilled and tapped into the red dot mount. Canik has added the option for a side charging handle. You can see the handle below. This is a first for out of the box ready competition guns. The charging handle can be installed on the left or right hand side of the slide. I found the handle to be a bit narrow and hope someone will make a fatter handle when the gun comes out.  Canik also included an extended slide stop and extended magazine release. The magazine release is made of metal and the gun comes with three different sizes so you can choose which one you want and how far it sticks out of the gun.



The TP9SFX comes with two magazines and they come with +2 round extensions, giving the magazines a 20rd capacity. As an open division shooter in USPSA, there is a magazine length limit to the magazines you can use. The limit is 170mm OAL of the magazine. I would have liked the SFX mags to be made to that length but I am sure a third party company will make magazine extensions, perhaps Taran Tactical will like he does for Glocks and M&P pistols.



The barrel is 5.1″ and the slide is ported, but the barrel is not.   IMG_6425


Here is a video of me getting a little trigger time on the new TP9SFX


The SF and SFX are slated to be released early next year. The SFX will retail for $539.99.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • hami

    That SFX looks like a smoking deal. It’s going to allow newcomers to shoot more competitively at a lower price point.

    • And that’s MSRP, too. You gotta figure street is gonna be substantially lower.

      I’ve been looking for another shooter gun, and maybe the TP9SFX will be it.

  • They need an optional threaded barrel to put a comp on there of they want to have a cheap Open gun.

    • Nicholas Chen

      True. Which goes along the lines of longer magazines as well. Someone will make it.

    • thedonn007

      You could always send the factory barrel to Adco and have them install a threaded extension.

  • Paul Dawson

    The magazines look remarkably similar to the extended P226 magazines made my MecGar.

    • Nicholas Chen

      They are the same. You can use Canik TP9SA mags in Sigs and Walther PPQ.

      • Are there any confirmed reports of using 226 mags in the TP9SA?

        • Nicholas Chen

          I have tried but they seem too short. I think the factory 226 are only 15rds?

          • Well, there are 20rd mags from Mec-Gar, which would be more what I was interested in.

          • Paul Dawson

            Correct. Standard P226 9mm magazines are 15 rounds, flush fit. MecGar makes an 18 round magazine with a slightly thicker base plate and the 20-round extended factory magazines hold 20 rounds, but the extension w/ base pad (as found on TACOPS models) looks very similar to the Canik magazines pictured in this article and protrude SigNificantly from the bottom of the frame.

    • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

      Those are in fact Mecgar +2 extensions.

  • Pseudo

    Canik is really interesting to me for hitting the budget market. I grabbed their C120 a while back. It’s an unexceptional CZ clone, but I’ve had zero problems with it. For the price I’m very happy with it. I think I’ll seriously consider this one when it’s out.

  • Vhyrus

    a 250 dollar sight on a 250 dollar gun….

    • lucusloc

      Makes sense to me. Hunting and competition are both realms where it makes sense to spend as much or more on your optic as on the gun. Historically if you match the performance of the optic and gun, both will be close to the same price point.

    • iksnilol

      Cheap gun, expensive sight.

      A rule to live by in Scandinavia.

  • MR

    Picatinny rail option?

  • 7n6

    This thing makes the glock look like a work art….

    • rkh

      it is, can you see anybody silly enough to use one of these in competition? There is NO SUPPORT !! Now Glock, that’s a different story 🙂

      • Leigh Rich


        • rkh

          yes, but in a very functional way !!!!!!!!!!

          • L. Roger Rich

            Glocks are good for shooting their owner upon disassembly. Be careful rhk

  • Kevin1911

    The barrel is not ported? It seems like they left the job half done.
    As far as I know if you want to use a red dot in competition you’d have to be in the open class where everyone uses a compensated gun (I could be wrong, if so let me know)
    I would love to have this as an alternative to the M&P CORE

    • Nicholas Chen

      This has recently changed in USPSA. There is a new division. Carry Optics.

