Japanese man arrested for building homemade guns

A 60 year old man in Japan was recently arrested for building homemade guns of his own design. According to him it was his hobby for the last 40 years. He used scrap anvils as a source of hardened steel and crafted his own ammunition using toy caps and casted lead bullets.

homemadegunsjapan2 improguns

homemadegunsjapan3 improguns

A double barreled muzzle-loading percussion lock. The barrels are rotated between shots.

homemadepercussionlockjapan improguns

A submachine gun which is trying to decide whether its an AR or a Thompson.

homemadegunsjapan4 improguns

A compact machine pistol. The neat thing about it is that It appears to accept Type-14 Nambu magazines.

homemadegunsjapan5 improguns

A cartridge firing double barreled pistol:

homemadegunsjapan7 improguns

This revolver probably took the most amount of time and dedication:

homemadegunsjapan6 improgunsHomemade bullets:



  • Renegade

    This guy is wasted in Japan. Bring him over state-side, let him have his fun!

    • Rick5555

      This guy has nothing but his imagination and crude materials to work with. Imagine what he could accomplish with quality materials, modern equipment, etc. And he would get paid for it. Even if no one hired him. It’s totally legal to make homemade firearms.

      • Guest

        Machine pistol may raise some questions though.

      • supergun

        They harass someone like this like he is a terrorist, whole murders go free. Sounds like the US.

  • Dan


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    He shall be banished to the Land of Wind and Ghosts.

    • F-Bomber Blerch


      • avconsumer2


    • sam

      East St. Louis?

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    All work and only airsoft makes Japan a dull boy

  • Ryan

    So who’s the a**hat that turned this guy in? How much powerful are these “toy caps”?

    • Kivaari

      Japanese police do not need a warrant to inspect your home. The Mister Walkabouts, keep a record book on everyone in the small districts. Every few blocks there are small police stations. I liked Japan and visited 3 times. But, I wont live anywhere that restricts guns like Japan. Like NY, MD, MA, CT, DC, NJ or CA. Pass gun laws that forbid criminal acts using guns, but leave we the people alone.

      • Chi Wai Shum

        Japan police of course need a warrant to search someone’s house. It is not china.

        • Kivaari

          Than things have changed since 1992. In Kopel’s book, he describes how intrusive the cops are. And how they keep binders full of personal data at those small outposts. It’s probably just on computer by now. Japanese police can be very intrusive.

          • Chi Wai Shum

            Many of the intrusive way of how Japanese police work are in fact totally illegal. It is just their traditional culture that cause most people not seeking legal action against the authorities. That kind of attitude has actually changed a lot since the 90’s. Young people no longer believe keeping quiet is truly good for everyone.

  • datimes

    No mention any of these weapons were ever used in a crime. That makes this guy rather harmless.

    • Kivaari

      Having 400 guns, never used in a crime, should not be a crime.

      • supergun

        Considering that some of our cities have 400 crimes in a gun free zone.

    • sam

      Yep, I mean, totally harmless depending on the value or lack thereof one places on social order. I hope there’s no jail time or large fine for this, I’m sure they’ll confiscate.

    • Edohiguma

      It’s part of Japan’s weapons control, which dates back over 400 years.

    • Nick

      That is beside the point – which is “omg we can’t let the other commoners know this is possible, nobody would stand for having us in office. And it especially disproves all of us anti gun politicians telling people if you even think about buying a gun you are clearly a murderer because he’s been doing this for 40 years and hasnt so much as hurt a fly”

      • supergun

        They might rebel and declare war again.

  • Not_a_Federal_Agent

    Love always finds a way

  • Andrew

    8 guns over the course of 40 years? So he was producing them at roughly the same rate as Keltec.

    • some_guy


    • Duray

      Where have you been? Local shops have PMR-30’s sitting on the shelf under $500, KSG’s for $850. I have two buddies who recently got Sub 2000’s. Kel Tec made 117000 guns year. What’s with The bashing?

      • Scott Tuttle

        yeah yeah, but it was funny.

        • Rick5555

          Very Funny.

