MSBS In Action, From Frag Out!; Fabryka Broni Releases Full Line Up

Polish gun manufacturer Fabryka Broni recently announced the full line up for the MSBS “Radon” modular dual conventional/bullpup layout rifle, in development since 2007. The MSBS is an improved relative of the Remington ACR/Magpul Masada. Frag Out! released a video recently of the MSBS in action, with a guest appearance by the 1930s Radom wz. 35 “Vis” pistol, embedded below:

Janes reports on the new MSBS line up:

Polish small arms manufacturer Fabryka Broni unveiled its entire Modular Small Arms System calibre 5.56 mm (MSBS-5.56) assault rifle family, currently on order for the Polish Armed Forces, for the first time at the MSPO defence exhibition in Kielce.

Equipped with a quick-release barrel, the MSBS-5.56 is small arms system chambered in 5.56×45 mm with a unique feature: a common upper receiver for both classic and bullpup configurations.

The MSBS-5.56 upper receiver is a base to which other modules are attached: a barrel, a handguard, and a lower receiver with a classic folding and telescopic stock or in bullpup configuration. The MSBS system has been under development since 2007 by Fabryka Broni in co-operation with the Military University of Technology in Warsaw.

The family of MSBS-5.56 small arms has 11 rifle variants. The classic (MSBS-5.56K) and bullpup (MSBS-5.56B) designs each have five variants: an 11-inch barrel carbine, a 16-inch barrel standard assault rifle, a standard assault rifle with GL underbarrel grenade launcher, a 16-inch precise barrel designated marksman, and a 16-inch heavy barrel light support rifle. The classic version also comes in a parade rifle variant designed for the Polish Honour Guard Battalion (Batalion Reprezentacyjny), equipped with a 18-inch barrel designed for blank cartridges and a strengthened fixed buttstock with a steel stock.

The rifle is to be a successor of Soviet SKS carbines in use since the 1960s. [Nathaniel’s note: This is technically correct. An “Honor Guard” version of the MSBS has been developed and displayed in use with some Polish ceremonial units, replacing the SKS. However, the current Polish standard issue weapon is the 5.56mm AK-derived Beryl, in use since the late 1990s]

Pawel Madej, technical director of Fabryka Broni, told IHS Jane’s , “We are in the middle of the armed forces trials of the MSBS-5.56 standard assault rifle, to be finished in 2016. However, the system passed all qualification tests and is ready for serial production. This year 100 MSBS-5.56 rifles of low-rate initial production will be manufactured.”

Poland ordered 14,000 MSBS rifles in May 2014 for its Tytan (Titan) Advanced Individual Battle System (AIBS) programme. IHS Jane’s understands that the first phase will include the delivery of the standard 16-inch barrel versions both with and without underbarrel grenade launchers. The second phase will involve the delivery of the specialised MSBS-5.56 variants (carbine, designated marksman, and light support).


The many different bullpup versions of the MSBS. These share their receiver with the conventional variant. Note the compatibility with AR-15 pistol grips. Image source:


Polish military news outlet has also covered the new rifle lineup; a machine translation of their article is below:

At the International Defence Industry Weapon Factory on the stand for the first time, you can see the entire family system rifles MSBS-5.56, both in the classical and butt. What’s more, Archer presented on a separate position also all components included in the system.

Family rifles MSBS-5.56 in a butt (foreground variety of basic, behind subkarabinek and machine gun and sniper), in the background variety ceremonial for ammunition blind was founded on the need Battalion Representative

Family rifles MSBS-5.56 in a butt (foreground variety of basic, behind subkarabinek and machine gun and sniper), in the background variety ceremonial for ammunition blind was founded on the need Battalion Representative

In early August, finished completing 16 models MSBS-5.56, resulting in the project MSBS-5.56 / Rawat. To this number includes six classic MSBS-5,56K (two subkarabinki, sniper rifles and carbines machine) and ten bezkolbowych MSBS-5,56B (two subkarabinki, basic rifles, carbines-grenade launchers, sniper rifles and carbines machine). This allows, along with the previously developed within the project MSBS basic rifle and rifle-grenade launcher, to present the entire modular family of weapons. All structures are to be supplied with a mounting rail mounted on folding mechanical devices celowniczymi (midges basis and foundation of the viewfinder).Yet still the standard basic rifle sighting will be collimator CK-1T.