      • Steve_7

        Who puts optics on their carry gun? When I saw the M&P with the optics I thought to myself, but IPSC scrapped modified division years ago. So now they’re trying to bring it back apparently. Good luck with that.

        • Nicholas Chen

          Quite a few people actually. Why not carry an pic on your gun big you can?

          • Steve_7


          • Nicholas Chen

            Sorry. I meant. Why not carry with an optic? If you can manage it, do it.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Also ported slides do not always require a ported barrel. Look at Glock 34/35 or the long slide XD-M. The slide is ported for weight reduction.

      • rkh

        NOW TFB is on the Century BS Machine? you guys are getting free guns to say this stuff aren’t you??? C’mon guys LOL

        • L. Roger Rich

          ANGER ISSUES ? rhk

          • rkh

            sorry, didn’t mean for you to change your name, I guess all those weapons didn’t add any length to your picatiny rail?

          • L. Roger Rich

            Deal with it.

    • rkh

      Glock still has 17C, 19C compensated barrels and slides, way better quality and parts up the rear …….. Which Gun would you like to have if the lights go out or your somewhere in a gunfight and you need more mags, Glock 9mm mags fit 9’s, 40’s fit 40’s, gen3 or gen 4 a little diff, but man, you can drop a 9mm barrel in a Glock 40 of same size and use Glock 9 mags . And, if you want some NICE, FREE, SWAG without lowering yourself, look on Glocks website and call them and they will send you a nice lapel pin, a lanyard, pen and pencil just some NICE QUALITY, did I say QUALITY??? From a looooooong time owner of TONS of guns, Glock and its reasonable price tag is WAY worth it. You wouldn’t loose much if any to resale. Can you see me trying to sell this Canik with a de-cocker that does NOTHING to help the user, and they notice the Cerakote or whatever it is, is worn off? Yeah, I won’t make this mistake again of my hard earned money……

      • Leigh Rich

        LOL rks is such an expert. CAI if responsible for most of the surplus firearms imported over the last 4 decades. Turkey make great guns. Having a Canik SA it has been perfect and comes with many accessories. Yes i have a Glock too…Canik is better. And I have more guns than you…

        • rkh

          Well good Ms.Rich? Not sure if this is a man or woman first name,.. Did you wanna measure too? I could care less if you have a million guns, since you have to let everybody know obviously your lacking elsewhere. And I guess your not smart about guns because I can man up and say I was suckered in to thinking the TP9SA and its DECOCKER was there because they wanted it to be there, not because they figured ALL OF US that didn’t know any better with a decocker on a SINGLE ACTION WEAPON IS USELESS !!! I guess I hit a nerve with you, so why don’t you go play with your guns, and think about it, if you, mister I have more guns than you do, knew going into it that: 1, The decocker is ugly, does no good on a single action pistol 2:The Cerakote on the FDE model was going to rub off in 6 months with the SUPPLIED holster 3: There is NO parts support. 4: That they were going to build a RACE GUN? Mags are to long dumb a&^ !!! I guess you have no pride, What are your other guns? Hi-Point ,45’s? 995 carbines? Taurus line that is getting recalled all 20+ guns? Hey, there giving a rebate too? Jennings 380? Cobra Derringer? Your one of these that keep buying turds, putting Amazon Brand add ons, rattle can paint jobs, I could go on forever, I feel we ALL got burnt, but I bought it, nobody made me call up and order one online, but that’s whats great about these blogs, you can SPEAK your mind. I don’t think you have diddly for guns, I know I don’t and I have been reading TONS so when I go buy my new Glock G23, last 4 Glocks I sold because I needed the money, G19, G26 and 27, wife and I both shoot, and finally her G42, gotta say, that was a pile, at least we didn’t like it, I will know a whole hell of a lot more. One thing we did figure out was there wasn’t enough FPS from our Glocks to blow any Bianary targets up that are legal in Oklahoma, just needed a good old HMR 17 to make it go kaboom !!!

          • Leigh Rich

            You go girl!