      • BillC

        Lighten up, Francis.

      • ozzallos .

        KTOG fer sure.

        • Rick

          so’m I but even I thought it was funny

      • supergun

        There are many guns better.

    • Vitsaus

      Looks like better quality than Kel-Tec though.

    • crysys

      Shots fired!

    • supergun

      And no buyers.

  • Art out West

    I love Japan, and have been there many times, but their gun laws are just horrible. That is the main reason I’d never live there. I could live without my Glock, Mosin, revolvers, shotgun, and AK, but the fact that they won’t even allow people to have a simple .22 rifle just burns me. I could get by just having a .22 rifle, but a country that doesn’t allow that just sucks.
    I feel so sorry for good people like this. Just think how much fun he could have had with a simple 10/22 and a few real pistols.
    These are some pretty good looking homemade guns. The man did nothing wrong, but will now languish for years in the Japanese prison system. It is a travesty.
    By the way, I miss real Japanese ramen soup. It is wonderful. Unagi sounds good right now as well. Japan’s food is great, but the gun (and sword) laws are terrible.

    • Really? I heard that getting a rifle permit in Japan wasn’t all that bad, and that it was handguns that were super-annoying to get your hands on.

      • Tom

        Only if you are a hunter (so you have to live in the right place) and the moment you stop hunting it goes. You can get shoot guns if you shoot clays etc but they have to be kept at the club.

        Basically there is as I understand it no concept of plinking in Japan, its hunting, clays or nothing. And no way in hell would you be allowed a gun for self defence.

        • TSJones97

          Japan IS super crowded though. And they’ve instituted many cultural restraints in order to keep them from melting down and collapsing their society (extreme politeness is one creation, the other is stoicism in the face of adversity, the other is “Gambarimasho” etc,) So I kinda understand the aversion by the ‘leaders’ to allow weapons as being a cultural thing. Note in olden times, how the ruling classes didn’t allow anyone outside the warrior class to own weapons. And the warrior class had a code of loyalty to the upper and rulings class so that they would never turn on their ‘masters’. Japan is still the safest 1st world nation and I have no problems walking the street late at night in any major Japanese city, unlike many places in Asia (like Bangkok, Manila, etc.) Besides, I can think of quite a few moronic “otakus’ that I wouldn’t trust with guns. (and don’t get me wrong, I’m a 100% pro gun person)

          • gunsandrockets

            Getting less crowded as population crashes under demographic trends.

          • jcitizen

            For the first time in Japan’s history, they are in trouble for such low birth rates the people could disappear in just a few generations. The Koreans are the only people allowed to move into Japan in large numbers because they go to Hiroshima( and I assume Nagasaki, for the same reason).

          • Chubby Freen

            So the Yakuza mostly commit their crimes with nerf guns, then?

          • jcitizen

            Fer sure – I walk the streets and I don’t worry about crime, cause I got a gun – none of the cry babies ever think of that – Crime? No problem, just get a gun, and procure your CCW!

    • desert

      You can thank MacArthur for their gun laws, he dictated everything after the war!

      • supergun

        Considering what they did to a lot of people, what would you have done?

  • LT

    When I was there a guy robbed a bank using a sword. So yeah, life finds a way…

    Like their southern neighbor Australia, they are really weird about guns. Too bad, this guy would have been lauded here as the cool guy down the street who makes ingenious guns from scrap…

    • no

      Japan’s trash, our treasure.

      Can we trade him for Yoko Ono?

      • disqus_Hk6bAV5M1R

        And toss in Hilary while you ate it.

        • supergun

          plus kerry, hairy, slick willy, and obumer.

      • supergun

        Thats good.

    • supergun

      Australia thinks the US will defend it. Not with obumer.

  • Ken

    The revolver looks to be cap and ball with that loading ram. The chambers are also much smaller than the muzzle, unless that’s a false muzzle around a smaller barrel. Also, it’s still loaded. You can see the bullets in che chambers. I guess no one wanted to fire it, since that’s basically one of two ways to unload it.

    Very impressive regardless.