Subkarabinek has a barrel length of 256 mm, while its length can be changed even after the tests weapons. The classic version is completed slotted, open the outlet device better damping flame outlet. In the embodiment bezkolbowej barrel is entirely hidden in the bed, and ultimately is to appear on it moderator, or special output unit of larger dimensions, in which the gases are blown forward, and not on the sides. The aim is to reduce signature weapons at the shooting, as well as the resulting roar in the conduct of fire with such a short barrel, the addition of the outlet located closer to the ear shooter.

Modular Small Arms 5.56 mm in the classical system complete

Modular Small Arms 5.56 mm in the classical system complete

Basic carbine with a 406-mm barrel and its variant rifle-grenade launcher (with underslung grenade launcher ammunition jednostrzałowym GP 40 mm x 46SR) were developed before the project MSBS. Currently it has been completed so. the model of the structure under the Polish soldier of the future Titan. In 2016, the gun has to go the prototype test after the possible changes.

Another element of the family is 5.56 MSBS-machine gun with 406-mm barrel with a heavier profile. It is to be powered with a larger capacity magazines. It is a construction designed to provide support at the level of the team and adapted a more intense fire serial and continuous than basic rifle. Hence the lack hook knife-bayonet and open, slotted outlet device better damping flame outlet during intense shooting.

All modules included in the system MSBS-5.56 / Photo: Remigiusz Wolf

All modules included in the system MSBS-5.56 / Photo: Remigiusz Wolf

The system complements the sniper rifle with a 406-mm precision barrel, whose installation was made more thoroughly, observing narrower tolerance. Thanks to this weapon has to be more accurate. The barrel of this construction is completed is a device adapted to rapidly exhaust silencer attachment. Carbine sniper is to be a target sets with another device drain, with more precise trigger dwuoporowym (optionally or in their own Archer or commercial interchangeable with AR-15) and the optical viewfinder (probably without magnification production PCO LDK-4 4×32).

Family supplements carbine representative in the classical system, which is a special type of primary weapon with a long, 508-mm barrel with a reduced diameter adapted to fire only blank ammunition 5.56 mm x 45. Of course, because it is a modular weapon, at any moment can be replace any length barrel to live ammunition. For arms to be delivered knife-bayonet with chrome, shiny surface.

Variety representative is equipped with an extended and reinforced steel flask with okutym sectional pad, to gain an appropriate sound effect when hitting the ground. Additionally, it has a soft masking founded on the dorsal mounting rail and the dummy mechanical iron sights, which give it the appearance of combat. The whole is designed to Battalion Representative who is seeking a new weapon to replace the previously used 7.62 mm carbine Simonov (SKS), brought into service in 1950.


Fabryka Broni announced during SHOT Show that the MSBS is slated to come to the US market sometime in the next couple of years. If and when it does, it may be a rare moment of shared enthusiasm on the part of both die-hard conventional and bullpup fans, alike.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Clear Lake Forest

    I see that Frag Out! subscribes to the MLG school of sound editing. Cool video though, you don’t really see a lot of camerawork like that in shoot footage. I guess for safety reasons.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Fabryka Danki

  • Giolli Joker

    Ok, I take two like the one in the middle, thanks.

  • Vitor Roma

    Aesthetically wise, this may be my favouite bullpup.

    • ShootingFromTheHip

      Woof! Really? I’m not a fan of that HUGE hole above the barrel. I much prefer the aesthetic of the upcoming Desert Tech MDR.