          • rkh

            I don’t wear any big boy 🙂

          • L. Roger Rich

   live in Kalifornia…sorry dude.

      • The Brigadier

        For some of us aesthetics and hand fit are important. The Glock is pug ugly and doesn’t feel right in my hand.

        • rkh

          yes they are ugly, but I keep going in and holding a glock 19 anytime I can and I myself just like em? that’s why its so cool, there are sooo many guns to buy, good luck !!!!

  • Kivaari

    I don’t trust striker fired pistols, where the striker/FP is held to the rear. These and XDs just freak me out. At least in the Glocks, the pin is “at rest”. I prefer the longer pull, even though these pistol-types can have great trigger pulls.

  • rkh

    Be careful Century doesn’t want to talk problems or being lied to. They said NOW the TP9SFX comes with a COLD FORGED BARREL, ours at least said it had one. And they tried to slip those Cheezy Century Mags 20 rd, off to us like they were MEC GAR mags that came with it, they sure weren’t the excellent mfg of the regular MEC-GAR mags if they were, NOT !!! I was trying to figure out how to buy things that break? Springs, that type of thing? Now all of a sudden you wish you would have spent the extra $100.00 to get a new gen 3 for $499.00 or gen 4 glock for $539.00, its WORTH IT !!! Everywhere you go you can find GLOCK PARTS if needed. You cant buy, or Century is keeping all this secret to us, any parts, FACTORY parts, ONLINE !!! Don’t call Century because they think because were buying a cheaper gun than a Glock that were all dumbasses, so they will cuddle you a while then send you a SWAG BAG of some CHEAP ass stuff folks. Man if you wanna pick your trigger, make your 40 a 9, or anything else except sights and whatever Cajun does to them, save your money. My TP9SA FDE would have all worn off all the slide area Cerakote ( the new, 1 year old Cerakote that evidentally this SF and SFX have another process to make it stick) but had I holstered it in there holster like my buddy did, No, no, I USED MY G19 leather holster. These guys at Century are just wanting to make money and give out SWAG bags to the folks who WILL be a problem. Good luck folks. My TP9SA FDE with 6 REAL MEC-GAR mags is going bye bye and sorry Glock. I did get caught up in the CENTURY BS MACHINE and I am coming back to Glock. NO RECALL, NO REBATES FOR THE CRAP WE PONIED UP AND BOUGHT, NOTHING !!! They used us all and if that’s OK with you? Buy 1 of these also. I am going anywhere but JANICK? Wait until they give these out to there YOUTUBE, ah, ummmm, TACTICAL folks for reviews, they will be kissing rear ends and for a few guns? C’mon guys, before you lower yourself again just like I did, think about it…………………………

    • Brett

      Try some decaf, bro.

    • Eric Shearer

      I got lost there, are you for, or against this product?

      • rkh

        it does some great things, I love the trigger. You should probably just read my other Post to see what I DIDN’T like !!! And no, actually that Engraved 100 I think on Caniks website is sweet, only if I has Leighs money

    • Leigh Rich

      RHK HATES CANIK…lol..

  • 360_AD

    I believe it’s pronounced chan-nik, or gian-nik (have heard both ways).

  • Steve_7

    That looks very similar to the H&K VP9, even the name is similar. I see… I see… a trade dress infringement lawsuit against Century International.

    Also, there’s a town in Vermont called: “Georgia”?

    • unixfool

      The same can be said of Ruger’s P99. In fact, I’ve read that Canik had the rights to use the P99 as an initial blueprint when producing the original TP9. I’m not sure if that’s true…if it’s true, that would explain the lack of lawsuit…if it’s not true, why no lawsuit?

  • I’m interested

  • The Brigadier

    What’s the suggested retail? Does anyone know?

  • tblank7

    “The SFX will retail for $539.99″ … I hope they meant MSRP is $539 and the retail will be lower. For less than $100 more you could get any of the following:

    M&P Pro – $552
    Glock 34 – $595
    PPQ 5″ – $627
    XDM 5.25” – $638