Meprolight Announces New Optic

Meprolight, the company responsible for providing a large percentage of night sights and optics to the Israeli Defensive Forces, has a new optic coming out. It’s called the TRU-DOT RDS, and it was designed with the needs of hunters in mind. Of course, just because it’s great for hunting doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic optic overall.

The TRU-DOT RDS is a red dot optic with a large display window, features that make rapid target acquisition easier to obtain. That’s especially important when hunting game that tends to appear quickly and move even quicker – think feral hogs and coyotes, among others. As is standard with Meprolight optics, the TRU-DOT RDS is constructed of durable material, making it capable of withstanding the bumps and scrapes that are bound to take place outdoors.

Powering the optic is simple; the TRU-DOT RDS takes two AA batteries, which are a lot easier to find than other batteries. According to the company those two batteries can provide as many as 15,000 hours of use thanks to the automatic shutoff feature. There are four options for brightness of the dot itself and the selection dial is easy to use. And if you like to hunt at night, you can use the TRU-DOT RDS with your night vision. This is a military-grade optic with a 1.8 MOA.

MSRP $399. Visit the company’s site for a closer look or to place an order:

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  • John

    Double-A batteries are more strategic and logistical than people might think. Cool post Katie.

    • All the Raindrops

      Double A batteries are operator as fk.

      • Bill

        But only if spares are carried in some custom carry case. Just pulling them out of a curled up Energizer Bunny package actually results in a deduction of 12 CoolGuy points.

  • M

    Not a new sight, just obscure… I picked one up when Mako does it’s annual 30% off sale on Black Friday. Also, its one AA battery, not two

    • M

      If I recall correctly the RDS was the original optic intended for the IDF, but the IDF requested changes, such as an aluminum hood rather than a polymer hood to the optic that bumped up the price.

      Mepro then marketed the original design as being built to meet the same durability standards as the finalized product, but at a lower, more affordable cost.

      What I like most about sight is that the glass is pretty much non-tinted which gives a very clear sight picture.

      • And that’s what makes this a “new” one.

        • mlk18

          Except I bought this “new” one 6 months ago. Making it not really new or recently released.

    • andrey kireev

      Have you put it through the paces ? How do you feel about it ?

      • M

        I really like it. I mainly have it on a 5.56 and it’s here to stay in my collection.

        It as a pretty big field of view and doesn’t have the ‘looking down a toilet paper tube’ that other sights have.
        The QD mounts lock up solid and have held zero. There were concerns that the mount can snag on stuff but i haven’t found it to be the case. The metal has been “dehorned” so to speak.

        The battery life is 15k hours with an alkaline AA battery. Li-ion batteries bump the life up even more. The 15k is also the estimated length of the RDS being constantly on. The auto-shutoff feature boosts the battery life substantially beyond 15k, which is nice. It’s also quite sensitive, subtle movement turns it on so no worries about it not turning on.

        And as I said, the thing i like best is the glass. Not my picture but this is one looking through the sight. The clarity is just amazing.

        • andrey kireev

          I just wonder how it would compare to Eotech 512… about how much abuse it could take in comparison…(there are very few reviews on amazon for it and some of them are negative) I wish you could still pick up an add-on shroud for it.

        • TOYOTA

          IS THAT A CELICA?

    • notalima

      I picked up one as well during last year’s 30% sale (and got one of the first 1K with the metal hood). I am an admitted aimpoint snob (only because I get a really bad ‘starring’ effect when looking through EoTech reticles) and have been using this more and more over the last year. Love the big viewing field, the crisp dot and the very simple and easy to use control.

      Given how much I’ve grown to like this unit, I can definitely see another one coming my way if they have their usually 30% off Black Friday sale again this year.

  • Drew Coleman

    Uh, hasn’t this been out for a while? I bought one back in July for my brother’s Tavor for his birthday.

    • iksnilol

      You have a brother you can buy a weapon optic for!?

      You don’t know how jealous I am now.

      • cwp

        I’m more jealous of the guy who has a brother that buys weapon optics for him. 🙂

        • Drew Coleman

          Yeah he’s one lucky guy.