      • Wosiu

        This hole have a purpose: easy regulation of gas system.

        Gas system regulation in MSBS have 3 positions:
        – normal,
        – hard conditions, fg rifle long not cleaned or dirted by something etc.,
        – gas system is cut-off, rifle with supressor is in silent mode and is acting like repeater.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        Well, the Desert Tech was designed to appease the fashion-culture in the US gun market. Look at the SBR, it´s like straight out of Halo. This thing was made for the military.

        • AJ187

          That’s a ridiculous assumption gordon that Desert Tech doesn’t mean the MDR for military/LEO use. Fact is a gun can have aesthetics and utility in its design.

          • G0rdon_Fr33man

            Sure, but most of the time, it is utility over aesthetics.

      • Vitor Roma

        I like how it has plenty of straight lines but avoids being blocky.

      • dshield55

        It turns out the hole above the barrel on the bullpups is a slot where their new bayonets attach.

        • iksnilol

          That makes sense on the short model, but on the longer models it doesn’t make sense.

          I presume the hole is for gas adjustment considering you have easy access to the gas block there.

        • TJbrena

          The conventional layout’s standard rifle variant seems to have a bayonet lug on the barrel. The IAR/SAW/LSW variant has no mount, and I doubt the DMR or SBR variants do either.

    • Burst

      Yeah, I like this rifle, and I pretty much hate everything.

    • Plumbiphilious

      I’m really happy they bothered to cover up the exposed barrel myself.
      I get obsessive over exposed pencil/thin barrels on guns this “short.” It’s why I dislike the SCAR’s and Tavor’s aesthetics.

      I just keep thinking I’m dumbass enough to accidentally reach up and touch hot barrel one day, aside from how silly and limp a thin barrel looks poking out of a short’n’fat, blocky handguard.

      • iksnilol

        Eh, the exposed barrel has the advantage if you are using telescopic suppressors. Though you can make the area around the barrel free even if it is covered up.

    • Iggy

      In my opinion this baby still wins for pure aesthetics:

  • jcl

    Is there any plan to make MSBS lower receiver that can take Beryl’s magazine?
    Since ACR has lower that can take AK magazine, and Poland has a lot of existing 5.56mm Beryl magazines, it should be a logical move to make lower that can use existing stockpile of Beryl magazines.

    • Wosiu

      I am not sure, but most probably MSBS already can take both magazines.

      • BS

        No, it does not. There are no plans to make the MSBS Beryl compatible.

    • dshield55

      It’s an aftermarket parts opportunity for somebody willing to do it. Some company started making aluminum SCAR lowers to replace the polymer ones. I don’t see much of a market for Beyrl mags lowers since pretty much nobody has Beryls and AR mags are dirt cheap for high quality ones. Since the barrels are swappable though, if this rifle catches on there will eventually be 7.62x39mm or maybe even 5.45x39mm barrels and it would be a worthwhile endeavor for somebody to make an AK mag lower.

      • jcl

        I didn’t mean for civilian market. Since Poland most likely keep using upgraded Beryl for foreseeable future and only issuing MSBS to special forces and elite units, why not issue alternative lower so the units that equipped with MSBS can borrow Beryl magazines from regular units in emergency. The lower is made from polymer (unless they need aluminum to use AK style mags) and do not include the buttstock unit like in AR15 so it should be light and small enough to carry a spare one in backpack.

        • dshield55

          Mags are just so cheap and drop free mags are just way more ergonomically superior to rock/tilt style mags, I can’t see them wanting to do lowers that accept the beryl mags while they’re transitioning between rifles and there’s a mixture of units with Beryls and Radons.

          • jcl

            I just noticed they seems to use Surefire 60 rounds magazines in the demo. Is Poland planning to adopt 60 rounds magazine or this is just for demonstration?

