Such an odd image. I am not sure if the commanding officer is messing with these guys or if this is legitimate training.  The soldier on the far left is looking straight up at the sky. They are wielding these like pistols but the mag wells are empty and the magazines are in their pockets. Possibly a safety precaution for the photographer?

I like that they are using Sterling Mk4s, made famous by George Lucas’ Stormtroopers.


  • Steve Neisler

    Probably a strength and/or endurance thing.

  • Squirreltakular

    Looks like good, old fashioned hazing to me. Good times.

    • Dracon1201


    • doramin

      They must have shined their boots with that eponymous Hershey bar…

    • doramin

      No military creases…

    • doramin

      Giglines off…

    • doramin

      Badly shined buckles.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Is that a magazine in your pocket?

    • Anomanom

      No, just happy to see you. ;-p

      • anomad101

        You guys get a room. (my funnies don’t work).

        • Brett

          I believe they make a pill for that now.

  • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

    Nothing to see here, just regular stormtrooper training.

  • Sianmink

    This being India, and their abysmal performance when called up to gi-joe literally anything, I’m gonna say legit.

    • lucusloc

      lol, point for you sir.

    • El Duderino

      Yah. Last time India won a war it was called the Mughal Empire…

      • Zebra Dun

        India, helped and won World War Two as part of the British Empire and a member of the Allied military.

        • El Duderino

          Uh…yeah…they were part of the British Empire at the time. This is like saying Texas won WWII because it’s part of the United States. I know you’re trying to make a real point…my comment was tongue-in-cheek.

          • Zebra Dun

            “Well excuuuuuse me!” >said in best Steve Martin impression< LOL
            I thought as much but decided to take up for the Soldiers of India who have fought and died in many wars and battles with honor and Elan. Hmmm Can British subjects fight with Elan?
            P/S Actually Texas as well as all the 48 states did win world war two as a part of the United States and a member of the nation that was in the alliance. Contributing National Guard units as well as manufacturing war supplies and training bases plus the citizens of Texas who were drafted or joined, fought died got wounded and won.
            Seeking no strife just making conversation.
            Nice ta meet ya El Duderino!

          • Amplified Heat

            Texas A&M put out more officers than West Point, dude.

          • tomassino

            the last three wars India had with Pakistan, India won two times, in 1971 India invaded East Pakistan, and later they created Bangladesh

    • GHOST

      Maybe you can teach them:

  • Three troopers getting behavior correction training… or as we called it at Ft. Benning – Getting Smoked.

  • imachinegunstuff

    Maybe they are just goofing off? I have plenty of pictures doing weird stuff when I was in.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Gotta be alert for possible attacks from above.

  • Micki

    I thought the “hold the gun out straight” exercise thing was pretty standard military fare.

  • Llewellyn Franks

    The context of the photo is that this was their first day of weapons familiarization but unfortunately these recruits were overcome by the awesome thing of beauty that is the Sterling SMG. They did not survive. RIP

  • santi

    This is what it’s like to have a sig brace on your pistol.

    • Ryan

      Yeah only if you follow arbitrary and stupid opinion letters and rules.

  • kyphe

    Theory, due to starwars people may be tempted to wield these guns with stock folded like a pistol. After that day they will be tempted no more.

    • It’s fine with the stock folded, you just won’t hit much.

      • kyphe

        I mean it weighs 6lb, it is quite a soft shooter for what it is. And yes why do you think stormtroopers cant hit a barn door lol. My dad loved his service sterling for two reasons. 1st and foremost as he was not carrying a 9.5lb SLR. second is that when you are under fire you can go true prone at a time when you seriously want to melt into the ground.

      • Martin M

        …..Which is why the Stormtroopers lost. Sad.

  • Major Tom

    Looks more like the CO is the effing with the new guys.

  • Some Guy

    Stormtroopers used the Sterling not the Sten

    These guys probably went to the same marksmanship school though.

    • Some Guy

      … and I’m a moron who can’t read.

      …. time for more coffee apparently

      • anomad101

        I am gonna have another beer.

        • Some Guy

          I’ve switched to whisky at this point.

          probably shouldn’t go commenting on stuff on the internet.

          • Zebra Dun

            No, I find I get more profound after a few LOL

          • Dan

            No, that is all the more reason to go commenting on stuff on the internet. It ruffles the feathers of those who take life too seriously.

  • Devil_Doc

    Anyone know of a shop that will turn a Sterling parts kit into a legal semi auto gun?

    • Wise Lite Arms makes a semi-auto Sterling, you might talk to them; their website lists a phone number and email, it looks like they’re in the process of moving domains. They also have very good customer service and stand by their product if you have problems with it.

      I used to own one of their Sterlings; it broke because of a machining error and they replaced the firing pin, and when that didn’t solve the problem, the bolt, at no cost to me and with great turnaround time. This was before I was a writer here, BTW. Once they fixed it, I was extremely satisfied with it; it wasn’t going to win any accuracy or beauty contests, but it was always a blast at the range and worked really well. I sold it because I was moving and needed to clear out some of my collection.

      • Nicholas Chen

        I want a semi auto sterling. So badly.