    • Dan

      Oh my god!? Drew? Drew Coleman? I’m Dan, Dan Coleman! I’m you’re long lost never spoken of and will be denied ever existing no way to prove it brother! I have been looking for you my entire life. Oh and i just thought you might like to know I recently bought an AR that just has iron sights so far oh and my birthday was last month so yea…….

  • Dracon1201

    Wait, isn’t this more old material again?

    • Nope different sight than you’re thinking of.

    • Phil White “Dooshbag”

      Yes, it is, TFB just recycles stuff lest they have to post more lame articles on holsters and Glock mags

  • Tim U

    I sure wish more “gun stuff” used AAs… They’re so much easier to find than anything else.

  • andrey kireev

    I kinda wonder if this would be that much better for little over $100, over a holosun and PA microdot ?

    • We have a Holosun review coming you might want to see before deciding. It’s not good—hint–

      • andrey kireev

        I Already seen it Phil… I personally own a Holosun and it’s Primary arms derivative RDS… with no problems at all…

        • mlk18

          The TFB review is pretty much the only one around that is negative. The rest of the world seems very happy with Holosun/PA.

        • Good news then. Sometimes a bad one gets past QC. Happens to every company eventually.

      • stephen

        Oh you mean the ‘review’ where Ed scratched it, complained about the softer aluminum housing that all other mid to low end optics are made of; he also complained that he didn’t use loctite and blamed that on the company?

        Oh yea that review. Granted there were problems but Ed’s review was lacking to say the least. True aimpoints are better but you have to compare apples to apples. Then you need to have common sense – like using loctite on optics whenever you put them on. At least the company made it right and thats better than sightmark and other hack optics.

        Just saying

    • All the Raindrops

      You can get a frikkin aimpoint for a little over 100 over a pa/holosun.

      Those dots made sense when they were $60.

      • andrey kireev

        IDK… Aimpoint pro is $400 bucks (over $200 over), while the T1/H1 is $500-600…. The applications I’m generally running Holosun would require microdot.

  • derpitty derp

    IDF hunting Palestinian kids throwing rocks?

    • mosinman

      my favorite pastime

      • Another banned racist—-

        • Phil White “Dooshbag”

          Sure, Phil

      • Phil White “Dooshbag”

        I thought that was sucking c#ck, like all #ews

        • mosinman

          i was expecting something better from you Mr Troll

        • Cynical_Asshole

          fancy seeing you here, /pol/

  • Lance

    Another E/O tech kock off….. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!

    • derpitty derp

      just stolen tech- per their usual

    • Not really Lance this is different in several areas of the electronics design.

      • Phil White “Dooshbag”

        Sure Phil, whatever

      • iksnilol

        I am convinced Lance is a troll at this point. Everything is a knockoff. Like, the M16 is clearly a knockoff of the Maxim 08/15.

    • Drew Coleman

      It is in no way an EOTech knockoff. It’s a single dot and uses a one AA battery.

    • mlk18

      Had an Eotech, have an RDS. The Mepro beats the old timey holo sight design by a mile.

  • TITAN308

    Meprolight M21 or go home. EOTech can suck a fat one. How about a 12-15 year battery life? Cause it uses no batteries.

    • Porty1119

      Do I see an SBR’ed Skorpion under that M21?

    • Arnold_Laine

      Trijicon reflex are good too, but I like that both have the triangle reticle options.

    • jng1226

      Doesn’t that non-illuminated (Fiber Optic and Tritium-only, that is) reticle wash out when you turn that light on when aiming in the dark?

      • TITAN308

        I’ve only experienced wash out when pointing it directly at some sort of light source.

  • MFirepower

    The sight is clear and works well. I like the big field of view, but the battery life is total BS. Mine lasted 8 months on lithium which is far short of 15000 hours. The auto-on/off feature is cool except it obviously didn’t help the battery life too much…

  • Yep you missed something. After the initial announcement, which I think was SHOT coverage, they found it was a bit heavy and they wanted to reduce weight. Back to the drawing board and you get a lower price and lighter weight.

    • Phil White “Dooshbag”

      You know how those #ews are with saving a few shek_els

  • Jeff S

    Exactly. That was one of the links in the link I posted. What is difference between the RDS post on 10/8 and the one on 4/29?