    • Anomanom

      Well, given the look of it, i wouldn’t want to risk losing a hand that way.

      • mamushka

        Dear sir, my guess is you concentrated on the humanities in school, not so much on chemistry, physics, and the like? Not picking on you, by the way. 🙂 Cheers.

  • Giolli Joker

    “A compact machine pistol. The neat thing about it is that It appears to accept Type-14 Nambu magazines.”

    And it’s probably more reliable.

  • Llewellyn Franks

    Truth is our Japanese hero here will probably only be in jail for a couple years, 5 maximum knowing their penal system. The guys a champ, I’d hire him. Understandings of firearm design like that don’t come around that often.

  • WhiskeyRun

    He is part of the Maker Movement.

  • Ironclad

    Ah, yes…The infamous Black & Decker Electric Hand Drill. And is that a old model 42 Craftsman Electric Jigsaw?

    • MrDakka

      Makita Model 43 Angle grinder bruh. 🙂

  • gggplaya

    had guns for 40 years, not a single person was hurt, obviously a real danger to society.

    If that guy was so in love with guns, he should have moved to the u.s. and crafted something truly amazing, as im sure he could with modern machine technology and not garage tools.

    • Sledgecrowbar

      I hear the “just move” argument a lot, and it’s definitely one solution, but it’s not the right solution for a lot of people, and it’s not a real solution at all. I live in a ban state and yearn for the laws just a half hour away, but I can’t pick up my family and career and relocate for it. Moving isn’t the answer, changing bad law is.

  • Southpaw89

    Appear to be brilliantly designed, well made guns. Too bad this man is being treated like a criminal, he’s done absolutely nothing wrong, having the means to do harms does not mean you have the desire to, I wish more people would realize that.

    • Chi Wai Shum

      Like someone has already pointed out he has been arrested but he is not really being treated like some big bad serial killer. He probably will only get a very short time. These guns are not really that brilliant. He is harmless but by no means a hero.

      • ozzallos .

        The guns aren’t brilliant but his ability as a machinist is. Why are you so invested in panning this guy?

      • Southpaw89

        I consider the brilliance to be the fact that he was able to build these with so little to work with, I doubt he had much in the way of examples to work with, maybe some information found online, but no dedicated infrastructure like we have in the US. He just used what was available to him.

        • dannyboy7796

          Erm… 40 years, remember?

          ‘Local library’ rather than ‘online’, methinks…

          Making guns illegally for criminal activity is one thing; making guns as a hobby for your own amusement (and evidently being pretty good at it) is quite another. He should be released and a way found that the authorities do not destroy his work.

        • jcitizen

          Wait till they start printing guns with the new metal sinter laser printers! They will have a hard time keeping up, unless they outlaw 3D printers, which is probably coming next!

    • Anomanom

      Well, actually he has, owning of unlicensed firearms (in Japan) is a crime. My terrible driving may not have actually hurt anyone, but i can still receive a traffic citation.

      • Southpaw89

        Illegal and wrong don’t necessarily go hand in hand, in some nations going to church or organizing a peaceful protest is considered a crime, but I would certainly not call these activities wrong. I consider “wrong” to be infringing on some ones rights or inflicting harm. So in this case I would say that the law is what is in the wrong, while the man was acting within his basic human rights.

      • maodeedee

        And your point being……?

    • maodeedee

      Most people can’t understand the concept that the means to do harm does not mean you have the desire to do so because it requires critical thinking to understand such a concept.

      Most are ruled by the emotions rather than rational thought which is a much more common mode of “thinking” than the actual deductive reasoning process due to the decline and politicization of public education and the predominance of mass media and advertising influence. Advertising is used to manipulate thinking and the same techniques are used to advance political agendas

      • Chubby Freen

        So right!

  • Edohiguma

    You can own firearms in Japan. There are about 1 million rifles in private hands. Handguns, a lot harder to get.

