New Howa Mini Action Rifles

    Howa Mini Action rifle

    Long action. Short action. Now Howa has the Mini Action.

    At the 2015 SHOT Show, Legacy Sports showed the new Howa Mini Action rifles. Mini action rifles use bolts and chambers that are 12% shorter than normal short actions. In theory, this means a shorter throw that could result in a faster cycle. Additionally, the mini actions can weigh less than a standard short action.

    Initially, rifles with the mini action will be chambered in .204 Ruger and .223 Remington. Legacy Sports advises that additional calibers will be released in 2015.

    Presently, there will 36 different rifle packages available: 18 in each caliber. Stock colors (black, green and Kryptec Highlander), barrel length (20″ and 22″) and scope options all combine to make the 36 different SKUs. The MSRP ranges from $608 for a non-scoped, 22″ black or green rifle to $855 for a heavy barrel model in Kryptec with a Panamax scope.

    Richard Johnson

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