      • Devil_Doc

        I emailed Wiselite about a year ago, and IIRC, all they had were 7.62×25 pistol receivers, and had no plans to make more. I’ve seen the unfinished receivers with templates that you can buy, but i’m not a machinist. Also, I’m not skilled enough to convert the bolt to semi. Frustrating, really, because the Sterling would be a cool addition to a collection.

    • Devil Doc — There’s a guy in Florida who should be able to hook you up. He has an interesting take on the old CATCO Sten bolt group that is the basis of most semiauto closed bolt variants of round tube SMGs. I know he does work on Stens, and the receivers of a Sten and a Sterling receiver is basically a modified Sten anyway.

      The thing with this guy is he uses a *round*, tube diameter, heavier, striker that is fairly tolerant of minor rotation, not a squared off one that has to hit the cutout in the bolt just so. I’ve seen his work on Sten and Bergman semi builds, and it’s good. Drop me a message at Geodkyt AT Hotmail DOT com, and put “Sterling build” in the subject line, so I can pick you out of the junk mail folder.

  • Victor Lourenço

    Chick leaning brought to new heights.

  • anomad101

    I will go with it as a discipline exercise, we had to hold those M-1s and M-14s at arms length until felt like arms were going to fall off. Then the NCO would cut us slack and have us do push ups until we thought our arms were going to fall off. Whatever I did to deserve that, I did not do it no more.

    • GaryOlson

      You had a condition known as youth and inexperience. The requisite course of treatment has been administered; one such course of treatment is illustrated above. From your reaction the condition has been mitigated. This condition is hereditary; but should occur only once. Large quantities of alcohol may cause short relapses.

      • wclardy

        I hate to tell you this, GaryOlson, but it is well known that the condition tends to be viral in nature and follows a pattern of mutation whereby the cause for discipline is refined and higher-quality mistakes are made.
        If not fully cured prior to domestication, this is suspected to be a leading cause of men confusing couches for beds as a result of repeated banishings by the domesticating authority.

    • Joe Darlington

      Great story! Our military experience is priceless.

  • Bal256

    The Excalibur program seems to be coming along nicely…

  • UCSPanther

    Those sterlings would look good if fitted with wood stocks, much like the old MP18s…

    • Devil_Doc

      Heresy! lol.. Pinching the end of your finger off manipulating the folding stock is part of the experience..

  • noob

    SOP a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

  • FedUpTxn

    Looks like Gangsta Holdup training – this is point the gun at clerk and try to look baaad lesson. Next lesson is turn the gun sideways and shoot randomly.

    • Opus 0321

      Dude that was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spot on, you made my day. Christ, I got coffee coming out my nose………thanks for the lift!!!

      • FedUpTxn

        You’re welcome – sorry about the coffee! I live near Houston so there are lots of opportunities for such humor with hold-ups and shootings on a daily basis!

  • Zebra Dun

    Back in my callow youth My Primary Marksmanship Instructor at P. I. would have us hold our M-14 the same way, horizontal and aiming stance arms length to build muscles to shoot better. Unknown if this actually works.
    The D. I.’s would use the same method for discipline and punishment for infractions.
    It could be either/or here, surely they are not training to shoot unless it’s to show where each man’s dominant eye is.

  • Cymond

    Redefining “spray and pray”?

  • Zebra Dun

    Ahemmmm, Trigger discipline anyone? Bueller?

  • smartacus

    the guy looking up is even less effective than the super-modified gangster grip

  • Jon

    I see this training only usable if you are shooting from behing a wall and you want to espose the less amonut of your body.

  • Dan

    I think i need one of those.

  • claymore

    Looks like they are training for the deliciously crazy “Drill wars” that they put on at the Kiber pass when at border closing time rolls around. You have to see them strutting around trying to out do the other side.

    • doramin

      I think you’re referring to the ludicrous, goose-stomping “Wagah Border Ceremony” every evening between the India Border Security Force and the Pakistani Rangers. Michael Palin memorably filmed it for his travel series and called it “a display of carefully choreographed contempt”.

      • claymore

        That would be it.

  • doramin

    Isn’t that what we call the “YouTube girlfriend stance”?

  • Corey Simmons

    My guess is punishment. I was in the 1/3 US infantry regiment the Old guard we carried m14’s for ceremonial duties. We had two punishment stances with the m14. The general one was to pinch the gas port between your thumb and pointer finger and hold the rifle out with an extended arm. The other was for firing party members mostly since you have to manually cycle the action with the blanks and make it look effortless. You would have to hold the rifle at a modified port arms one hand on the pistol grip the other holding down the charging handle all the way until you where told you could let go. If someone snapped a picture of a prolonged one of either of those while we where training in ACU’s and posted it with no background story we would probably look funny too. The way they are standing not using the stock and leaning back as a counter balance is kind of a give away they are tired and been holding that position for awhile.

  • DL

    Locate your target by smell. Anything that isn’t stench must be the Americans.

  • spydersniper

    I have spent 38 years as a sai in the military, 18 in state law enforcement, etc.,etc. I have never seen anybody with this stance, and here are 3 in one spot! (Tell me they didn’t hit the targets!!??)