DEZ Arms Highlight

During Bullpup 2015 much of the attention was paid to the automatic and older stuff that made up most of the firing line. However on the far right, DEZ Arms was there with one of their .308 rifles all set up for anybody willing to wait in the line to fire it. Compared to the full autos, a match grade .308 isn’t half as fun to shoot, especially at the 100 meter range where it all took place. Regardless, they looked enticing so I figured I’d fire a magazine through it and talk to the staff about the rifle. DEZ Arms started out making barrels, which they became pretty good at, and still their largest product offerings are their barrels. They even make 1919 barrels!

Full rifles are what they are getting into now. The question with AR companies always seems to be what is made in house, and how much is stock. With DEZ, they make their own barrels, receivers, handguards, bolts, and buffers. Their .308 rifle on the line had a Hipertouch trigger in it, of which I was extremely impressed. The thing barely has a reset on it, and it broke very well. Very impressed.

Their buffer is their own design, as they’ve incorporated a concentric raised surface in the center of it. The platform was designed so that the rear of the bolt was putting pressure on the buffer, and thus keeps the buffer from pushing up against the indent that keeps it locked in. However, seeing that so many ARs these days are out of parts kits, or mixed lowers and uppers, different dimensions from different designs might prevent this from happening. So to alleviate that, DEZ has this raised center that allows the indent to still keep it locked in, but whatever bolt or upper receiver someone decides to use, the raised surface will most likely allow it to maintain that pressure on it.

They’ve also put some thought into the upper and lower “slop” so to speak. They’ve done this by having a captive pressure screw through the pistol grip. Remove the pistol grip and tighten down the screw, thus putting pressure on the upper receiver. This ensures that the movement between the two is user adjustable, and that it can get alot tighter, than just having tight margins on the retaining pins. Unrelated to the “slop”, they have flared the magazine port in, to aid in magazine removal and insertion. And this is what impressed me by the company, that they’ve thought a couple of these things through and came out with their ideas of how to fix them. The upper and lower “slop”, the buffer pressure, the magazine port.

Their external parts were all other companies, Magpul, Badger Ordnance, Harris, etc… I think that’s a fair balance, since they make the most important parts of the rifle. I know MSRP isn’t everything, but for this particular rifle, it is going at $3,000. Personally, I’d put that much into a Knights, or even feasibly an H&K with that reputation behind it. But, I really hope to get one of these rifles in for a review and put it through the paces, to see if that much is really worth putting into the gun.


Hipertouch trigger group.

Hipertouch trigger group.

The raised surface

The raised surface


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  • andrey kireev

    InB4 “oh look another AR” / “Yay another $3000 gun ” comment

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      OH look another…. oh, nevermind…..

    • What does InB4 mean?

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        LOL. I don’t really text talk either.

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            GREAT? Twelve plus Six-years of Education, and We’ve (the World) Evolved to Speaking “Enigma”…

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  • NDS

    I have one of those Bausch & Lomb 10×40’s on my loaner .308, what a great optic for its day. It’s a shame there are so few prime rifle scopes out there these days. I’m personally glad to see the company is focusing on what building what counts in-house, and using commercially successful Magpul furniture and a 3rd party trigger assembly.

    That lower receiver tension screw is actually accessible (on the ones I’ve used at least) with the pistol grip on… It just has to have a second hole i.e. Magpul and you need a very long allen key.

    • KL

      That’s a SWFA Super Sniper not a B&L. And nothing says “top-of-the-line” like demoing your $3000 flagship with a $300 optic.

      • NDS

        Good eye. I looked again and you’re right, I retract my previous statement. Not that the SWFA are COMPLETE garbage, but they have no place on this rifle.

  • Pseudo

    Many people complain about overpriced AR-15/AR-10 platforms, but you get what you pay for. When a company with exquisite attention to detail produces their own parts, you get a superior product. Superior barrels, superior, receivers, barrel nuts. You just can’t beat DEZ nuts.

    • Southpaw89

      LOL, how long were you saving that one up.

    • USMC03Vet

      I’m just glad somebody said it.

  • Blake

    The tensioning screws (that’s what they’re called) have been done for a long time. Mega lowers have had them for as long as I can remember.

    • SP mclaughlin

      So they are DEZ nuts….?

      • Blake

        I hate to pass out fails in this community, but come on man! If they were called ‘tensioning nuts’ then that would have been golden, but that’s too much of a stretch. I am so disappointed in you, I might have to avert my eyes the next time I see you in public. Ha.

  • Don

    The tensioning screws are definitely old news. Everyone of my AR’s have the tensioning screws. SanTan Tactical, SI Defense, American Spirit Arms, Seekins Precision, Tactical Innovations, Rainier Arms, Barnes Precision, Apex NC and Spikes Tactical just to name a few others that have the tensioning screw. The list goes on… Several other manufacturers use the HiperFire triggers in them and the handguard looks just like the one that Spike Tactical and Seekins Precision has been using for quite some time. (Mounting Wise) Soooo… I guess the only thing that really sets this AR apart from any of the other high-end AR’s is that they make their own barrels and they have some crafty buffer. Do their uppers use allen head screws instead of roll pins to hold parts in like the bolt catch and such like the rest of the high-end AR’s do?

  • nom

    If they make a rifle with the name NUTZ it might be worth buying.

  • Secundius

    I’m a “Little” confused here? Just exactly does an AR-Style Rifle have in common with a Bullpup-Design…


    Nothing is better than my Stoner, not ant AR

    • Don

      Wow… Do you clean your rifle after you make love to it? Someone is stuck way back in the past. The forward assist isn’t even needed in AR’s any longer, as a matter of fact there is a large percentage of them that no longer have them. Add better raw materials, better manufacturing techniques plus better ammo and you have AR’s that are far better than the AR’s where your head is stuck.