Howa Expands Mini Action Line

Howa Mini Action

At the 2015 SHOT Show, Howa introduced a new rifle action: the mini action. It is 12% shorter than a standard short action, suggesting that the rifles can weigh less, and a shooter may be able to cycle the bolt faster.

At introduction, Howa made rifles chambered in .204 Ruger and .223 Remington with the new mini action. Now, the company is offering guns chambered in .222 Remington.

Howa Mini Action


  • Barrel Length: 20” or 22”
  • Barrel Contour: #1, #2 and #6
  • OAL: 39.5” to 41.5”
  • LOP: 13.87”
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs. to 7.15 lbs.
  • Mag. Capacity: 10
  • Stock: Hogue® Black, OD Green or Kryptek Highlander
  • Scope (Package Models, Only): Nikko Stirling Panamax 3-9×40

All rifles include sling swivel studs. Scoped models include rings and bases. The MSRP of these rifles is $608 – 782 depending on the scope and stock options.

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  • M

    The resale on Howas is very odd IMO for a rifle that is usually sub-moa out of box. Msrp is 500-700 USD but on the used market it might as well be a Mosin. I recently saw one on sale for $350 with a new $300 scope on it.

    • Griz

      My deer rifle is a .270 1500, only missed twice once because I didn’t see the crack in the front scope mount, and the first time I was hanging off the tree stand in a weird angle shooting around a big limb. Both these misses were followed by a 2nd killing shot. The rifle always does it’s job when I do mine.
      With that said, the long action I sometimes have difficulty catching the next shell when working the bolt, kind of embarrassing when you try to shoot 2 deer, first time goes bang and then click. It is a loooonnnng action, and it is very easy to “short stroke” the bolt.

      I would be very interested in one of these micro in .300 black with a 16 or 18 inch barrel.

      Any word on if these will take the Timney Trigger?

      • matt @LSI

        These use the same Howa HACT trigger that comes with all of our other Howa bolt action rifles so a Timney trigger will mount to the receiver.

  • Anonymoose

    So, kinda like the CZ 527? I feel inspired to make a mini action .300 Blackout now. Anyone know a good place to get non-ported .300 Blackout barrels?

    • randy

      Try green mountain

    • Giolli Joker

      Invest in a stamp hand have it integrally suppressed.
      It’s cool.
      (.338 Spectre even cooler)

  • GearHeadTony

    7.62×39 and 6.5 Grendel. I’d buy one of each.

    • randy

      What he said but one gun with a swap barrel.

    • matt @LSI

      These are going to be available for 2016!

  • Wetcoaster

    Proprietary magazines or an existing design?

    • Anonymoose

      Legacy Sports says they use “ATI” mags of 5 or 10 capacity and Rem 700-type floorplates, but neitherAdvanced Technology International (ATI stocks) nor American Tactical Imports (the tacticool .22 guys) has a listing of Rem 700 or Howa floorplates or mags.

    • matt @LSI

      these are proprietary design. they are much smaller than the other short action magazines we offer. So these will take their own magazine. They are made by Adaptive Technologies INC.

  • Edeco

    I wonder what the bolt wobble (when open) situation is. I would expect it to be easier to resolve in a short action. I know it doesn’t affect function too much, but hey, we’re in the third century with bolt action rifles here.

    • matt @LSI

      because the action is so short, there is no noticeable wobble. please check out the youtube video of our mini action, in action!

  • Timo

    I wonder what kind of stocks these come with. I fear it will be something as flexible as a garden hose.

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      Howa have quite good quality compared to.. say… Remington

      • Timo

        I once handled a Howa short action which came with Hogue overmolded stock and that was very flexible. The stock in the picture looks very similar which triggered my spider sense. Factory rifles rarely come with Hogue bedding block stocks which have aluminium frame stiffening the forend.

    • matt @LSI

      The stocks on them are made by HTI plastics and are pillar bedded. they are incredibly stout and even after the barrel gets hot from running rounds through it, the stocks are still rigid.

  • Mike

    7.62×39 and 300 BLK. and 16 inch barrel

  • Scott

    What a colossal let down. Legacy stated, when the mini action first came out, that they would offer other chamberings later on… Everyone who was interested figured that meant 6.5 Grendel, or 6.8 SPC, or even 300 blk, you know, something rather unique in a mini bolt action. I even called Legacy to ask if 6.5 Grendel would be added to the mini lineup later and was answered with a coy “I really can’t give any specifics, but they’ll be out around September… wink, wink.” Of all the interesting mini action calibers they could have produced, why would they choose to expand the mini series with a chambering that was effectively made obsolete 50 years ago by a cartridge that’s already offered in the rifle?

    • bthomas

      Choice of calibers likely reflects not just interests of US market alone but the realities of foreign countries where civilians may not legal own firearms chambered in military calibers. In such cases the .222 Rem. makes a lot of sense.

      • matt @LSI

        you are right! .204, .222 and .223 are already well established in bolt action rifles. 6.5 grendel and 7.62×39 are not and are going to take some time to develop and release because they are relatively new to the bolt gun world. Good things come to those who wait.

        • Griz

          So… .300 aac blackout?

    • matt @LSI

      its mainly to do with tooling and development of a new chambering. We can only release what is available to us from the factory. 6.5 grendel and 7.62×39 are being released for 2016.

  • Bill

    Another potential LE utility/patrol rifle, though a shorter, threaded barrel would help, if is was ballistically appropriate for the Grendel. And if the magazines aren’t $120.00 a piece.

  • Cameron Bissell

    i’d like to get a new triple deuce. thats neat.

  • LilWolfy

    6.5 Grendel and we’re in business. A lot of people are going to be pleased with the amount of impact they can get with such little recoil with the Grendel.

    Also, the Howa actions are basically Japanese mass-produced SAKO designs from Finland, with superior quality control than Remington (not hard to pull that off, sadly).

  • 7.62×39 please

  • Guesty

    Will this be chambered 17 Hornady Hornet?