    This has nothing with any perceived idea of “anti-gun laws”. Japan has firearm and sword control laws and the principle dates back over 400 years. It was in the late 1500s when Toyotomi Hideyoshi forbade commoners to carry weapons, which is a bit ironic, because he was born a commoner. This remained more or less intact in the over 250-odd years of the Edo period, yet, despite only samurai being allowed to carry weapons the country was still armed to its teeth. There were, after all, a ton of samurai and this massive armament of the entire nation is one of the reasons for why Japan developed such a culture of politeness (the other reason is geography.)

    In the imperial restoration of the 1870s only the police, military and newly formed nobility were allowed to carry weapons.

    There was, however, the exception of Hokkaido, but that was the Japanese frontier. You, more or less, needed a firearm, or otherwise wild animals, bandits and other unfriendly things would have eaten you. Hokkaido in those days a lot like the Old West.

    Today the nobility no longer exists, and it’s really the military and police who carry firearms, but the concept that was started in the late 1500s is still around.

    Problem here is, those are primarily handguns. No license, no pistol. That’s how it is. And the sub machine gun and machine pistol, yeah, if that is actually capable of select fire or auto, that’s a big no-no in a lot of places.

    That being said, his work is outstanding.

  • jerry young

    this just goes to show when guns are banned someone will find a way to have them, while this guy’s only crime was building guns in a county that outlaws them he wasn’t using them for criminal enterprise, if guns were to be banned in America does anyone think that somebody wouldn’t be producing them?

  • ozzallos .

    The culture romanticizes guns. How this came as a surprise to them, I’m not sure. I mean go watch some anime and see what I mean. In fact, a few of these would have been right at home in one.

    Too bad, too. This guy is awesome.

  • Jeff Heeszel

    The boxes of MG Caps are little plastic caps for model guns. They look like a big plastic primer. Model guns are replica guns that are nearly identical to the real gun, part per part. The vital components like barrels and receivers are usually plastic, but many of the parts are metal. They come disassembled so you actually get to build the gun from hundreds of parts. I built an MP-40 made by Marushin. It uses special 9mm brass rounds that you put a cap in. The caps have enough power to make a bit of noise and cycle the bolt, but I can’t imagine they’d drive a bullet more than 20 fps.

  • LazyReader

    As befits typical Japanese, it’s actually well made

  • LazyReader

    And in that time frame, he never hurt anyone, robbed a bank, mugged or shot anyone.

  • scaatylobo

    My take is in a REALLY anti – gun country, a man builds guns for 40 years with the worst choice of tooling.
    Imagine what a tool maker here could do,or an auto mechanic etc.

    • But he’s a criminal. He used them to assault an innocent civilian.

  • Donald Darr

    With China breathing down my neck, I’d start making stuff like this.

  • ghost930

    Colt needs to hire this guy. He did this at home with a freaking ANVIL! Imagine what kind of innovative stuff he could come up with in a fully outfitted R&D department. Might just save the company. LOL

    • Nah, Colt shouldn’t hire him. He’s a criminal. He tried to use those weapons (he even made a grenade) to kill or attack an innocent civilian. Multiple sources say he tried to assault someone with the weapons.

  • Paul Hacker

    Now, if in Japan he can do that, think of all the Mexican Narco-Terrorist gangs in Mexico making arms and ammo and smuggling them into the US if the likes of Obama bans them. Not like they don’t bring in tons of drugs.

    No one thinks drugs are a ‘right’, but a heck of a lot of people DO think the 2nd Amendment is a right. Thus a ready made market, like Al Capone and prohibition.

  • daewooparts

    hopefully they didn’t find them all !

  • anomad101

    Maybe they should hire him instead of arresting him.

  • Kitsuneki

    Homegrown Nambu

  • Gambeir Bay

    This proves the criminals are running government of Japan. It’s fine to alter their own Constitution without voting so as to more readily facilitate making war upon other unarmed peoples, but God Forbid some old man would dare to build his own weapons for self defense. Makes me want to vomit.

    • Actually, multiple sources say he tried to use his “weapons” to attack an innocent civilian. He’s a criminal. Now let’s all shut up.

      Oh, did I mention he made a homemade grenade?