Winchester Slug Rebate

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For the FNH USA 3Gun Championship match, I needed some rifled slugs to use in my Mossberg 930 JM Pro. While I was returning from visiting NYC CNC in Ohio, I stopped at Cabela’s in Triadelphia, WV. I bought two packs of 15rd Winchester Super-X Rifled Slugs. They were only $12.99 for 15rds of 2-3/4″ 12ga slugs. Better yet, Winchester has a mail-in rebate. $6 off a 15rd box!!! That makes a 15rd box of rifled slugs only $6.99.

The Winchester rebate allows you to redeem up to $20. So I can get $12 back for the two boxes that I bought. That is almost buy one get one free.

Here is the link to the Winchester Rebate PDF.


The rebate is good for purchases between August 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015. The offer expires and all requests must be received by January 15. 2016.

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  • PK

    Great price for decent practice slugs, thanks for the tip!