B&T MP5 Magazine Loader

B&T has a handy loader for their B&T MP9 and it works for HK MP5 magazines as well.


As a CZ Scorpion Evo3 owner, I would love to see this design made for the Scorpion mags. I wonder if this could work for the SIG MPX Lancer mags too?

You can buy the speed loader from HKparts.net for $24.95.

Nicholas C

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  • M.M.D.C.

    I don’t always load magazines with hockey gloves on but when I do…

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    This loader actually looks to be working really well, unlike most on the market.
    It’s like combining a stripper clip and a MagLula.
    It reminds me of loading a Vz58 magazine through the gun or SKS internal mag
    with stripper clips.

    Knowing B+T’s extensive product lineup, I’d bet there’s a Glock version in the works.

    • Nicholas Chen

      I dont see how that would work as you can’t load bullets into glocks through the top.

      • Adam aka eddie d.

        Of course not through the gun, I meant simply as a mag loader device.
        I’ve got limited rounds count with Glocks, but as far as I know,
        the feed lips of the mags would allow loading them like that, wouldn’t they?
        Correct my if I’m wrong please, I may be missing something. (New shooter.)
        Personally, I’d definitely like something like this, I don’t have strong fingers, and mag loading sucks. This looks faster than the MagLula.
        (Of course it doesn’t do well with bulk ammo.)

        • Mike

          I don’t see how this will work with Glock mags. Many modern pistol mags, including Glocks, are not double stack all the way to the top. They basically turn into a single stack mag, putting the top round in the same spot every time. So the space between the feed lips is narrower than the case diameter. In order for a stripper clip, which is basically what this is, to work the space between the feed lips needs to be wider than the case.
          Loading a Glock mag requires a “down and back” motion, not a straight down motion like the MP5, AR, AK, and other magazines that are double stack all the way up.

        • Nicholas Chen

          Read what Mike says. He hit it on the head. I didnt mean through the gun. But the Glock mags and most handgun magazines are double but turn into a single stack at the top. The feed lips are not wide enough allow the brass to be shoved through them. You have to load them in one at a time and slide them under the feed lips.

          • Adam aka eddie d.

            I see now, you meant the double column single feed thing, thanks! Now that you guys mentioned it, I realised too, loading was “push down, push back”.

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          No, you cannot load a Glock magazine like this. Period.

          • Adam aka eddie d.

            That is not the most informative way of explaining something to a new shooter Mr. , but thank you!

  • Will

    If these people don’t branch out to single and double stack magazines for pistols they will be missing out on a LOT of money.
    I think they would sell very well.

    • Mike

      Read the thread above started by Adam. This approach won’t work with single stack mags or most double stack pistol mags. They could do version for the AR and AK though. That would probably be a good product choice.

  • Mike

    I have to wonder why they didn’t make the feed tray longer so you could load 10 rounds per operation by turning the ammo box 90 degrees. It seems like an obvious miss, so I’m guessing there’s a good reason for it.

  • Adam Withem

    Should work for Colt SMG mags as well. I’m just not sure if it is worth the $24 just to find out the magazine body profile is just different enough that it wont fit around them.

    • Sledgecrowbar

      I saw this elsewhere and immediately thought how we desperately need it for colt smg mags. They have the right feed profile as opposed to pistol mags which just have to be loaded from the front of the feed lips and then have the round pushed back. Colt smg mags though are a royal pita. I’d buy two in a heartbeat if they either made one for them or found that this loader fits them.

  • HKGuns

    That looks really useful. It can take a while to load up those 30 round magazines. Simple, yet effective. B&T generally makes really good stuff.