Deep South Precision MSRs Available In Mossy Oak

Deep South Precision, Inc., a company that makes it its business to specialize in the customization of its rifles, will be producing MSRs in Mossy Oak. The camo finish use is the result of an agreement Deep South struck with Hass Outdoors, Inc., the company that owns the licensing rights to the Mossy Oak patterns being used.

Deep South Precision is also known as the DSP Armory. Their motto is “Performance delivered down-range” and in their mission statement they say they make a point of only using American-made components. They also state “these are not cookie-cutter commodity rifles sold at your big box store. These are professional-grade firearms, purpose built for the demanding task at hand.” That task may range from law enforcement to sport shooters; DSP has built their company on the idea of quality rifles at reasonable prices.

Part of what makes their MSRs unique was explained by Ted Chatham, the company president: “We give our rifles more of a personal touch by adding features like textures on the front of the mag well and customizing the trigger guards.” In addition the company says they designed their receivers with the needs of shooters in mind, from shapes meant to reduce potentially uncomfortable friction to trigger guards and triggers large enough for use with gloves.


Of the new Mossy Oak finish to come, Chatham said “Modern sporting rifles are gaining popularity with hunters, but not a lot of rifles have been designed and built as a hunting rifle. We have designed our Deep Woods Line with hunters in mind. Adding a Mossy Oak pattern to the rifles puts a finishing touch hunters are sure to appreciate.”

It’s certainly true that Mossy Oak is a popular choice for many outdoorsmen, and concealment is a must for serious hunters. The MSRs being made with the Mossy Oak finish are from their Deep Woods line which come in .223 Remington, .300 BLK, and .308 Win. Finishes available will include Mossy Oak Bottomland, Break-Up Country, and Brush.

Take a look at DSP’s website at or visit their Facebook page. MSRP varies.

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  • dshield55

    Do people use .300 blackout for hunting? I looked into it before and subsonic rounds are too weak sauce and the supersonic rounds don’t have much of a ballistic improvement over .223.

    • Jeff Smith

      People do. With supersonic, the heavier bullet is better for animals like deer than .223. With subsonic, my understanding is that it’s comparable to a .45 acp – so not that great for hunting unless you can get an extremely close shot.

      • lightning

        I get close enough to double tap deer at base of the skull.

  • USMC03Vet

    Could you post smaller images of the rifles? I can still see them.

    • andrey kireev

      I think it kinda looks like an AR15 in funky camo = ,

    • Grindstone50k

      What is this? An article for ants?