SIG SAUER .38 Super +P

SIG 38 Super

SIG SAUER announced a new load in its Elite Performance Ammunition: .38 Super +P. The new load uses the same V-Crown style bullet that is used in its other JHP ammo products. This bullet is 125 grains in mass and is loaded to a muzzle velocity of 1,230 feet per second.

SIG advised its brass cases are coated with something called Ducta-bright 7a to enhance lubricity and help prevent corrosion. This is the same nickel plating that Corbon recently announced it was using on its ammunition.

Ducta-bright 7a is a nickel plating process provided by Advanced Plating Technologies. The process was developed to address concerns of weakened brass cases due to existing nickel plating techniques. Essentially, this process improves the strength of the case for hot loads and reloading longevity.

Richard Johnson

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  • Jeff Smith

    Why must I constantly be reminded of how badly I want a 38 Super handgun?

    • gunsandrockets

      The discontinued Taurus PT38S is a nice 10 shot .38 Super handgun. It’s like a cross between a Sig and a PT92. But sadly for me the grip is too fat, unlike the M1911a1 which fits my hand perfectly.

      • Jeff Smith

        I’ve been considering a Rock Island 1911. I’ve been seeing them under $400.

        • Secundius

          @ Jeff Smith.

          Are you referring to the FS/FS Rock Island M1911A1 .45ACP? There’s also the Regent R100 1911 for $396.78 and the CZ-USA CZ97B .45ACP Black, too…

    • cjleete

      I’ll help you out by sharing a pic of my 1966 vintage Colt Super 38 Auto…

      • Jeff Smith

        I’m drooling right now! That is a GORGEOUS gun!

  • That loading seems pretty weak. 9mm +P launches 124gr @ 1220 fps, and the original spec for the .38 Super was 130gr @ 1300 fps.

    .38 Super +P is typically loaded 124 gr @ 1350 fps.

    • Vitsaus

      Weak loading is so that Cartel enforcers can maintain control while dual wielding.

    • DrewN

      And JHP as well. I own a few Supers and I overwhelmingly shoot round nose myself. Are there are enough guys carrying Commander/Officers to justify this?

    • Hedd Wyn John

      The +p tag was added to .38 super back in the 70s to help differentiate the round from .38acp. manufactures were worried about .38 super rounds being loaded into old .38acp pistols as both cartridges are identical in size.

  • Zang Kang King

    Tine to feed da Reaper!

  • W.P Zeller

    Cor-Bon’s DPX 125 grain copper slug goes about 1260fps in my 4 1/4″ Commander, an older gun with a slow barrel (but otherwise a fantastic device). Cor-Bon claims 1350fps for that loading but I haven’t gotten that much in my Supers- just over 1300fps in a Government Model was the most I ever saw.
    I’d chrono this ammunition first to see if it comes anywhere near matching the spec, but since I have a good supply of DPX, it’s not urgent.
    Having a Super for personal protection should offer some improvement over 9×19 performance; 200fps would be a useful increase. This load doesn’t seem to cross that line.
    The chrono gives the lie to many a claim so a comparison of hard numbers will help when they become available.
    The other important practical advantage of the .38 Super for personal protection is for those who choose the 1911 platform: A Super will always run better, smoother, more reliably than a 9×19, just due to design considerations. So it is with my Commander- it simply has never failed to operate perfectly over many thousands of rounds, even under less-than-ideal conditions.
    Not often true with 9mm 1911s. In fact, my spousal unit converted her competition minor-caliber 9mm Single Stacks to .38 Super specifically for reliability, and the work was well-rewarded: both gun stopped malfunctioning altogether. They weren’t bad before, but they’re flawless now, a necessity for high-level competition, too.

    • Personally I’ve always wanted a 9×23 Winchester 1911. Reliability benefits of .38 Super, but launching 125gr @ 1450fps.

      • Tim Pearce

        Yeah, that’s what should be the prevalent round instead of 9mm Luger, IMO.

        • Edeco

          I wouldn’t go as far as to say “instead” but it’s a shame 9×23 didn’t catch on. I wish the market share of the other hotter-than-9×19 9mm cartridges had gone to 9×23, rather than having the niche cluttered with things that are not very successful or nigh-obsolete.

      • Secundius

        @ Mark.

        If your M1911 is rated with a Standard .3570-caliber (9.0658mm) Luger Barrel, which is Bore Pressure rated at +P (38,500psi). Using a “Wildcat Plus” like the .960 Rowland 9.0424×23 +P+ (42,500psi) shouldn’t be a problem…

        • Interesting, I’ve been curious about the .960. Is it just a 9×23 starline super comp with the slug seated deeper to make 9×19 OAL?

          • Secundius

            @ Mark.

            There are TWO Types. The First is, specifically designed to fit the .3570-caliber (9.0658mm) Luger Barrel. And the Manufacturer claim’s it should fit inside the barrel without any problems. It can be use in both the Glock 17 and Glock 19, but a Barrel Modification Kit is required.

            The Second, is the .460 Rowland which is an Extreme Wildcat for the M1911 .45ACP Military-Barrel ONLY. Mil-Spec is NOT Recommended. Barrel Bore Pressure is almost TWICE the Standard .45ACP’s (21,000psi). The .460 Rowland is rated at 40,000psi. It’s a Compression Propellant Load. It would probably be SAFER to use a Match Grade Rifle-Barrel Cut-To-Size Form Fitted to the Pistol. Rifle Barrels are usually rated at 130% of Propellant of a Specific Caliber used…

          • AlDeLarge

            Rowland sells .460 conversion kits with proper barrels and springs for 1911, Glock, and XD. They have a couple of Glock 960 conversions too. They’re $300-$400. I’d go with the purpose-made by the manufacturer way, rather than some custom will-it-work job. It’s probably cheaper than getting a barrel machined to your specs unless you have a machine shop.

  • Anonymoose

    Think they will introduce a .38 Super and 10mm P227s and/or P320s any time soon?

  • Donald Darr

    I have a STAR 1911 that’s 38 Super. I guess I’ll need to have a look see at this stuff.

  • Lm Simmons

    Need 1320 actual to make Major in IPSC, new, lower PF of 165,000

  • Secundius

    @ Jeff Smith.

    If I wanted a 9-mil, I’d get a 9-mil…