          • TJbrena

            According to the machine translation:

            “Another element of the family is 5.56 MSBS-machine gun with 406-mm barrel with a heavier profile. It is to be powered with a larger capacity magazines. It is a construction designed to provide support at the level of the team and adapted a more intense fire serial and continuous than basic rifle. Hence the lack hook knife-bayonet and open, slotted outlet device better damping flame outlet during intense shooting.”

            A specialized high-cap STANAG mag will probably be used for the SAW/IAR/LSW.

            Interestingly enough, there’s a SAW/IAR/LSW variant for both the conventional and bullpup layouts.

      • iksnilol

        Considering they also make a 7.62×39 version I doubt that AK mag compatibility should be hard.

        That bulllpup with the 10 inch barrel and chambered in 7.62×39 would be a nice gun for most purposes.

    • Kivaari

      I need to read it again, but I think it takes M4 magazines, with Surefire samples shown. Now, I didn’t watch the video, I just don’t like them.

  • kregano

    I’m glad that they’re trying to bring the gun to the US in both forms. That said, I’m more interested in getting my hands on the bullpup, just to see how that charging handle placement feels.

    • Wosiu

      There will be such offer for US market:

      classic rifle + additional kit for convertion to bull-pup.

      So you can buy 2 in 1.

      • BS

        Who told you that?:)

        • Wosiu

          I dont remember, but source was from Fabryka Broni.

  • ostiariusalpha

    Aw, that operator shows off that he has a Radom pistol, and then it immediately malfs on him at 1:19. Sad.

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Whoa. A bullpup grenade launcher on bullpup assault rifle! Talk about meta.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Paging Radom USA…. Mr. Marshall….

    Last rumor of the Texas factory was that there was some hold up on the Poles end, but nothing since and that was some time ago. Really hoping this comes to fruition because I want an MSBS considering it’s what the ACR should have been, I want more barrel options for my AK’s, and I need a legit Beryl that IO didn’t run the greasy sausage fingers all over. I’m also hoping MSRP on the MSBS isn’t $59994589516710.

  • BS

    Thanks a lot guys!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Is that a shock absorber I see moving in the stock of the conventional style rifle in the video?

  • DW

    Tactical Kurwa!

  • USMC03Vet

    I hope this is like half the price of the Tavor. Just because affordable rifles.

  • dshield55

    I’m thoroughly in love with this rifle. I talked with them at SHOT a couple years ago and was pleased they wanted to do a civilian version. The military owns the design, so he cautioned at the time that it’s up to them if they’d let them do a civilian version.

    This post forced me into a multi-hour compulsive gun nerd / gun porn hunt on more details. This rifle would be absolutely perfect if it had simple push button ejection/direction changes like on the ARX-160 and if the barrel swaps were quicker/simpler. I’m not sure how direction is changed, but I’ve gathered it’s not push button although it’s easy to change in the field. I guess you have to unscrew an alan head screw to release the clamp on the barrel. Quick, and way easier than a SCAR or Tavor, but I was hoping it’d be Steyr Aug quick.

    I cant figure out where around the trigger guard the bolt catch release is activated, but I love that the mag release is in the same AR15 style area on both the classic and bullpup version.

    • Wosiu

      Bolt catch release button in bull-pup version is behind the mag well. I dont remember now where this is in classic version, sorry.

  • Sianmink

    It’s like a modern take on the old AUG modularity design. I really hope we get a bunch over here at a reasonable price.

    • Kivaari

      They have to be made here. Like Arsenal rifles, they wont be cheap. Selling price doesn’t have a great link to cost to build. It is the perceived value that matters. Like early stainless pistols, they are cheaper to make than carbon steel, but people think they are better. Jack up the price.

  • Anonymoose

    This pleases me.

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    is this gun M-LOK from the factory ????????

    • Jay

      Most likely not, but M-LOK compatibility should be easy to achieve. Anyone after kettle company could make a new M-LOK compatible handguard.
      Definitely the coolest new gun out there today.

      • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

        but look at where the pic rails attach to the hand guard

  • Paladin

    I really want to see this rifle come to Canada, but if the upper receiver is the serialized part that means we won’t be able to get the bullpup version because of our stupid laws, and I really want that short barreled bullpup version.

    • Duncan McAfee

      I’m unfamiliar with the laws up there. How would where it’s serialised prevent you from getting the bullpup? Would you not be able to get it even if it came attached to the serialised upper?

      • Paladin

        Our laws are pretty weird. Bullpup firearms are legal, but bullpup conversion stocks are illegal. For something like the Tavor for example, the stock is integral to the serialized receiver, which for legal purposes is the firearm, and so the stock is not a “conversion”. If, as I suspect, the MSBS uses the upper receiver as the serialized part then the stock is not integral to the firearm and would be viewed as a conversion and therefore prohibited.

        • Michel_T

          As long as the rifle was design from the ground up at a bullpup, it should be good to go.

          • Paladin

            Not necessarily true. The Walther G22 was designed from the ground up as a bullpup rifle, but the RCMP still declared it to be prohibited, or more specifically declared that the stock was prohibited because it was not integral to the receiver, even though no standard layout stock exists for the firearm.

            They’d have an even easier time justifying it with the MSBS because the MSBS was not designed from the ground up as a bullpup. It’s based on the Masada (they even had members of the Masada design team working on it) which is not bullpup, and both the standard layout and bullpup versions were designed at the same time.

  • NewMan

    Sorry for coming off as an ass here.. But I don’t get the excitement about this rifle. It seems like it’s basically just a copy of the Bushmaster ACR (and we all know how well THAT rifle turn out) with a few differences/features. And plus it’s made by some company that I never heard of until now

  • Phil Hsueh

    When/if these make it over to the US what will the MSRP be? I don’t suppose that these will come in under $1,000 because it seems that every bullpup available in the US costs at least $1,000.

  • Wosiu

    I have to correct something of the IHS Janes article:

    the shortest barrel version, so-called “subcarbine” in Polish terminology, now have 10.5 inch barrel, not 11 inch.
    This version is planned with special barrel “moderator”. Overall lenght of this rifle should be about 54 -55 cm. Do you remember Magpul PDR (Personal Defence Rifle) project with overall lenght 52 cm? 🙂 Yes, this version of MSBS could be the real Personal Defence Rifle…

  • kregano

    You know, if FB Radom put out a .300 Blackout conversion kit, this rifle would be even more attractive than it is now. Right now, the only bullpup with a factory .300 Blackout option is the MDR-C, and even then it’s an SBR. There’s not a lot of competition in that segment since IWI doesn’t seem to be working on a .300 BLK kit for the Tavor, for whatever reason.

  • Kivaari

    I love the looks, and that curious English transliteration.

  • Kivaari

    The Viz(s) M35 (?) has always been considered a great pistol. Once the Nasties took over, killed the good employees, they cheapened it. In the old days of the 60-70s everyone wanted the pre-war Radom/Vis. Poland was stomped over by Germans and Russians. Like the Czechs, the Polish were pro-western and made great guns.

  • NewMan

    No need to get your panties in a twist kid. Have some manners. All I’m saying is that I am very skeptical about this rifle. It is far too similar to the ACR and plus “FB Radom”? Name me some decent small arms that they actually made.. I’m all ears…

    Until more details is out I will remain skeptical and stand by my position that this is simply an ACR with a few teaks, made by some company that most never heard of.

  • victor victor bravo

    So a pollock tells you they made a better america and you just believe them • lol

  • Same old song

    Im getting something wrong or this rifle is fully ambidextrous libe the beretta arx? Also, the stock folds to the right side?

    • gunsandrockets

      You can see the right folding stock in video, with firing in folded position.

  • Broke guy

    Yawn. It’s a neat rifle, but I don’t see it being affordable enough for me to actually care.

  • Thomas Oakheart

    Been following this gun for a couple years now, glad to see more of it.